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How to be social


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Presentation given on 13th May 2009 at the Victorian Tourism Conference. It details the online social environment in Australia, cool travel social media campaigns and sites and the rules of engagement for social media.

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How to be social

  1. 1. Brand development through social media How to be social
  2. 2. 75% of online Australians interact with social media 7.1 million people read blogs 2.3 million have created a blog 1.6 million are still updating their blog 84% of Australian internet users share videos, photos and links 83% consume user generated content 78% download audio and video 39% upload pictures, video, music Source:
  3. 3. 6.5 million of Australians belong to a social network Source:
  4. 4. The best job in the world? A big idea that happens to use social media Great to launch a social campaign But you need to sustain the campaign Engage fans and critics in a conversation Like media relations but with ordinary people The rules are different
  5. 5. NZ Tourism Youtube diaries International visitors interviewed in a mobile recording studio Established “Have your say” channel on Youtube 91 Videos 139,199 channel views Multilingual videos 200 UK visitor videos including the Twitchhiker Technology cheap ($150 video cameras; phone cameras)
  6. 6. NZ Tourism Youtube diaries “Social media is used by people from all walks of life to connect with people back home while they are travelling. Add to this that word-of-mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools to promote a destination, and the 100,000 views milestone shows that the [effort] has really proven its worth.” George Hickton Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive
  7. 7. Take great photos? and Dido photographic competition. Categories include best picture before leaving home, best travel photo, best adventure photo. Photo scavenger hunt competition for the most quirky photos underwater photography competition STA Travel snapaway competition
  8. 8. Twitter travellers The Twitchiker Scotland to NZ with no money Worldwide media coverage San Francisco via twitter Paris via twitter Winemaker twitter tastings
  9. 9. Social networks Dopplr. Share trips and make connections Tripwolf. Find travel gurus Tripsay. Big on social voting Triphub. For groups travelling Driftr. Like Facebook but for travel World66. Articles and guides
  10. 10. Older travel networks Virtual tourist. The largest Bootsnall. Message boards and forums Lonely Planet Thorn Tree. Forums Trip Adviser. Voting and guides but not social Source:
  11. 11. Australian travel sites? Wotif. Booking Expedia. Booking and reviewing Hyperlocals: Fitzroyalty Flickr? What about Internet coverage in the regions? Static iPhone apps eBooks to download Books on demand (Lulu, Bebo) Source:
  12. 12. What social type are you? Creator Critic Collector Joiner Spectator Inactive Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  13. 13. Creators Publish a blog Write content and post Publish their own web pages Upload video content and pictures Upload audio Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  14. 14. Critics Post ratings and reviews Comments on blogs and social sites Contribute to forums Contribute to wikis Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  15. 15. Collectors Use RSS Feeds Tag pages, photos or videos Vote for websites online Use Delicious, Reddit Stumble upon Evernote Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  16. 16. Joiners maintain profiles on several social sites Visit social sites Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  17. 17. Spectators Read blogs Watch video Look at pictures Listen to podcasts Read forums Read ratings and reviews Read comments Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  18. 18. Inactives Zilch! Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  19. 19. Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  20. 20. Each person is a different Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  21. 21. Each person is a different Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  22. 22. Each person is a different Source: Forrester Research/Groundswell
  23. 23. How to start Find your target market Identify key sites Read, watch and listen Focus on a couple of key social media, for example Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Become part of the community Understand feeds and distributed content
  24. 24. This means a feed With Feedburner you can monitor and turn it into emails
  25. 25. So does RSS or ATOM mean a feed
  26. 26. Monitoring tools Feedreaders – Google Reader, Netvibes Google and Yahoo! Alerts Tweetdeck Scout Labs NeilsenBlogpulse TNS Cymfony, NeilsenBuzzmetrics
  27. 27. Play by the rules Do not take what is not yours Ask permission Do not hard sell Make it personal and conversational Don’t use corporate speak Share and give Credit sources, reply to comments and link back
  28. 28. Do not take what is not yours The rules on words and pictures are different to Youtube It is better to ask permission for words and pictures You don’t need to ask for Youtube You can republish feeds but be careful how you do it If you do it in the correct way, people may give you content for free There needs to be a reward– kudos, traffic
  29. 29. Ask permission Unsolicited emails are tiresome “If you would prefer not to receive any more emails from us, please let me know. Alternatively, if you visit this web form and let us know what kind of material you are interested in.”
  30. 30. How to comment Keep it to the conversation in question A link back to your page is okay Don’t try and sell Subscribe to comment feeds to follow Don’t be nasty Remember it is somebody else’s space
  31. 31. Critics? There are plenty of critics being mean Take a deep breath first Be polite but not patronising Be constructive Your rude email will go viral
  32. 32. Starting your campaign Be committed. Don’t join the social media graveyard Be flexible and look out for what is next (Did you see twitter coming?) Profiles: tell us who you are It has to be you. Not the PR person. Use a conversational voice; not pre-approved statements It may take time to establish credibility
  33. 33. Tag everything Because you want to be found Use online tools to optimise Words Pictures Video
  34. 34. Distribute Make content available for download Make content available through RSS feeds Pictures, video, facts Use the web’s free (or cheap) distribution Tubemogul – a single point to publish and monitor across Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Myspace and more.
  35. 35. Monitor The conversation Feed subscribers Google analytics Twitter numbers But do not be a slave to statistics
  36. 36. Where to start looking A Google search with “blog”
  37. 37. The problem Mobile coverage in the country is awful Only Telstra 3G reliable Lack of internet cafes My iPhone won’t work
  38. 38. The solution Free wireless internet Tailored downloadable ebooks Static iPhone applications (Deck of secrets)
  39. 39. A list of top travel blogs, Source: