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Handouts for a teacher training in Częstochowa, WSL.

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Dropbox slideshare EN

  1. 1. DROPBOXDropbox.com – working in the cloudThis Project has been funded with support from the European Commission
  2. 2. [logo of your institution]DropboxMY VIRTUAL HARD DISK DRIVEWHAT IS DROPBOX?Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across yourcomputersPut your files into your Dropbox folder on one computer, and theyll automatically appear on any ofyour other computers that also have Dropbox installed (Windows, Mac, and Linux too!). You can evendownload Dropbox apps for your smartphone or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry).Everything in your Dropbox is available from the Dropbox website, too.With Dropbox, your files are always in sync.Lets say youre editing a document in your Dropbox folder. As soon as you press Save, Dropbox willsync this file to all your other computers and mobile devices instantly and automatically. Its as if yousaved the document to all of your computers at the same time. This gives you the freedom to workanywhere and always have the files you need.Dropbox lets you share files easily.You can easily share entire folders or photo albums with Dropbox. Simply put the folders you want toshare in your Dropbox, and invite people to them. You can also send people links to specific files withinyour Dropbox. This makes Dropbox perfect for team projects.With Dropbox, online backup is automatic.Any file you put into your Dropbox folder is automatically backed up to our servers. Even if yourcomputer has a melt-down, your files are safe on Dropbox and can be restored at any time. While ourfree 2GB account is perfect for backing up smaller files and documents, we offer larger accounts (up to100GB) for backing up more and bigger files, like your music and video collections.Dropbox lets you go back in time to undelete or undo changes to files.Every time you save a file in Dropbox, Dropbox syncs it to our secure servers. Dropbox keeps a historyof every change you make so that you can undo any mistakes and even undelete files. By default, wekeep 30 days of history for all your files. We also have an unlimited undo option called "Pack-rat".Dropbox is better.Dropbox replaces:The training is funded by the European Commission (Life Long Learning programme, KA2) Languages) This work by Tomasz Walasek is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License. Page 1
  3. 3. [logo of your institution]  Emailing file attachments to yourself and other people  Using USB drives to move files between computers  Renaming files to keep a history of previous versions  Complicated backup software and hardware  And more!WHY DO I NEED IT?SyncDropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically.  2GB of online storage for free, with up to 100GB available to paying customers.  Sync files of any size or type.  Sync Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.  Automatically syncs when new files or changes are detected.File SharingSharing files is simple. It takes only a few clicks.  Shared folders allow several people to collaborate on the same files.  See other peoples changes instantly.  Use your "Public" folder to link directly to files.  Control who has access to your shared folders. Kick people out and remove the shared files from their computers in the process.  Automatically create shareable online photo galleries out of regular folders.HOW TO USE IT?We will not install Dropbox on the computers in the lab. Do not do that because everytime you putsomething in you Dropbox folder it will also appear in that computer - very dangerous. However if youaccidently did so: 1. Log in to your Dropbox account. 2. Go to your Account settings. It is at the top of the page just after your e-mail address. 3. Choose My Computers menu. 4. Unlink the unwanted computer by clicking Unlink:) 5. Uninstall Dropbox from your computer. (Control Panel - Programs and Features - Dropbox - uninstall) 6. Delete the Dropbox folder from your computer. 7. Empty Recycle Bin.The training is funded by the European Commission (Life Long Learning programme, KA2) Languages) This work by Tomasz Walasek is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License. Page 2
  4. 4. [logo of your institution]Assignment 1: Public folderThe Public Folder lets you easily share single files in your Dropbox. Any file you put in this folder gets itsown Internet link so that you can share it with others - even non-Dropbox users! These links work even ifyour computer’s turned off.Step 1: Drop a file into the Public folder. It can be any file you want to share - Word Document, ExcelSpreadsheet, MP3, Video, photo...Step 2: Right-click/control-click this file, then choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link. This copies the Internetlink to your file so that you can paste it somewhere else.Thats it! Now share this file with others: just paste the link into e-mails, instant messageconversations, blogs, Moodle forum etc.! Everybody to decide how to mark this assignment. - this isto the teacher to decide!!!Note: You can only link to actual files within your Public Folder, not to folders.Assignment 2: Photos folderDropbox photo galleries allow you to share photos with anyone (even non-Dropbox users). These photoswill be presented in a photo gallery that is viewable online.Step 1: Make a folder inside the Photos folder, and give it a name (this will be the name of your photogallery)Step 2: Put photos inside the folder you just created. If you do not have your own photos, go to Flickr.comand download 3-5 photos. Use only the Creative Commons ones!Step 3: Now get inside you phot gallery and share your photo gallery with others: just paste the linkinto e-mails, instant message conversations, blogs, Moodle forum etc.! Everybody to decide how tomark this assignment. - this is to the teacher to decide!!!Note: Linking to galleries is limited to folders within your Photos folder. You also cannot link to the Photosfolder itself.The training is funded by the European Commission (Life Long Learning programme, KA2) Languages) This work by Tomasz Walasek is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License. Page 3