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  1. 1. Using ExamView with CPS
  2. 2. Using ExamView with CPSTo allow ExamView torun seamlessly withCPS, your ExamViewtest must be broughtinto CPS.Click on the “Prepare’tab, then, on “Classes &Students”.Click on the folder inwhich you want to placethe ExamView test, andthen, on “Add File(s)”.
  3. 3. Using ExamView with CPS When the Browser window appears, locate the folder where the test was stored and highlight the test. Click “Open”.
  4. 4. Using ExamView with CPSYour test will appear under the folder name, and thequestions will be displayed on the right side.
  5. 5. Using ExamView with CPSYou cannot edit thetest, but certainoptions areavailable.Click on “Settings”,and then select“ExamViewSettings”
  6. 6. Using ExamView with CPSIn these boxes, you canfilter out certain types ofquestions,Restore the default settings.Zoom in or out on questionsor imagesOr change the standards toa different state.Click “OK” to finish.
  7. 7. Using ExamView with CPSTo engage the ExamViewtest, select the “Engage”Tab,Then, “Lessons &Assignments”Open the foldercontaining the test,Last, click in the emptybox beside the test toselect it.
  8. 8. Using ExamView with CPSNext, click the “EngageOptions” bar,Then, click on the“Engage Teach” box
  9. 9. Using ExamView with CPS Select the Choose a Select Close this next chalkboard students question question question randomly sessionChoose Choose Choose Exit any a delivery thequestion verbal methods CPS to start type program question
  10. 10. Using ExamView with CPSClick the “Questions” tab and the test name appears below.Click on the test nameand the questions appear. Click on any question tobegin.
  11. 11. Using ExamView with CPSAsk or have the students read the question on the screen,and have the students respond… as they respond the pad number boxes will turn adarker blue.Click “End” when all students have responded.
  12. 12. Using ExamView with CPSThe correctresponse anddistribution isnow displayed.Click on “Close”to continue
  13. 13. Using ExamView with CPSSpecial Go to Zoom In Recalculate the questionoption the next and Out with new variableskeys: question Note: the “Recalculate variables” feature is Unique to CPS !
  14. 14. Using ExamView with CPS The % correct on the previous question and the % cumulative correct for all of theTo move to the next question, click the questions green advance arrow askedThen, click “Start”. so far areIf you are done, click on the red circle. displayed.
  15. 15. Using ExamView with CPS When finished with the questions, click “Close” and this window will appear. Click “Yes” to save the data and close CPS.
  16. 16. All 3 Versions of the CPS™ work with Examview
  17. 17. More than 9,700 textbooks come withExamview textbanks.Find your textbook at contact your textbook Publisher
  18. 18. Need Help with CPS or any eInstruction Product? The toll free # for Tech support is : 888-333-4988 Tom Leonard NYS HED sales consultant 845-238-9674