Espeo Outsourcing Technical Capabilities


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A summary of main technologies being used by Espeo professionals in software development processes.

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Espeo Outsourcing Technical Capabilities

  1. 1. Technical capabilities of Espeo Software (Espeo Outsourcing division) Poznan 2010
  2. 2. AGENDA What we use: • Java • Grails • Other technologies • Tools
  3. 3. Java Java is a main programming language used in Espeo Outsourcing. We can offer knowledge of following solutions: • Web technologies – Java EE - EJB, Servlets, JSP, JSF – Spring - IoC Container, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring AOP, Spring Security (Acegi), JDBC Template, Spring BlazeDS Integration, Spring Roo – Struts, GWT (SmartGWT, Vaadin), Grails • Desktop technologies – Swing, SWT, Eclipse RCP, Griffon • Portals based on JSR 168/268 - Liferay Portal • Mobile technologies – Java ME, Android • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) - WebServices, Apache Axis, ESB, BPM
  4. 4. Java • ORM (Object Relational Mapping) – Hibernate, JPA • Application Servers – Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, GlassFish, WebLogic, Jetty • Database Systems - Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Derby (Java DB) • Reporting – JasperReports • Testing - Unit tests (JUnit, EasyMock, Mockito), Integration tests (FIT), Acceptance tests (Selenium, FEST) • Build process management – Ant, Maven 2 • IDE (Integrated Development Environments) - Eclipse, SpringSource Tool Suite, NetBeans, Intellij IDEA • CI (Continuous Integration) – CruiseControl, Hudson, Bamboo • Other tools - log4j, Quartz, Apache Commons
  5. 5. Grails Grails framework carried in a breath of fresh air and new quality to systems designed in Java. Using mechanisms based on Ruby on Rails supported by Groovy language and mature frameworks from the world of Java, among others Spring Framework and Hibernate, the solution, allowing to accelerate the process of web applications development, was created. Espeo Outsourcing, as one of the first Polish companies decided to apply Grails intensively in commercial projects. Thanks to this we gained dominance over competitors and right now we can offer programmers and teams that are experienced in creating systems based on Grails.
  6. 6. Other technologies In our work we use, besides Java: • JavaScript for creating dynamic web pages and libraries based on it: JQuery and Yahoo UI. • C#, .NET Platform and Visual Studio IDE created by Microsoft. • Groovy - object-oriented scripting language, based on Java syntax, enriched with solutions allowing programmers to make some data operations faster and being a key part of Grails framework. • Scala - a language integrating features of object-oriented programming and functional programming, running on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Scala is used to create highly scalable and efficient applications. • Flex - SDK used for creating Rich Internet Aplications (RIA), based on Adobe Flash. Flex allows creating applications working in a browser, desktop (Air) and mobile in the future (Slider).
  7. 7. Tools In our daily work we use following tools: • Operating Systems - Windows as a default platform for software development, Linux and Unix as servers for our applications. • Wiki - used as an internal company knowledge base and for particular projects. This way experience that we are gaining in new technologies is naturally propagated among all developers. • Issue tracking systems – Jira, Redmine. Used in daily project work, allowing to organize tasks and constantly track project's progress. • Source code repositories - CVS, SVN, Git. • UML - using Enterpise Architect. UML language is used to visualize technical and business concepts with diagrams and drawings. • Code review tools – Review Board. Code reviews are an important element of every project, allowing quickly find and solve problems.
  8. 8. LET'S COOPERATE! Espeo Software Sp. z o.o. ; Poznan ul. Koscielna 18/3 ; ; +48 61 848 00 65