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Evaulation question2


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Evaulation question2

  2. 2. Audience feedback is a very important aspect of the post production aspect of the project. By doing this it has allowed us to hear what our target audience likes, doesn’t like and wants changing. Our target audience was fans of the band, or the genre of the band, we used them to ask questions in order to get more information on how we can improve our video to make it a more professional product. In this PowerPoint I will show the different questions we asked, what feedback we received and what we did to change our products based on this video. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK
  3. 3. We collected our results in the form of a questionnaire, we used open answers as we thought that this would give us the detail we needed rather than closed tick box answers. We firstly asked people their age and gender, because this would help us to see what gender our video was popular with and what age range it was most popular with. THE QUESTONAIRE
  4. 4. We asked a total of 45 people the questions on our questionnaire, to the right is a graph showing what age groups and gender it is popular with. What do you think of the video? (age based) 10 The video is most popular with 16-18year olds, as this was our target audience. So we feel like we have had some success as the people in our target market said they loved it. 8 We found that the video was more popular with females, this could be because of the story line. As it focuses on a couple and a romance falling apart. This kind of plot hasn’t proved overly popular with men in the past. 2 6 4 0 13-15 16-18 Love it From this feedback I have learnt that we have had success in targeting the correct target audience and it has gone well in this way. However, we didn’t take into consideration the fact that males may not like the type of narrative in the video, although only 2 of them said they didn’t like it. 19-25 Like it Don’t like it What do you think of the video (gender based)? 20 AGE AND GENDER RESULTS 25+ 15 10 5 0 Male Female Love it Like it Don't like it
  5. 5. We asked members of our target audience the question that is below, here are some of the responses: Jacob: I don’t like how the name of the band isn’t on the poster, its confusing. Dan: I like the picture in the background a lot, as it links the video, digipack and poster together. However I don’t like the mini album picture and the colour of the text. Chloe: There needs to be some more information at the bottom, like social media. I don’t like the black bar either. I really like the reviews on the side and the background picture. Q1: WHAT DO YOU, AS A TARGET AUDIENCE, THINK WE COULD DO TO IMPROVE OUR ADVERT FOR THE SONG? Above: First draft poster Below: Final poster, after audience feedback
  6. 6. We learnt a lot from the feedback given from question one. We added some social media information at the bottom, as this is becoming an increasingly popular way of contacting bands, and for them to share information with their fans. We also changed the colour of the text, as it contrasted too much with the background, we then replicated the text that Biffy Clyro use on their own posters to make it look professional. Once we had made these changes that our audience feedback had suggested we asked another question: “What do you think of the overall finished poster?” To the right is a pie chart of their answers We asked a total of 40 people, with 25 saying the love it, and only 1 saying they didn’t like it at all. This is an example of how we have learnt from audience feedback in order to create a better product. What do you think of the overall finsihed poster? Love it Like it WHAT WE LEARNT FROM QUESTION 1 Its ok Don’t like it
  7. 7. We also needed go get audience feedback for our digipack in order to get it as good as it could be, we asked a sample of our target audience who were especially interested in album art, the question below: Abdul: I really like how the front and the back are linked through the opposite ends of the picture, as it works together well. I think you should have more information about the band in the overall digipack though. Callum: I don’t like the text so I would improve that , but I think as a whole it works well. The different colour effects that have been put on work well as it blurs the background, but keeps the character in the foreground in focus. Poppy: I would try to improve the layout on the back, as I don’t like how all the information is stuck at the bottom when it could be more spaced out. Q2: WHAT WOULD YOU IMPROVE ON THE DIGIPACK?
