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The user experience

  1. 1. The User Experience: Resource Sharing Access Services Training December 3rd, 2012
  2. 2. “Dude, where’s my stuff?”
  3. 3. Overview • Resource Sharing= Three different services, each with a different request form, policies/procedures, and service guarantees • Today’s goal: Know the difference between Borrow Direct, Interlibrary Loan, and Scan and Deliver • When to use what service, and why
  4. 4. Different tools for different jobs • Fast • Convenient • Easy-to-Use
  5. 5. Aspirational goal • Align service realities with patron expectations (not vice-versa!) • If we can’t, how do we get there?
  6. 6. BOOKS • Available at Yale? Get it from the stacks or callslip it! • Not at Yale or checked out/on hold? Borrow Direct • Not available via Borrow Direct? Interlibrary Loan
  7. 7. Borrow Direct
  8. 8. Ivy League Rules • Borrow books from Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Penn, Princeton • 6 weeks loan period, plus one renewal • Over 35,000 books borrowed last year!
  9. 9. Pros and Cons PROS • Items come fast (3-4 days) • Long loan period • If not available in BD, can be exported to ILL CONS • Can only order books • Hard to track until item arrives
  10. 10. Interlibrary Loan
  11. 11. License to ILL • Borrow books and other items (microfilm, DVDs, etc.) from other libraries around the world • Over 9,000 requests last year • Average turnaround time 1-2 weeks
  12. 12. Pros and Cons PROS • Can get anything from anywhere • Easy tracking in ILLiad CONS • Turnaround time based on # of libraries • Loan periods vary by lending library
  13. 13. ARTICLES • Available at Yale? Try e-Resources first • Available at Yale, but only in print? Scan and Deliver • Not available at Yale? Interlibrary Loan
  14. 14. You can’t get there from here • Yale spends a lot of money on e-Resources • E-Resources = immediate access for the patron • New discovery platform may make this easier (fingers crossed), but in meantime it’s easy to miss some stuff
  15. 15. Scan and Deliver • Request chapters or articles from YUL print materials • Two business day turnaround • SML Microfilm coming soon (i.e., TOMORROW) • Almost 6000 requests since September!
  16. 16. More about Scan and Deliver • Request via ORBIS or MORRIS • Processed in ILLiad • Patron receives email w/link to PDF • Unfilled requests routed to ILL
  17. 17. Pros and Cons PROS • Fast turnaround time • Enables remote access to print collection CONS • Confusing that request starts in ORBIS/MORRIS but ends in ILLiad • Copyright limitations • Automatic referral to ILL leads to problems with service expectations
  18. 18. ILL & Other Unsolved Mysteries • Over 11,000 article requests last year • We expect more this year because of Scan and Deliver • If a patron requests a chapter, should we order them the book via Borrow Direct, ILL instead?
  19. 19. Questions?