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The world is undergoing the most profound shift of basic premises in the last several hundred years, if not the last thousand or so years… Sitting on the sidelines is not an option.
-Tom Peters, World renowned author and business strategist

The web is redefining human interaction, markets and brands. Powerful new hubs of influence are continually emerging. The opportunities for David to topple Goliath has never been greater – and may never be again. While everyone has a website, those on the winning side think differently. They have a different game plan and excel at executing it.

The day of the open enterprise is here. Open Enterprise is a philosophy first and foremost – but to implement correctly, you’ll need the right technology. Drupal is your secret weapons in the new age of trust economies. In this session we will explore the strategies used by web leaders and how Drupal fits as the ultimate Open Enterprise engine.

We will peer into the minds of web leaders to reveal:

* The five disciplines of web leaders
* The blueprint for next generation websites
* Top strategies for integrated online marketing
* Emergent processes for maximizing Enterprise efficiency and innovation

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  • Ask people why they are interested in Drupal.
    “Many people come to Drupal because they love the technology. We came to Drupal for a different reason, we were looking to build a particular type of website. There are particular strategies that online leaders follow. We wanted a platform that would help execute those strategies. Drupal is the most capable platform for executing those strategies by far.”

  • There are millions of dollars of returns being generated by the web every day. Items being sold, sales leads generated, sales cycle being accelerated, processes being streamlined, customers helping them selves and loving doing it, brands being built, customer champions unleashing a wool win of free marketing. But only for a few special websites. Only a few reap the lions share of the benefits from the unbelievable force that is the online world.
  • TODO: leader in their niche
  • TODO: define online presence
  • TODO: define online presence

  • TODO: define online presence

  • [photo:]
  • Photo:
  • Trust equation

  • Photo:
  • “How do you know what to buy. What are the best things to do”
    In ancient times we went to the bazar and we talked with people.
    Then the industrial revolution happened, and the world got much more complex. Things got much more complex. People became more removed from each other.
    Luckily there were ad agencies that help companies tell you want you needed to buy, what you should believe. But they worn’t always trueful. And kept getting increasingly anoing.
    Luckily the internet came and allow us in our modern world to connect with one another.

    It used to be that you held your products up on high and told people what to think. Now ever talks about your products to each other. Whether you would like them to or not. You need to bring your products down of their high peditial and put them in the community square and discuss. You can’t just tell any more, you need to engage.

  • Aesthetics – you have 8 seconds to make an impression
    Usability – people need to find what they are looking for fast – and they don’t want to read to do it
    Content – the do want to read, to assimilate information
    Functionality – Now that I have the info I need, what else can I do
    Human – We seek out voices that sound familiar, can I find it, can I connect with those voices.

  • What is brand?
    Brand is not a logo
    Brand is not a tagline – even if it tells you to think differently
    It is about the way you think – about thinking differently

  • TODO: engagement and brand are very closely related. Engagement = working memory, brand = long term memory. Talk about how the brain works.
    Working memory / short term memory – only 18 seconds
    Becomes long term memory by process of rehearsal & meaningful association
    Working = frontal lobe, moves back and forth through hipocampus, then is distributed to cortex

  • TODO: define online presence

  • TODO: discuss different types of conversion. Use database breath and depth to transition to retension
  • Photo:
  • TODO: discuss customer champion pyramid
  • TODO: cost of selling to existing customers. Examples of retention: visitors coming back
  • TODO: discuss customer champion pyramid
  • Photo:
  • Photo:
  • TODO: discuss customer champion pyramid
  • “The key is to make decisions around working software”
  • TODO: discuss customer champion pyramid
  • TODO: discuss customer champion pyramid
  • TODO: discuss customer champion pyramid
  • Building Web Leaders with Drupal

    1. 1. Building Online Leaders with Drupal
    2. 2. Why do you Drupal?
    3. 3. social classes of websites competing & winning leaders results oriented basic websites
    4. 4. beating the odds competing & winning results oriented basic websites leaders
    5. 5. defining online leader Maximize success on the web In a niche Maximize Returns (short term ROI) Maximize Goodwill (long term ROI) Process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task
    6. 6. cornerstones of online leadership audience engagement brand conversion retention
    7. 7. Audience Traffic & Eyeballs Targeted
    8. 8. Defining online presence
    9. 9. Defining online presence
    10. 10. audience – seo magic formula great architecture great backlinks great content great rankings
    11. 11. audience – search engine optimization • Page Title • Nodewords / Meta Tags • Path & Pathauto • XML Sitemap • SEO Checklist great architecture • Content Analysis • Content Optimizer • Readability • Keyword Research • Link Intelligence great content
    12. 12.
    13. 13. audience – social media •Feeds / FeedAPI •RSS •FeedBurner •Services feeds & apis •Blog module •Trackback •Pingback blogs •Addthis, Sharethis, ServicesLinks social bookmarking & syndication •Facebook social plugins integration facebook •Twitter module •Tweet button twitter •Embedded media field (Flickr, YouTube) •Podcast media - photos, video, audio
    14. 14. Defining Web 2.0
    15. 15. engagement steps Aesthetics Usability Content Functionality Human
    16. 16. drupal = engagement steroids • Total theming control Aesthetics • UI Widgets • UI Patterns Usability • Transforms subject mater experts into publishers • Management Content • 6,000+ modules Functionality • Ahem, “Community Plumbing” Human
    17. 17. Defining Brand
    18. 18. How memory works
    19. 19. impression quadrant good start maybe yes next time maybe bought the farm positivenegative short-term long-term passive active rational emotional
    20. 20. making a good impression • Clean • Emotional branding Aesthetics • Don’t make me think - be taken for granted Usability • Transform corporate communications into genuine conversations Content • Kano Analysis • have must haves • more, more is betters • surprise with delighters Functionality • Look human, sound human, be human • Connect peers Human
    21. 21. conversion latent need interaction future interaction contact permission active need lead sales step sold
    22. 22. conversion machine • oh, yeah 6000+ modules interaction • webform • email service integration • crm integration contact submission • event registration • register/submit/buy a node sales step • Ubercart • registration sold
    23. 23. he who has the biggest database wins niche + - mass widenarrow shallow deep breath(fields) depth (records)
    24. 24. it’s your data, do what you want to do • archive newsletters w/ rss feed • special offers • surveys • personalized landing pages email & smail • eyeball strategies • engagement strategies • community • extranet keeping coming back
    25. 25. the ultimate goal recommended champions preferred loyalty & goodwill finding sem & directories awareness social & ads
    26. 26. process business processes improvement web presence improvement
    27. 27. business process improvement • knowledge bases • peer help (forums, wiki) • extranets customer service automation • intranets • groupware • app portal (services) collaboration • prototyping rapid application development
    28. 28. inspect & adapt
    29. 29. the Pareto principle Drupalized 80% 20% work results prototype & elaborate
    30. 30. five disciplines of web leaders user focused best practices driven learning organization experiment systems thinking
    31. 31. the ultimate process goal sustainable continuous innovation
    32. 32. thank you! Tom McCracken LevelTen Interactive Director Phone: 214.887.8586 Email: Twitter: @levelten_tom Blog: LinkedIn: