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  1. 1. Adobe AIR A presentation by
  2. 2. contents • w is AIR? hat • w does it all m hat ean? • w should I use AIR? hy • w does AIR look like? hat • w uses AIR? ho • w to get som ant e? A presentation by
  3. 3. w is AIR? hat a run-tim environm e ent creates RIAs (rich internet applications) using standard w technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX) , Adobe eb Flex, and Adobe Flash desktop-based w application system eb build & deploy applications w Adobe AIR SDK ith A presentation by
  4. 4. w is AIR? hat 3 ways to de ve lo p AIR apps : 3. HTM L/AJAX in conjunction w the w ith eb kit 5. Flex Builder 3 7. Flash CS3 A presentation by
  5. 5. w is AIR? hat data o ptio ns database server via w services eb local XM file L local SQLite server encrypted local store A presentation by
  6. 6. w does it all m hat ean? we b applic atio ns : w w the local file system ork ith integrate w W ith indow M s anager have access to OS-centric functionality A presentation by
  7. 7. w does it all m hat ean? de ve lo pe rs : can use existing know ledge of w eb technologies to deploy applications to a user’ desktop. s us e rs : get the best of both w orlds: rich interfaces and the local resources of a desktop application along w netw ith orked benefits of the web. A presentation by
  8. 8. w should I use AIR? hy pro s fast execution-ActionScript 3.0 has a JIT (just in time) com piler,putting it on par w Java or .NET for raw ith perform ance. cross-platform AIR apps will run on Windows XP and - Vista,M OS X (Pow PC and Intel),Linux, (though not in beta). ac er easy conversion of Flex or HTM applications- L It’ the sam basic runtim In the case of HTM AIR apps s e e. L, rely on WebKit, the core com ponent in Apple Safari’ w s eb brow ser. A presentation by
  9. 9. w should I use AIR? hy pro s (c o ntinue d ) easy installation-provided the runtime has installed successfully, installing AIR applications is likely to be trouble- free, since all the files go into the application directory. ability to operate offline- synchronization services provided you use LiveCycle. Synchronization is the difficult part of enabling offline support in occasionally connected applications. A presentation by
  10. 10. w should I use AIR? hy c o ns limited extensibility-AIR apps have file access, clipboard access, support m ultiple window drag and drop, and can s, trigger notifications. if your app needs to interact w the ith desktop in other w ays, the chances are that AIR is not suitable. for exam ple, there’ no access to COM autom s ation, and no w to execute external applications. ay database access lim ited to SQLite/w services eb no specific enterprise deploym ent proprietary technology security concerns A presentation by
  11. 11. w does AIR look like? hat quic k ins tallatio n : A presentation by
  12. 12. w uses AIR? ho http://w w w .tw /beta/ / /p/readair/ http://w w w .tw http://w w w / / A presentation by
  13. 13. w an AIR app? ant 1.866.542.7124 A presentation by