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Dynamic Demand


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A brief talk from Oxford Geek Night #10, outlining the concept of dynamic demand and introducing

A video of this talk is available at

Published in: Technology
  • Hi Tom, nice preso!

    Just wanted to let you know that we used's api to make an ambient device that tells you whether or now now is a good time to make your next cuppa, based on the state of the national gird.

    So thanks for putting it out there!
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Dynamic Demand

  1. 1. dynamic demand tom dyson torchbox
  2. 2. api: uk demand, last week
  3. 3. api: uk demand, yesterday
  4. 4. api: uk demand, yesterday
  5. 5. api: uk demand, yesterday
  6. 6. low frequency: high demand high frequency: surplus supply
  7. 7. eat me: /api/json /api/xml
  8. 8. colophon: national grid data django memcached
  9. 9. improvements: more samples predicting trends flattening the curve xmpp hardware
  10. 10.