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Meta forum 2012 - Presentation on big data


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Presentation on big data in the Industrial session of the MetaForum 2012. Hints about Atos and the projects FIRST and BIG

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Meta forum 2012 - Presentation on big data

  1. 1. 20/06/2012 Tomás ParienteText Analytics and Big Data META-FORUM 2012 Brussels, 20th June 2012 Tomás Pariente Atos Research & Innovation 1
  2. 2. 20/06/2012 Table of Contents Tomás Pariente1. Atos and why we are here2. Examples3. BIG: Big Data Public Private Forum2 2
  3. 3. 20/06/2012Atos: Tomás ParienteThe companyAtos is an international information technology services company, delivering hi-tech transactional services, consulting, systems integration and managed services. ▶Annual revenues of € 8,7 billion (pro-forma 2010). ▶Over 78,500 business technologists worldwide in 42 countries. ▶Worldwide headquarters in Bezons / Paris, France. ▶Established on July 2011 with the integration of Atos Origin and Siemens IT Solutions and Services 3
  4. 4. 20/06/2012Atos: Tomás ParienteFrom critical IT to business support Technology Services Consulting & Integration Systems Transforming Delivering business through seamless business innovation systems leveraging Information Technologies Advancing business Transforming IT strategy through infrastructure and Transactional innovative business operations Services Services Managed processing solutions revenues 4
  5. 5. 20/06/2012Atos: Tomás ParienteFrom vision to InnovationInnovation is in our company DNAInnovation can be seen everywhere and particularly:▶ in our set of Innovative Offerings growing over 10% a year.▶ in our innovation policy involving every single employee’s ideas through our social platforms.▶ in the works of our scientific community actively upgrading our vision of the technologies for the future.▶ in the Research and Innovation group of Atos, applying the latest research results to opportunities where clients need solutions that go beyond market’s offer.This is how we are able to constantly propose new solutionsand ideas to our clients, and to help them invent their own newway towards growth and profitability. 5
  6. 6. 20/06/2012Atos Research & Innovation Tomás ParienteMain Activities R&D&I since 1987 180 ongoing Projects▶ Atos R&D hub Of which, 105 EU R&D&I▶ Involved in projects that combine advanced technological developments with commercial Research » exploitation ▶ Project management▶ Usually working in international partnerships ▶ Technical consulting▶ A source of innovative ideas to be used by the ▶ Technology development R&D company’s sales and technical staff ▶ Market studies & project results exploitation plans Innovation » &I Consulting » ▶ Bring research outcomes ▶ Strategic R&D&I consulting to Atos’ customers ▶ Emerging technologies ▶ Support the sales force as expertise “technical backstage” ▶ Technology watch ▶ Business development 6
  7. 7. 20/06/2012Atos Research & Innovation Tomás ParienteWhy we are here: Knowledge Lab▶ Main capabilities: – Semantic Technologies – Language Technologies – Big Data – Linked Data Semantics Language Technologies “Big Data and Semantics” Data Linked Big Data BIG Project 7
  8. 8. 20/06/2012 Table of Contents Tomás Pariente1. Atos and why we are here2. Examples3. BIG: Big Data Public Private Forum8 8
  9. 9. A use case in Atos: Olympic Games 20/06/2012 Tomás Pariente(increasing demand of data processing, storageand innovative applications) 9
  10. 10. 20/06/2012Khresmoi Project Tomás Pariente▶ KHRESMOI aims to build a multi-lingual, multi-modal search and access system for biomedical information and documents. The system will allow access to biomedical data:  from many sources,  analyzing and indexing multi-dimensional (2D, 3D, 4D) medical images,  with improved search capabilities due to the integration of technologies to link the texts and images to facts in a knowledge base,  in a multi-lingual environment,  providing trustable results at a level of understandability adapted to the users. Integrated Project Sep 2010 - Aug 2014 10