  8. 8. One of the major things we learnt from the second question we asked, was that people though that we should relate it more to the band in the overall digipack. To do this we didn’t change the outside two panels but we made the inside two heavily focused on the band. By putting their logo on one side, and on the other a black and white picture of the lead singer and guitarist with the lyrics to the song on. We think that this has addressed the main negatives from the audience feedback. The two inside panels are shown to the top right. What do you think of the overall final digipack? Below that is the second question we asked concerning our digipack, we asked a total of 25 people, with 15 saying they love it, and 3 saying the don’t like it. WHAT WE LEARNT FROM QUESTION 2 Love it Like it Its ok Don’t like it
  9. 9. Once we had the first few minutes of our music video, we showed people our first draft. There is already a blog post on our initial audience research a bit further down. Rory: “I really like the video, I like the bit where there is two of the character on the screen, with one lip syncing and the other walking away as this shows how he is feeling. I think you could improve the transitions, maybe by using blur or dissolve?” Connor: “I like the transitions such as the zooming into the male character eyes in order to show the flash back, I also like how in time the lip syncing is in parts. I didn’t like the pan of the lake as this is a bit boring and colorless.” Q3: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE MUSIC VIDEO? WHAT COULD BE IMPROVED AND WHY?
  10. 10. Question 3 gave us the first real insight into what people thought of the first draft for the video. From this question we learnt what people liked, such as the effect which made two of rob on the screen, didn’t like, such as the pan of the lake, and thought needed improvement, such as the transitions. We took these responses and went back to editing, we focused on using blur and better transitions to make a smoother music video. We also added effects such as hard light in order to make the pan of the lake more interesting and better looking. Once we had made these changes we asked the target audience this question; what do you think of the music video now we have made these changes? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE VIDEO BEFORE AND AFTER THE CHANGES? 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Love it Like it Before changes WHAT WE LEARNT FROM QUESTION 3 Its ok After changes Didn't like it
  11. 11. Once we had come up with a final video, that we as a group were happy with. We asked all of our target audience what they thought, and used this feedback to evaluate and improve our final product: Luke: I think that it works as a music video, especially because of the themes presented in the song. However, there are some aspects I would improve such as some little jumps in the cuts. Maddie: I love the video, haven seen some of Biffy’s past videos I know that this narrative mixed with lip syncing is just like them! Especially in their most recent video Biblical. Eric: I think it’s a bit confusing at points, I think you should put the text bit back in from the initial draft. Q4: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE FINISHED VIDEO, COULD ANYTHING BE IMPROVED?
  12. 12. Question four was more of a find what the target audience think of the product to see if it matches their expectations given by Biffys previous work, than to see if there was room for improvement. However, we did just go over the video one last time to make sure there were none of these black gaps that Luke had mentioned in his feedback. We did learn that we had achieved our aim in trying to match the themes and conventions given off in Biffy Clryo’s previous work, as numerous members of the target audience said that we had matched, if not bettered their expectations. Does this video look like a product that would be made by Biffy Clyro? We also added in the text bit that Eric had suggested, as this helped to clear up the plot for the whole video. We then asked one final question: Does this video look like a product that would be made by Biffy Clyro? WHAT WE LEARNT FROM QUESTION 4 Yes no
  13. 13. Once we had finished and gotten all our feedback off our target audience, we uploaded the video to YouTube and Facebook. This would give us a wider range of feedback, from people who might not normally be a fan of the music. This would provide very beneficial in seeing if our media product, would work as a music video, as music video fans could see it and give us their option. The feedback is on the next slide: SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDBACK
  14. 14. Here is the feedback that we received off the social networking site. This really helped us as it showed what people liked about the video. From this we learnt that people really liked the cut back to the argument, and that we had achieved our aim of the video filming style suiting the song. We were really happy with the overall finished video and we are glad that our target audience is as well. We gained a lot of positive feedback through comments and also had a few people like the video, whereas others only watched it as the YouTube views increased a lot. From people who have commented some are friends who have no experience in media, whereas some are media students this gives both a slightly professionally view as well as one that replicates the general public. From this bit of feedback we learnt that the overall consensus from the public was that they enjoyed the video. FACEBOOK FEEDBACK.
  15. 15. We learnt a lot form our audience feedback, and I think that it helped us to create a better overall product. It allowed fans from our target audience to have their say on what could be improved and what they liked. We took their comments and changed our products in order to maximise satisfaction from our target audience. We always tried to ensure that we edited the bits that fans told us we can improve so that we learnt form our mistakes and improved upon them. We have tried during our audience feedback to listen to and react to feedback, which I think we have done successfully and managed to change our product into something that is better overall. WHAT WE LEARNT FROM AUDIENCE FEEDBACK