Ecommerce SEO in 2012

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Apr. 19, 2012

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Ecommerce SEO in 2012

  1. Ecommerce SEO in 2012 @tomcritchlow
  2. A Digital Shift How To Deliver Documents
  3. Content Curators Hold All The Power
  4. Fuck Yeah Cowboy Boots is a real thing, and links to ecommerce websites
  5. Gucci has 100s of pins (links) on pinterest
  6. Etsy has over 9000
  7. "If you want a preview of where we're headed with apparel go look at the denim category, go look at women's jeans on Amazon. That'll give you a little insight into our future." eff-bezos-on-amazons-fashion-strategy-.html
  8. The Over-optimization Penalty beware-of-the-google- over-optimization- update/
  9. Dive Head First Into G+. Now.
  10. Case Study: H&M
  11. Technical SEO How To Deliver Documents
  12. Schema & Markup
  13. XML Sitemaps
  14. Clean XML Sitemaps “ We have a very tight threshold on how clean your sitemap needs to be. […] We want only a couple of percentage points of error.
  15. This is Bamboo
  16. Pandas Love Eating Bamboo
  17. Something about GWT errors Love GWT Always
  18. Google Loves Speed 171747/sizes/l/in/photostream/
  19. jcolman/building- enterprise-seo-traffic-and- sales-etail-west-2012
  20. Content & How Links To Deliver Documents
  21. Q&A Content Is Essential untapped-potential-of-qa-content-for-seo
  22. Basic Content Still Works
  23. Categories as Content
  24. Products as Content
  25. Guest Posting or Content Marketing? “ As more of our attention shifts online, its only natural that the mantle Oprah held for a quarter of a century shifts to a digital native
  26. How To Deserve To Rank
  27. Allow your content to be remixed and hacked. Turn products into linkbait http://artistmarketplace.moleskine .com/
  28. allows you to vote on product development & design
  29. >100 pins of this product page
  30. The Promise of Content
  31. (PS this is why kickstarter works)
  32. Gucci has 6 million facebook fans
  33. Film Nights
  34. Video How To Deliver Documents
  35. Zappos have over 50,000 product videos (and >185,000 video urls indexed) tythousand
  36. Product Video Results Higher Conversions Stay Longer 64% -85% 2min Longer Average stay when engaged More likely to purchase after with video watching a product video Comscore 8/2010 Internet Retailer 4/2010 / Comscore 8/2010 Search Enhancement Offline Impact 53x Higher 6% increase Likelihood of a front-page In in-store sales Reckitt Benckiser, Nielsen, May 2010 Google result Forrester, 1/2010 This slide stolen with permission from
  37. How Do I Get Video Results?
  38. How Do I Produce Videos?
  40. Tom Critchlow VP Operations NYC @tomcritchlow Fiercely curious. Passionate about learning. Email me!