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Open Innovation Projects - 10 tips for corporations working like startups, working with startups

 Open Innovation Projects
 working like startups
 working with startups Tomasz Rudolf CEO, D-RAFT
  2. Digital startup project of News Corporation
  3. Source: IDC; Nokia; Gartner Changes come sooner than we think
  4. Hit unexpectedly? Inspired by: Michael Docherty
  5. … or slowly cooked? Inspired by: Michael Docherty
  6. You need to get ready for changes…
  7. Who has the potential to disrupt your business? A.
 Main competitor B.
 startup C. 
  8. Unicorns vs. dinosaurs
  9. We do not need
 to do big things
  10. Small teams Source: Trevor Owens, Lean Enterprise
  11. In a couple of years to a global giant Source: CB Insights
  12. CORPORATIONS need to change
  13. WORK like startups
  14. What is a startup?
  15. Temporary organization 
 designed to search
 for a scalable
 business model Steve Blank
  16. Experimentation Scaling
  17. 1) Start from the leaders
  18. 2) Teach people to work differently
  19. 3) Hire explorers
  20. “Big companies tend to hire managers, not explorers.” David Butler, Coca-Cola’s 
 vice president of innovation
  21. Let entrepreneurs in Source: Coca-Cola Founders
  22. Spin-Out Model at Cisco
  23. 4) Create space for experimentation Source: Adobe
  24. „You are already funded.
 Your idea is approved.” Mark Randall, Adobe Source: Adobe
  25. Decision-making
  26. Validation
  27. Rocket Internet: Startup Factory
  28. Rocket Internet: Startup Factory
  29. 5) Protect new business
  30. WORK like startups 1 2 3 4 5 Start from leaders Teach Lean Startup Let entrepreneurs in Create space for experiments Protect young business
  31. WORK with startups
  32. Apple + Siri
  33. 40 Google + Android
  34. Lowe’s + Fellow Robots
  35. Disney + Sphero
  36. WORK with startups 6 Observe & learn
  37. Corporations want to engage with startups
  38. Opening up for external innovation
  39. startups have a problem with contacting the right person 72% Source: KMPG, New Horizons 2014
  40. Startup Relations / Open Innovation website
  41. Ecosystem branding
  42. Competitions & hackathons
  43. SHAREDOUTSOURCEDOWN Corporate accelerators
  44. Source: KMPG, New Horizons 2014 Results?
  45. WORK with startups 6 7 Observe & learn Get #ReadyForStartups
  46. #ReadyForStartups?
  47. © D-RAFT 2015 Drinking from a firehose
  48. Corporate wantrepreneurship
  49. Fear of commitments Dating, 
 no deals
  50. Executive startup search
  51. #ReadyForStartups - Purchasing
  52. #ReadyForStartups - Partnering
  53. #ReadyForStartups - Venturing
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  55. Buy
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  56. WORK with startups 6 7 Observe & learn Get #ReadyForStartups 8 9 10 Buy from startups Partner with startups Invest & acquire
  57. European Center for Corporate-Startup Collaboration Want more?
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 @tomaszrudolf Start with yourself! Source:
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