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Corp Com Struct


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Corp Com Struct

  1. 1. The structure of the Corporate Communication Thomas Barat Professor of Corporate Communication Budapest College of Management Integrated Corporate Communication Internal communication External Communication
  2. 2. Product Price Place Promotion M i Marketing Public Relations Human Relations External Internal HR i MANAGEMENT Personal Marketing Organisation Developm. Labour Corporate PR Product PR Employee Relations Ownership Relations M i = Market influence HR i = Human Relations influence The “theory of the corporate circles”
  3. 3. The structure of the corporate communication (The main fields) Internal Communication External Communication Promotion, DM, POS, etc. Advertising Crisis Management Aid Policy External relations Consumer relations, Product – marketing PR, Media relations, Financial relations, etc Public Relations Human Relations Marketing Communications
  4. 4. The structure of the Public Relations Internal PR External PR Business, Non-profit-, Public life, Personal Employee Ownership Corporate PR Product PR Relations Relations Public Relations
  5. 5. The structure of the in ternal communication Leaders- e mployee Leaders – leaders Crisis Management Leaders - Owners Employee - employee Leaders - t rade u nion Internal organisation Aid Policiy
  6. 6. The structure of the external communication Industrial relations Professional relations Crisis Management Financial Relations Consumer Relations Media Relations Public Affairs Issue management Aid Policiy
  7. 7. The structure of the f inancial relations Financial gov ernmental r elations Financial organisation r el ations Investment , Investor rel ations Shareholders r elations
  8. 8. The structure of the media relations Publisher ’ s Relations Editorial Relations Relations with Journalists Publicity
  9. 9. Public Relations sender receiver message news feedback The interpreter on the bridge
  10. 10. Reputation management The scale of the reputation: Negative 0 point Positive Bad reputation Optimal Situation totally rejected, partly rejected, unaccepted, known, well-known, acknowledged, appreciated, honoured
  11. 11. <ul><li> supported </li></ul><ul><li> cooperative </li></ul><ul><li>trusted </li></ul><ul><li> appreciated </li></ul><ul><li> understood </li></ul><ul><li>mutually </li></ul><ul><li>informed </li></ul>Reputation management
  12. 12. Reputation management <ul><li>The reputation depends on: </li></ul><ul><li>W hat we think, what we do, how we behave? </li></ul><ul><li>W hat others think or suppose about us in general? How others respect or judge us? </li></ul><ul><li>W hat do they say about us? </li></ul>
  13. 13. The tools of the effective Corporate Communication Public Relations
  14. 14. Organisation message message message message News News News News News Personal Communication Public o pinion, Environment Mass communication
  15. 15. Organisation message message message message message message message News News News News News News Public o pinion, Environment Market influence Lobbying Personal contancts Aid policy Group communications Some m ethods of external communication Behaviour coordination
  16. 16. message message message message News News News News News Agency dustbin dustbin Readers, L istener , V iewer Organisation PR Agency Media The path of the news from the sender to the receiver