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Jelqing and dragon spear demo


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Opening teachings of how to increase blood flow to penis for enlargement of the shaft and better sexual stamina

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Jelqing and dragon spear demo

  1. 1. The Dragon Spear ExercisesStarter Sample Information Text Copyright 2008 White Tigress SocietyPictures Copyright 2008 Thomas R. McGrew
  2. 2. Jade Stem and Biological Age DeterminationThe angle of an erection can tell you your biological age. You may have noticed orheard that the angle of a mans erections changes as he ages. You can determine thebiological sexual age or health of a man by simply using your hand. You spread yourhand open, keeping your forearm parallel to the ground and your elbow at a 90 degreeangle (vertical to your body).The healthy age between 15-20 years the Jade stem will stand at its highest power andform usually perpendicular to the stomach. This angle of an erection corresponds tothe hand position of the thumb, which in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) isassociated with the lungs and well as the lymphatic glandular system. It is the woodphase and first phase of change in the sign of the Tiger.The aroused Jade stem displays its form and power between 20-30 years old at a 60 to90 degree angle to the body. The angle of erection corresponds to the index finger onthe hand. The index finger being associated with the large intestines and the nerves.The phase is fire the second phase of change in the Dragon sign.The 30-40 year old Jade stem is in a weakened position and forms a 90 to 108 degreeangle to the body. This angle corresponds to the hand position of the middle finger,associated with circulation and sexuality and the blood vessels. This is the earthphase and change in the sign of the Bear.The aroused Jade stem of a 40-50 year old is in a weak state of vitality and forms adownward angle between 108-135 degrees from the center of the body. This erectioncorresponds to the ring finger and is associated with system of the seven glands. Itis in the metal phase of change and the sign is of the Eagle.The 50-80 years old aroused Jade stem is the weakest position and forms a downwardangle of about 145-144 degrees from the bodys center. Corresponding with the handposition of the little finger. It is in the water phase, the fifth phase of change in the signof the Monkey.Erectile dysfunction is usually a totally flaccid Jade stem. It is a precursor to some sortof circulatory problem on the physical side or possibly a mental problem. It is notnormal and should be treated by a physician no matter how embarrassing the situationmay seem.
  3. 3. The Dragon Spear ExercisesPreliminary Treatments ● Remove all clothing items from the lower body so nothing constricts your movements. ● Prior to performing these exercises it is advised to soak entire penis shaft (not your testicles), in warm water for three minutes. The water should not be luke warm nor so hot that you cant touch it, somewhere closer to the temperature of hot shower water. This will draw more blood to the penis shaft and relax it as well. ● All exercises should be done sitting upright.
  4. 4. Preliminary Treatments (continued)Dragon Presses Its BodyThis is an acupressure method for strengthening erections. This exercise will ensure that sufficient blood flow and qi energy will reach the genital area for the remainder ofthe exercises.InstructionsRub clockwise 36 times with your right palm on the area three inches below your navel(1), and then clockwise with your right thumb pad 36 times on the same area (2). (1) (2)Press hard with the thumb pads of both hands simultaneously three inches above themedial of the ankle, slightly behind the tibia bone (3) & (4). Press in and out hard 36times on both legs. (3) (4)
  5. 5. Preliminary Treatments (continued)Press hard with the thumb pads of both hands simultaneously three inches below thekneecap and 1 inch lateral on the tibia (5) & (6). Press hard in and out 36 times. (5) (6)Lastly, with the palms of both hands simultaneously massage vigorously upwardsalong the legs to the groin area (7) & (8). (7) (8)
  6. 6. Apply Dragon King Oil (See End of this Sample ebook)Use the Dragon King Oil on the penis when performing these exercises.The oil provides three major benefits. ● Smooths and nourishes the skin of the penis shaft. ● The herbal formula attracts more blood to the penis, making it larger and stronger ● Enhances the effects of the Joyful Dragon herbs. ● Liberally coat penis with Dragon King Oil.
  7. 7. Dragon Wagging Its TailThis method consists of slapping the penis head against each of the thighs.This provided the benefits of drawing increased blood into the head of the penis anddesensitizing the penis so it wont ejaculate during the remainder of the exercises.InstructionsPlace the right hand below the testicles and press in slightly on the perineum area withthe middle and index fingers. The other fingers are just held up and away.Then position the left hand so that the thumb and index fingers completely encircle thebase of the penis and the rest of the fingers lay along the shaft towards the penis head.Next, slap the head of the penis against the left thigh 36 times. The reverse the handsand slap the penis on the right thigh 36 times. The slapping should be moderate andslow paced. Do not slap so hard that the penis feels a sting, and not so soft that asound isnt produced.
  8. 8. Dragon Twisting a PillarThis method consists of twisting and pulling on the penis shaft. The benefit of thisexercise is that it begins stretching and loosening all three of the blood chambers.InstructionsHold the base of the penis firmly with the index finger and thumb of the right hand, withthe remaining fingers resting on the testicles. With the left hand brought over thepenis, just as in the slapping method, hold the shaft firmly with the index finger andthumb, and then twist and pull your hand up to the underside of the glans penis. Dothis 36 times. Then reverse the hands and begin twisting and pulling with the righthand 36 times.
  9. 9. Dragon King Oil Dragon King Oil™ A Natural Herbal Remedy for Restoring & Rejuvenating the Appearance & Strength of the PenisThe specially prepared mixture is an effective treatment for adding thickness to the entire penis. Applyingit will increase the blood flow in the dorsal veins, arteries, and capillaries of the penis. This product willalso aid in ridding the penis of blemishes and unsightly wrinkled areas, making the entire penis lookstronger and feel younger.Proprietary Blend: 9 grams of 100% pure 10:1 herbal extracts in 16 ounces of 100% pure,hypoallergenic, vegetable glycerine oil.For best results, use Dragon King Oil™ with The Dragon Spear Exercises™ (complete instructionsare included), and the Joyful Dragon™ Herbal Formula. Only $79.95 or