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Buddhism Koan Meditation Blue Cliff Record

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20100515 meditation

  1. 1. 加拿大佛教會 湛山精舍  學佛班 禪坐 入門 Introduction to Chán Meditation 2010/5/15 Buddhist Association of Canada Cham Shan Temple
  2. 2. Buddhist Association of Canada Cham Shan Temple ná mó fó tuó 南 無 佛 陀 Namo Buddha ná mó dá mó 南 無 達 摩 Namo Dharma ná mó sēng qié 南 無 僧 伽 Namo Sangha
  3. 3. 三學 - 3 Prefect Practice Discipline – Shila : Greed Meditation – Dhyana : Anger Wisdom - Prajna : Ignorance <ul><ul><li>戒 : 貪 </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>定 : 瞋 </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>慧 : 痴 </li></ul></ul>
  4. 4. Six Wonderful Gates 六妙門 六妙門是在呼吸上用功。分為六個階段:數隨止觀還淨 . Count, Following, Samatha, Vipasanna, Return, Pure
  5. 5. Meditation Dhyāna, Jhāna, 靜慮 , Chán-nà 禪那 , Seon, Zen, Thiền, Samten, Meditation “ 行亦禪,坐亦禪,語默動靜體安然 ” “ Walking is Chán, sitting is Chán; the essence is calm and natural; whether talking, silence, moving, standing”
  6. 6. Mind – Heart - Citta 心 小心 Careful 愛心 Kind 關心 Caring 粗心 Careless 細心 Detail 開心 Happy 傷心 Heartbreaking 憂心 Worry 噁心 Disgusting 分心 Distracted 誠心 Sincere 善心 Goodness 惡心 Evil Mind 用心 Focus 機心 Calculative 點心 Desert 發心 Vow 痴心 Deep in love 決心 Determined 恆心 Preserver 動心 Moving 真心 Truly 虛心 Humble 明心 Clear mind 一心 Single mind 專心 Concentrate 悲心 Sorry 安心 At ease 妄心 Illusion 中心 Centre
  7. 7. Purifying the Mind 淨心 念佛法僧三寶 Mindful of the Precious Three: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha
  8. 8. Citta Mindfulness/Insightfulness 觀心 <ul><li>善自護念 Always protect your thoughts and your senses. </li></ul><ul><li>當前一念 Always present at the moment. </li></ul><ul><li>善用其心 Always apply mindfulness. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Always Still. Always Illuminat ing. 寂如常照 < 朗月寂照 > 我有明珠一顆 久被塵勞關鎖 一朝塵盡光生 照破山河萬朵 I have a pearl. It is always covered with dusts. One day, all dusts are gone and the pearl starts to illuminate. It shines through thousand miles of mountains and rivers.
  10. 10. Buddhist Meditation <ul><li>持戒拜彿 </li></ul><ul><li>坐禪觀心 </li></ul><ul><li>持誦大乘 </li></ul><ul><li>Uphold Precepts & Prostrate </li></ul><ul><li>Meditate & Be Mindful </li></ul><ul><li>Uphold & Chant Mahayana Sutras </li></ul>
  11. 11. Chih-Kuan ( Samatha Vipasanna) 止觀 1. Gradual Chih-Kuan - Practice is shallow at first and deep later, which implies a gradual development. Understanding, however, is said to come suddenly. 渐次止观 – 修是由淺到深 , 最終悟是頓然 , 如十二禪門。 2. Unfixed Chih-Kuan - The Six Wonderful Dharma Gates ,is the step-by-step method leading to sudden understanding. Here, practice is gradual at first and then sudden. 不定止觀 - 六妙法門 , 雖漸進但門門可入定開悟。 3. Perfect Chih-Kuan - All conditions and reality are merely three contemplations in one mind, and that there is only sudden understanding with no distinction as to when it began or as to how and where it progressed thereafter. 圓頓止觀 – 一切有為法以空假中觀之 , 無時空的限制 , 頓然開悟。
  12. 12. Observing The Mind <ul><li>Looking inward at the source of thought can reduces false thought and can help to reveal ones own True Nature 觀妄念的源頭可減少妄念及可見性 </li></ul><ul><li>Mahayana sutras state that Prajna must be accompanied by Universal Illumination. 大乘經典 : 大悟需要般若智慧 </li></ul><ul><li>The Four Grounds of the Mindfulness states that one who observes the mind can be liberated. 四念處 : 觀心可脫離苦海 </li></ul><ul><li>The Sutra of Nirvana states that Supreme Dhyana is described as observing the nature of the mind. 涅槃經 : 觀心之空性獲止成就 </li></ul><ul><li>When you observe the mind, you see the birth and death of thought after thought as having the quality of being magical and unreal. 觀心可見到妄念的生滅的空性及無常 </li></ul>
