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  1. 1. JavaScript A presentation by
  2. 2. contents • w is Javas c ript? hat • where did it com from e ? • w does it all m hat ean? • w does Javas c ript do? hat • w to get som ant e? A presentation by
  3. 3. w is Javascript? hat JavaS c ript ≠ Java Java is com plex; requires declarations, com piling, and servers JavaS c ript is unrelated to Java, except that: both use C syntax JavaS c ript uses m any Java nam and nam es ing conventions JavaS c ript looks like Java, but is easier for less technical users to program A presentation by
  4. 4. where did it com from e ? de s ig ne d by Bre ndan Eic h Silicon Graphics, Netscape nowCTO of M ozilla (spin off from AOL/Netscape) o rig inally c alle d Mo c ha , the n Live S c ript built for Netscape browser partnership betw een Sun M icrosystem and s Netscape (Java runtim environm e ent) tradem of Sun, used under license ark A presentation by
  5. 5. w does it all m hat ean? c apabilitie s scripting language easy to use and learn runtim not com e, piled prim arily client side, but also server side snippets interacts w HTM and DOM ith L brow control ser form validation, formatting rollover’ etc. s, adds client side application support A presentation by
  6. 6. w does it all m hat ean? re late d lang uag e s ECM AScript standardized version of JavaS c ript Jscript Microsoft version of JavaS c ript VBScript only works w M ith icrosoft products DHTML combination of CSS and Javas c ript A presentation by
  7. 7. w does Javascript do? hat A presentation by
  8. 8. w does Javascript do? hat A presentation by
  9. 9. w does Javascript do? hat Bas ic s – JS Statem ents-http://w w w .w /JS/js_statem ents.asp – JS Com ents- http://w w m w .w /JS/js_com ents.asp m – JS Variables-http://w w w .w /JS/js_variables.asp – JS Operators-http://w w w .w /JS/js_operators.asp – JS Com parisons- http://w w w .w /JS/js_com parisons.asp – JS If...Else- http://w w w .w /JS/js_if_else.asp – JS Sw itch- http://w w w .w /JS/js_sw itch.asp – JS Popup Boxes- http://w w w .w /JS/js_popup.asp – JS Functions- http://w w w .w /JS/js_functions.asp – JS For Loop- http://w w w .w /JS/js_loop_for.asp – JS W hile Loop- http://w w w .w /JS/js_loop_w hile.asp – JS Break Loops- http://w w w .w /JS/js_break.asp – JS For...In- http://w w w .w /JS/js_loop_for_in.asp – JS Events- http://w w w .w /JS/js_events.asp – JS Try...Catch- http://w w w .w /JS/js_try_catch.asp – JS Throw http://w w - w .w /JS/js_throw .asp – JS Special Text- http://w w w .w /JS/js_special_characters.asp – JS Guidelines- http://w w w .w /JS/js_guidelines.asp A presentation by
  10. 10. w does Javascript do? hat JS o bje c ts – JS String- – JS Date- – JS Array- – JS Boolean- – JS Math- – JS HTML DOM- JS Advanc e d – JS Browser- – JS Cookies- – JS Validation- – JS Animation- – JS Image Maps- – JS Timing- – JS Create Object- A presentation by
  11. 11. w to get som ant e? 1.866.542.7124 A presentation by