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Research-Biblical by Biffy Clyro


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Research-Biblical by Biffy Clyro

  1. 1. Research: Biblical by Biffy Clyro ByTom Astle
  2. 2. What style is it? This music video is a Narrative music video, as it follows guitarist and singer Simon Neil, play out a story that is related to the Lyrics. It shows him repeatedly going through the same situation, doing different thing, relating the to lyrics “Baby if you could would you go back to the start?Take any fresh steps or watch it all fall apart again?”As he try's to change the end outcome of the situation, him getting beaten up.This is a very effective plot as it relates directly to the lyrics to make a good story.
  3. 3. What’s the plot? The video shows Simon wake up, and walk out of his room, he is lip syncing the words throughout the music video. He then walks out of the hotel and ends up getting beaten up.The situation then repeats but he does stuff differently, the first time, he pushes a man in a pool, and then kicks over a water butt and smashes the window of the guys that will then beat him up. The situation then repeats with him trying not to get beaten up by, helping someone out of the pool, and giving the hotel owner money, to try and be a better person, but the outcome never changes.
  4. 4. Does the music video relate to the music? The music video relates very closely to the music as we can see the lyrics come to life, and show how the band meant for the song to be listen to / interpreted. So the music video links very closely to the lyrics and music. This makes the music video very good, and works very well to make an effective music video, by sticking to the narrative genre and so closely to the lyrics it makes the music video very good.