Converged Media Explained


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Converging media means combining two or more channels to tell a brand story. And if your brand story is good enough, people will quite simply spend more time with your brand. A strong converged media strategy means that the end user is interested and wants to get involved.

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Converged Media Explained

  1. 1. Converged Media Converged Media Source: @Iain Husbands Based on the great report by Altimeter Group: ‘The Converged Media Imperative’ @tomchapman
  2. 2. Source: Technology
  3. 3. Source: “A revolution doesn‟t happen when society adopts new tools, happens when society adopts new attitudes and behaviours” Clay Shirky Professor NYU Connected People
  4. 4. • Connected • Media fragmented • Sharing • Marketing savvy • Influenced by peers • Powerful Connected People Kristen Christian – Bank Transfer Day Campaign = Powerful
  5. 5. Conventional marketing funnel ConsiderDiscover Evaluate LoyaltyBuy Previous traditional channels • TV • Press • In Store • In Store • Direct Mail
  6. 6. Integrated Marketing Communications 1.0 TV Concept Digital Matching Luggage Campaigns Outdoor Direct Mail PR Sampling
  7. 7. New consumer journey ConsiderDiscover Evaluate LoyaltyBuy Advocacy Previous traditional channels New digital media • TV • Press • In Store • In Store • Direct Mail • N/A • Social • Search • 3rd Party Reviews • Website • Mobile apps • Social • sCRM • Social • Social
  8. 8. Source: Connected People Consumers expect a seamless and a consistent experience of the brand wherever and whenever they encounter it
  9. 9. PONBE We are generally familiar with the distinct media channels •Paid Media – TV ads, sponsorship, banner ads, experiential activations •Owned Media – websites, blogs •Networked Media – press and media relations •Borrowed Media – Facebook, Twitter, •Earned Media – Word of mouth, reviews, sharing For more info on PONBE visit:
  10. 10. New Era We as marketers have the opportunity to deploy all forms of media across what we now term as „converged media‟
  11. 11. Converged Media Converged media, is simply two or more channels combined to tell the brand story PAID OWNED NETWORKED BORROWED
  12. 12. Paid + Borrowed + Earned Source:
  13. 13. Paid + Borrowed + Earned #LetsEatTogether Coca-Cola Live Tweets
  14. 14. Paid + Borrowed + Earned Xerox Presents Inside the US Open: Social Wall
  15. 15. Paid + Networked Source:
  16. 16. Owned + Borrowed + Earned Source:
  17. 17. You‟re already using it! Facebook PaidOwned Networked
  18. 18. You‟re already using it! Twitter Paid Owned Networked
  19. 19. Marketing reality
  20. 20. How Budgets Are Being Spent Source:
  21. 21. Challenge for brands
  22. 22. Integrated Marketing Communications 2.0 Concept Media Neutral Planning Paid Media Owned Media Network Media Borrowed Media
  23. 23. Be flexible and agile in planning Thanks to Made by Many and David Armano
  24. 24. Paid media supports Source: Classic Cool Kid
  25. 25. Content
  26. 26. Thank you