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Hungary 1956 flash cards

  1. 1. Hungary 1956 Flash CardsHUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956Who was Hungary’s hard-line How did he exercise control over theCommunist leader? people?HUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956What else did the Hungarian people Why did events in Poland make thecomplain about? Hungarians more hopeful?HUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956Who became Hungary’s next leader How did Krushchev respond to rioting in October 1956?HUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956What announcements did Nagy How did the USSR respond?make?HUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956Why did the Western powers not How many casualties were there as arespond? result of the uprising?
  2. 2. HUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956Rakosi – a hard-line Communist Through the Secret Police (AVO), censorship, and the presence of Soviet troops in Hungary itselfHUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956The discouragement of Catholicism Krushchev had appointed Gomulka, aand a restricted education reformer, as leader of the Communist Party, and allowed more freedomHUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956Gero – yet he was not popular with Krushchev appointed the morethe people moderate Nagy as leader, yet he also sent tanks to Budapest the capitalHUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956Nagy announced that one party rule Over 200,000 Soviet troops and 2500would end, and that Hungary would tanks arrive ed in Budapest – fightingleave the Warsaw Pact between the Soviets and the Hungarian people beganHUNGARY 1956 HUNGARY 1956The West was concerned with the Over 27,000 Hungarians died – NagySuez Crisis in Egypt; furthermore the was hanged by the SovietsUSA was interested in containingcommunism, but not invadingcountries under the influence of theUSSR
  3. 3. CZECHOSLOVAKIA FLASH CARDSCZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968Who had replaced Krushchev as What was life like in Czechoslovakia?leader of the USSR?CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968Who was appointed as leader of What did he want to provide for theCzechoslovakia in 1968? Czech people?CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968What reforms were now introduced? How did Dubcek attempt to reassure Brezhnev?CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968What was Brezhnev’s reaction? Why was Brezhnev so concerned?CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 HUNGARY 1956What took place in August 1968? What caused further protests in February 1969?CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968What happened to Dubcek? What was the Brezhnev Doctrine?
  4. 4. CZECHOSLOVAKIA FLASH CARDSCZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968Brezhnev – he continued the policy of No freedom of speech, censorship, nofirm control of the USSR’s satellite free elections, lack of consumerstates goodsCZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968Dubcek Socialism with a Human Face! Raising living standards and give them more freedomCZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968Freedom of speech, more foreign He said that Czechoslovakia had notravel, and greater freedom for trade intention of leaving the Warsaw PactunionsCZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968He was not convinced Dubcek’s reforms would lead to calls for other reforms in eastern European countries; if Czechoslovakia left the Warsaw Pact, the USSR would lose a vital barrier against West German expansionCZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 HUNGARY 1956Warsaw pact forces entered The funeral of Jan Palach who setCzechoslovakia and took control – himself on fire; also the Czech victorythere was no street fighting however over the USSR at ice hockeyCZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1968Hw was arrested and sent to The USSR announced it was the taskMoscow; he was replaced as leader of all Warsaw pact countries to resist an attempt by any member to abandon communism