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Dub labs campus guide PPTX

  1. 1. Mobile Application PlatformPresented to: Rob SlikePresented by: Tim EganDate:2/28/2012 DUBMENOW © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  2. 2. Benefits at a GlanceSimple, Plug-n-Play Set-up An open mobile campus platform to connect, inform and engage the entire campus community Campus Guide can be quickly set up for your institution, integrating easily with SunGard Banner, Oracle PeopleSoft, Blackboard, Moodlerooms and other leading ERP, CRM, LMS, SIS and other Higher Ed systems. With Campus Guide’s Self Service Web Site, you can easily manage your mobile app, add features and view mobile analytics Quick and easy, customized University branding, and help setting-up in just a few weeks is included at an affordable price. A “just add water” marketing kit helps you target students without additional resources. SDK - Add your own features using our SDK for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices to your Campus Guide. Coming early 20122 Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  3. 3. Engaging Features, Ready to Go Feature Description View course assignments, class rosters, grades, and discussions. Unlike apps thatCourses only show course catalogs, students get real-time information for courses they are enrolled in. View events today, in a list or by month. View details on upcoming events acrossEvents campus including exhibits, concerts, campus speakers and more and easily add to your phone’s calendar Instantly see all the people in your network like classmates, professors, friends,People alumni and more. Exchange contact information with new classmates and friends to build your network of personal and career contacts. Find out where you are and where your classes and buildings are located on campus.Maps Using Google Maps. Get GPS directions based on your location. Search the public campus directory to find office locations, emails and phoneDirectory numbers. Get instant notifications and campus bulletins including reminders of overdueNotifications payments, campus closings and more. Immediate access to health center, security, student help lines and other importantEmergency Numbers resources. Sports articles, up-to-date news, scores and highlight videos covering university andSports intramural athletic programs. Easily access student and campus news.News View videos from recent events, speakers and campus orientations.Videos3 Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  4. 4. Courses Feature: Student Feedback  “It would be awesome to get course information. When grades are posted, everyone checks immediately. Mobile would be perfect!!”  “I am constantly trying to find where I wrote down my assignments. This would really help!”  “I need this. I don’t check my school email so I miss announcements. When can I get this app?”  “I really like the layout. I can see it instantly. Now, I tape course info like this into my notebooks.”4 Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  5. 5. People Feature: Student Feedback  “This would really help. I tried to use Facebook for this and failed.”  “This is great. Too often, I have 3 Marys and several Joes. Now, I always can remember who is classmate, friend or advisor.”  “I really like this! Now, I can easy manage my large network and reach whoever I need to reach.”  “Very cool idea. This would give me a way to build my relationships so that I can find a job when I graduate.”  “This is great! Now, I can distinguish between5 friends & classmate, or in Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY my field.”
  6. 6. Jobs Feature (goals = address parent/student/Chancellor concerns & wow students) View openings based on major/field of interest and location Find jobs on-campus or locally Features jobs from Career Services plus Students can view and LinkedIn, Career Builder and more. job just their student-career profile. Indicator of contacts in the student’s network.Students receive reminders of upcominginterviews AND can opt-in to be notifiedof particular types of new job postings 6 DUBMENOW © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  7. 7. Bookstore Module(goals = retain bookstore revenue and grow bookstore profits) Buy Now OR Rent Now • pick up at the bookstore • download now • ship to your home “You’re now registered for <xyz> course, section #, TuTh… 7 DUBMENOW © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  9. 9. Recruiting Admissions Module – Campus Tour 9 DUBMENOW © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  10. 10. Transaction Features: Drop, Add, Payment(goals = address university stakeholders’ concerns and serve students) Drop Deadline: mm/dd/yy drop course Sports Marketing – WAIT LISTED Wait List Status “You’re now You’re drop of xyz course is confirmed. registered for Your tuition is due by mm/dd/yy. <xyz> course, Pay now to avoid late fees. section #, TuTh… 10 DUBMENOW © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  11. 11. Alumni Module Plus, Alumni “Finder” Service School’s List High profile alumni, stories of alumni involvement in campus events, Dub Labs’ fund-raising, etc. SharedIQTM Crowd-sourced database  “Sponsor x, y or z programs”  Give button  “Connect your business to your Enhanced List With University”, etc. Alumni’s Current Jobs & Contact InfoAlumni out-reach efforts (online, offline and mobile) 11 DUBMENOW © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  12. 12. Schedule Feature(goal = achieve daily/hourly student use levels) Sample Student Comments  “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m a big fan already. Way more fluid than Facebook tags.”  “I really like this idea. Help me manage my schedule and see where I need to go. I use dry erase calendar today.”  “Very helpful. I would send invites to friends. Way better than the pen board in my 9:30 AM – Career Center Workshop How to Land Your Dream Job room.”  “I’d love this. Now, I can fill in the gaps I have between 1:00 PM classes and keep track.” 9:30 AM Tax Accounting – 2nd Exam How to  “I would definitely use this everyday…many times.” 12 DUBMENOW © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  13. 13. How students graded Campus Guide Features vs. CompetitionCampus Guide Straxis Blackboard EZ Axess App grades based on 100 hours of student feedback. Star indicates an A graded feature 13 Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  14. 14. Self Service Site for University Administrators Campus Guide – Application Platform Feature Description Benefit Worth Noting User management, Provides campus administrators application configuration, greater control and easy access Content and feature updates are Self features and content to operate and maintain their automatically made directly in the Service updates and mobile mobile app. Features, modules app. There’s no need to submit Site analytics for Campus and content can be added, updates to the app stores when14 Administrators via a web removed or edited with NO features are removed or added. portal. development. 14 Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY 14
  15. 15. Campus Guide: Summary Description Benefit Easy to get up and running, little required Low cost, low risk, high return on investmentAffordable IT resources or admin responsibilitiesNo No ERP, LMS or other integration set-up or Plug and play system. IT doesn’t need additionaldevelopment maintenance. No mobile development, resources to keep up with integrations, ongoingresources maintenance or updates to new OS and mobile development and product featuresrequired hardware Campus Guide includes a web based Self- S3 allows admin to instantly update the app with Service Site (S3) to manage, update and new features or turn off features withoutVery easy to view app analytics simply by logging in via resubmitting to app stores. Also add new content,maintain a web browser. view download numbers and user activity.Help Just-add-water marketing Kit. Video, The tools you need to create buzz on campus andspreading splash pages and email content to help with your entire communitythe word promote the app Includes very popular social features so Student engagement is inherent in the applicationVery students can connect, share and stay and features. Students, faculty and alumniengaging connected with classmates, faculty and engage in learning and with each other while insocial alumni. session and beyond as highly engaged alumni.featuresGreat New features, partners and integrations Dedicated product team talking to hundreds offeatures and are being added to the platform as the students, using case studies, focus groups andmore needs of universities and students change more to bring the best features and increasedcoming… and surface. user engagement For schools with lots of IT resources; our Develop your own updates across iPhone,SDK 15 SDK is being released in Q1 2012. BlackBerry and Android devices and update and add new features to your Campus Guide. Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  16. 16. Affordable? YES!Campus Guide Meets Your BudgetCampus Guide is more useful and intuitivethan it’s closest competitor Blackboard.And best of all, it’s more affordable.In fact, not making your campus mobile-enabled could cost you in the long run.It’s the way of the future and we are proudto offer the best platform for less. Student Enrollment Ranges Annual License Fees Installation/ Set-up Fee 0 – 1,999 $6,000 $20,000 2,000 – 3,499 $8,000 $20,000 3,500 – 4,499 $10,000 $20,000 4,500 – 7,499 $12,000 $25,000 7,500 – 14,999 $14,000 $25,000 15,000+ $16,000 $25,00016 Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  17. 17. Campus Guide Covers all Departments University Chancellor / President 1 Alumni Relations – Asst. Vice 4 1 Chancellor Alumni ModuleOffice of Info Technology Student Affairs,& Info Security, Asst Vice Vice ChancellorChancellor ERP/LMS integrations Increases student engagement 2 2 2 Resource Planning & Wellness & Counseling Enrollment Services, Aux. Service, Associate Services, Assistant Vice Assistant Vice Chancellor Vice Chancellor Chancellor 3 3 Admissions & Relations 3 with Schools, Director Bookstore & Licensing Operations, Director Recruiting/Admissio ns Module Career Center, Director Bookstore Module Registrar and SAIS, Jobs Module 3 Director Course Reg Module 17 DUBMENOW © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  18. 18. Appendix: CIO Checklist for Budgeting & Resource Planning18 18 Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  19. 19. Appendix: Systems Already Supported System Type Version Sungard Banner SIS 8.x Peoplesoft SIS 8.0 – 9.0 Blackboard LMS 9.1 Blackboard WebCT LMS Oracle Directory Server LDAP 7.x Directory Server 389 LDAP All versions iPlanet LDAP 5.2+ Active Directory LDAP (in progress) Tomcat Java application server 6.x – 7.x WebLogic Java application server 11.1.4 Any system or version not on this list may require additional integration cost.19 Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY
  20. 20. Appendix: Courses are NOT all equal Campus Guide Straxis Technology Blackboard Campus Guide – Application PlatformFeature Description Benefit Worth Noting Our platform connects to several different LMS’ (e.g., Blackboard, Moodlerooms, WebCT, Angel, View course details, Students interact with Desire2Learn) which gives universities the flexibility assignments, class classmates, theirCourses needed when a university system wishes to change rosters, grades and professors and get real- LMS providers. Our feature also uniquely lets users discussions. time course information. see all their course locations at one time and easily 20 build their social networks. 20 Dub Labs © 2011 CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY