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Demographics and target audience


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demographics and target audience

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Demographics and target audience

  1. 1.  since the artist we have chosen to do a cover for a song for is Panic! at the disco we have researched the demographics for the typical audience in order to help us cater our cover towards a target audience which Panic! at the disco. the typical audience demographic for Panic! is females , aged 18-24. Who mainly have jobs in architecture , entertainment and advertising.
  2. 2.  The fans of Panic! At the disco’s main hobbies include writing, drawing and playin an insturment.  They generally have interests involving Music, video games and mobile phone applications
  3. 3.  The Demographic of the typical Panic! fan heavily involves music, they rely on music to get them through the day and love to listen to it. The tend to be rather geeky and disorientated, sometimes lacking self confidence and tend to procrastinate a lot. They are online quite a lot, usually over 50 hours a week, this could mainly be because the internet is the source of their information.
  4. 4. • Panic! At the disco would take all of this demographic into account when creating their music videos. For example their fans seem to be quite creative as they enjoy writing and drawing, they would take this into account and create unique music videos to appeal to the fan’s creative side. This is evident in the music video for ‘Don’t Threaten me with a Good Time’ in which the lead singer Brendon Urie is in a club and is seduced and eaten by a weird tentacle monster. This would appeal to Panic! Fans as there isn't any other music videos with the same sort of narrative as Panic's!. The club scene would also appeal to Panic!'s fans since that a lot of them are lacking self confidence and probably wouldn’t be able to go to a club and socialise with people. This would fit in with Dyers utopian theory since this scenario would seem ideal to people with a lack of self confidence, it also offers escapism from the normal life of struggling to talk about people, this fits in with the Uses and Gratification theory.
  5. 5. Since the artist we have chosen to do a music video cover on is panic! At the disco, I decided to research the demographic of bands that are in the same genre of Panic! This is why I decided to look at the demographic of Twenty One Pilots
  6. 6.  The demographic for T.O.P shows that the main gender of people who listen to Twenty One Pilots are Females aged between 18-24  They generally describe themselves as Open, Straight Forward and Geeky but on occasion they can be Disinterested, Lonely and Irritable  The Average Social Grade for the demographic is C2DE
  7. 7. • The Demographics main Hobbies and Activities involve Arts & Crafts, Dancing and Jogging & Running • Their general interests involve mobile applications, Dance and Ballet and also Religion and Spiritualism • Their Niche interests Consist of Going to Pubs and Nightclubs, Careers and Recruitment and Paris • They are normally online for 50+ hours per week and they generally watch TV for around 6-10 hours per week
  8. 8.  They like to experiment with new genres of music and new artists  They also enjoy seeing their favourite music artists live  They also believe that listening to music is better than thinking
  9. 9.  Fans of Twenty one Pilots Favourite Movies involve: Pitch Perfect, Creed, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Goosebumps  Their Favourite Music Artists involve Years and Years, The Weeknd, Major Lazer and Shawn Mendes  Their Favourite Celebrities involve Alan Carr, Paul Rudd, Michael Cera and Paddy McGuinness
  10. 10.  21P would take all of this demographic into account when coming up with new music as to appeal to as much of their target audience as possible. This is taken into account in their music video ‘Car radio’ as they appealed this video to the fans themselves. This can be seen as they normally include a deep message within all of their videos which gets the fans thinking about the message. The music also appeals to their target audience as 21pilots are often thought to be their own genre and cannot be fitted into a specific genre which each new song they make. This fits in with dyers utopian theory as the scenarios seen within 21pilots videos would be related and appeal to people who suffer from low self confidence and depression as the singer himself has also suffered through all of these.