  13. 13. Always Still. Always Illumint ing. 寂如常照 < 朗月寂照 > 我有明珠一顆 久被塵勞關鎖 一朝塵盡光生 照破山河萬朵 Nine Mental State 1.Fixing the Mind 2.Fixation with Some Continuity 3.Patch-like placement 4.Good Fixation 5. Becoming Disciplined 6. Becoming Peaceful 7. Fully Pacifying 8. Becoming Single- pointed 9. Fixed Absorption 九住心 1. 內住 2. 等住 3. 安住 4. 近住 5. 調順 6. 寂靜 7. 最極寂靜 8. 專注一趣 9. 等持
  14. 15. Cui Yan’s Eyebrows At the end of the summer retreat Cui Yan said to the community, “All summer long I've been talking to you brothers; look and see if my eyebrows are still there.” Pao Fu said, “The thief's heart is cowardly.” Chang Qing said, “Grown.” Yun Men said, “A barrier.” 翠岩夏末示众云:“一夏以来,为兄弟说话,看翠岩眉毛在么?”保福云:“作贼人心虚。”长庆云:“生也。”云门云:“关。”
  15. 16. Cui Yan’s instruction has never had a reply. The word barrier answers back. Lose money and suffer punishment. Decrepit old Pao Fu – censure or praise do not apply. 翠岩示徒,千古无对。 关字相酬,失钱遭罪。 潦倒保福,抑扬难得。 Cui Yan’s Eyebrows
  16. 17. Talkative Cui Yan is clearly a robber. A white jade without flaw; Who can distinguish true from false? Chang Qing knows - the eyebrows have grown. 唠唠翠岩,分明是贼。 白圭无玷,谁辨真假。 长庆相谙,眉毛生也。 Cui Yan’s Eyebrows
  17. 18. Once Minister Chen Cao saw a monk came to visit him, he’d offered the monk a meal and gave him $300. One day, Yun Men came. Chen immediately asked: I don’t want to ask you about 3 vehicles and 12 teachings. Every Dharma hall has a teacher. What is the teaching? Yun said: how many peoples have you asked before? Chen said: Today, only you. 陳操尚書,凡一見僧來,便施齋請飯,贈錢三百。 一天雲門來了,便問:「三乘十二分教,自有座主,請問什麼是和尚行腳的事呢?」 雲門說:「尚書這話曾問過幾人呢?」 陳操說:「只是今天問上座。」 What is the teaching 什麼是教意 ?
  18. 19. Yun: Then, put it aside. Let me ask you back – what is the teaching? Chen: Yellow rolls with red axis. Yun: These are only words. What is the teaching? Chen: The mouth wants to speak but there are no words. The mind wants to grab but there is no thinking. 雲門說:「那麼就放在一邊吧!請問什麼是教意?」 陳操說:「黃卷赤軸。」 雲門說:「這個是文字語言,什麼是教意?」 陳操說:「口欲談而辭喪,心欲緣而慮亡。」 What is the teaching 什麼是教意 ?
  19. 20. Yun: The mouth wants to speak but there are no words. This is only about talking. The mind wants to grab but there is no thinking. This is only about random thoughts. How do they relate to teaching? Chen didn’t know how to answer. Yen asked: I heart you read Lotus Sutra. Chen: Yes 雲門說:「口欲談而辭喪,是對有言來說的,心欲緣而慮亡,是針對妄想而說的。請問到底什麼是教意呢?」 陳操便不知如何回答了。 雲門問:「聽說尚書看過《法華經》?」 陳操 : 「是的。」 什麼是教意
  20. 21. Lotus Sutra said: All owned properties and making a living do not go against the realization of the ultimate true. Now you mention attaining the stage of absense of no thinking and doing nothing. Now how many of the practitioners have withdrawn. Chen didn’t known what to say. 《法華經》中說,一切治生產業,皆與實相不相違背。你且說非非想天,現在有幾人退位? 陳操又不知說什麼好。 What is the teaching 什麼是教意 ?
  21. 22. What is the teaching 什麼是教意 ? Yen then said: Minister, you don’t have to rush yourself to understand Dharma. I throw away all sutras and commentaries and come to the temple for 20 years and yet I am not able to understand the overall meaning of Buddha teaching. Rushing will not give you better understanding. Chen bowed and said: Sorry, Sorry. 於是雲門說:「尚書不要太急躁了,我拋卻三經五論,來入叢林已一二十年了,尚且不能通曉佛法大意,尚書急切又怎麼能會呢?」 陳操禮拜說:「罪過罪過。」
  22. 23. <ul><li>www.ChamShanTemple.org </li></ul><ul><li>www.shengguangshi.blogspot.com </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>Shengguang Shi 釋聖光 </li></ul><ul><li>Tom Cheung 張相棠 </li></ul><ul><li>Kam Cheung 張仁勤 </li></ul>Questions and Comments 討論