  11. 11. 20/06/2012A growing universe of Tomás Parienteunstructured data… created and accessible from almost everywhere 11 11
  12. 12. 20/06/2012A growing universe of Tomás Parienteunstructured data … ¿cómo separar el grano de la paja ?… created and accessible from almost everywhere … how to separate the wheat from the chaff ? 12 12
  13. 13. 20/06/2012FIRST Project Tomás Pariente is to make available the relevant information of the financial information space (including unreliable, unstructured, sentiment sources) to the decision maker in near-real time in an automated way 13 13
  14. 14. 20/06/2012FIRST Tomás ParienteMining the Web for financial texts Some numbers •176 Web sites •2,671 RSS sources •~40,000 documents per day •>8,000,000 documents and growing •~13,000 tweets per weekday, for ~1,800 NASDAQ/NYSE stocks Natural Language preprocessing ($GOOG, $MSFT…) and entity extraction Sentiment DSS Streaming About Cleaning Financial objects Financial terms, Companies, Instruments … 14
  15. 15. 20/06/2012 Table of Contents Tomás Pariente1. Atos and why we are here2. Examples3. BIG: Big Data Public Private Forum15 15
  16. 16. 20/06/2012BIG: Key facts Tomás Pariente▶ Type of project: Coordination Action (CA)▶ Duration: 26 months▶ August 2012 – October 2014▶ Budget: 3,055 Meuro▶ Funding: 2,5 Meuro▶ Consortium: 11 partners Overall objective Address technical, business and policy aspects of Big Data with the aims of shaping the future of the area, positioning it in H2020 and bringing the necessary stakeholders into a self-sustainable industrially-led initiative to enhance EU competitiveness taking full advantage of Big Data. 16
  17. 17. 20/06/2012BIG: project structure Tomás Pariente Industry driven working groups Manufacturing, Finance & Telco, Media & Health Public Sector Retail, Energy, insurance Entertainment Transport Needs Supply Value Chain Data Data Data Data Data acquisition analysis curation storage usage • Data preprocessing • Structured data • Decision support • Semantic analysis • Trust • Unstructured Data • RDBMS limitations • Decision making • Sentiment analysis • Provenance • Event processing • NOSQL • Automatic steps • Other features • Data augmentation • Sensors networks • Cloud storage • Domain-specific analysis • Data validation • Streams usage • Data correlation Technical areas 19
  18. 18. 20/06/2012BIG: major activities Tomás Pariente Technology state of art and sector analysis Definition of the proposed application Assess the impact/applicability of the sectors different technologies Roadmapping activity Individual roadmap elaboration Roadmap consolidation (per sector) (cross-sectorial) Big Data Public Private Forum Impact Assessment Sustainability Towards Horizon 2020 Big Data initiavive definition 20
  19. 19. 20/06/2012BIG Philosophy Tomás Pariente▶ Presence of the right profiles in the consortium to drive this process to the level of influence and impact we are EIP, Digital Agenda, aiming for EU Directives, BIG Objective: Enable▶ Involve stakeholders from EU industry Economic Drivers… and enhance mapping between TD and BU and officers at the right level issues▶ An open philosophy will be applied to all the documents generated by the project, which will be made public to a wider community for active contribution and content validation.▶ BIG is by nature a cross-disciplinary initiative with many angles.▶ Reach a coherent and sensible result that FP7 Projects, WG satisfies the research community and high inputs, Research level decision makers at the same time. agenda… Thus a top-down and bottom-up approach have been defined. 21
  20. 20. Atos Research & InnovationTomás ParienteThank youFor more information please contact:tomas.parientelobo@atosresearch.euAtos, the Atos logo, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldline, Atos Sphere,Atos Cloud and Atos WorldGridare registered trademarks of Atos SA. June 2011© 2011 Atos. Confidential information owned by Atos, to be used bythe recipient only. This document, or any part of it, may not bereproduced, copied, circulated and/or distributed nor quoted withoutprior written approval from Atos. 26/11/2012