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This is the presentation I gave for my job interview on 5/8/12 at Yale University for my current position as Associate Director for Resource Sharing and Reserves.

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Solve for x

  1. 1. Solve for XTom BrunoHead of Resource SharingHarvard College Library
  2. 2. The EquationIf Dedicated Library Staff +Effective Communication +Well-implemented Technology +X =Excellent Customer Service;Solve for X
  3. 3. Do you like apples?
  4. 4. Wait, I read this book…42!
  5. 5. On second thought• Maybe this isa trickquestion• Maybe thereis no X
  6. 6. Plug & Chug• Let’s not go down the Keanurabbit hole (yet!)• Remember your high schoolalgebra?• Plug in some values and see whatwe get
  7. 7. X= Walking the talk?• Colleagues who’ve donetheir time, know theirstuff make the ideal rolemodels• Competence is thecornerstone of mutualrespect- both internallyand externally• Never trust a librarianwho doesn’t love thesmell of red rot in themorning
  8. 8. X= Once more unto the breach?• Maybe X is inspiration• Belief in the researchmission of the library• Employees who areemotionally investedare more likely to wantto grow and excel• Library work becomescollaborating towards ashared vision
  9. 9. X= Tell me about your day?• Maybe X is empathy• Superior customer servicegoes beyond mereobligation• High touch service hasn’tgone away, but it must beapplied strategically• Do it right and you turncustomers into advocates
  10. 10. Or does X= the vision thing?
  11. 11. Creating a culture of innovation• What if X is QUESTIONING?• What if X is NETWORKING?• What if X is OBSERVING?• What if X is EXPERIMENTING?• What if X is all of the above?Source: Scott Anthony, “How do you create a culture of innovation?”
  12. 12. Let’s get integral!• Put it all together andwhat do you get for X?• X is ideal, inspirational,individual, innovative• When we integrate overall values of X, theresult is transformativecustomer service
  13. 13. Q.E.D.• Transformative customer service requirestransformative leadership- or does it?• The goal of leadership: create effective unitsthat can accomplish their objectives evenunder unpredictable circumstances• As transformative leadership becomes thenorm, X -> 0
  14. 14. Back to Keanu• Neo: What are youtrying to tell me? That Ican dodge bullets?• Morpheus: No, Neo.I’m trying to tell youthat when you’re ready,you won’t have to.
  15. 15. The Scan & Deliver Experience• Harvard Library’s scan on demand service,Scan & Deliver, required transformativeleadership• Positive role modeling, inspiration/motivation,empathy for individual concerns, need forsystem-wide innovation & creativity• Result: a service which set the bar ofexpectations for Harvard Library patrons
  16. 16. So long and thanks for all the math• Questions?• Comments?• Corrections?(Special thanks to Yale, the WachowskiBrothers, and Gottfried Leibniz)