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  1. 1. Water in FinlandEveliina Hiltunen, Krista Karppinen and Hanna PehkonenfromNorth Karelian College Outokumpu, FINLAND
  2. 2. About Finland Population: 5,4 million people Locates in Northern Europe between Sweden and Russia Four seasons Known in the world from Moomins, Nokia, Marimekko and nowadays... Angry Birds.
  3. 3. About Outokumpu Population: about 8000 people Famous for its history with mining copper Area of Outokumpu is 584.06 km2 Amount of the water areas of that figure is 138.22 km2
  4. 4. About our school Belongs to North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium. The North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium have been awarded twice by the Ministry of Education: once in year 2004 and after that in year 2008. Altogether there are over 7 500 students in our concern. In our school, in North Karelia college Outokumpu, there are few hundread students in Cultural section. Outokumpu is a good place to study; You can consentrate on your study, but You can have some funtime with your friends, if you got the will for it.
  5. 5. What we do in our school
  6. 6. What we do in our school
  7. 7. Water in Outokumpu In Outokumpu there are 111 water systems. The largest lake is Juojärvi (219,54km2) with the longest coastline (708,27km). The deepest lake is Rikkavesi (66,85m). Fourth of the surface area of Outokumpu consist of water.
  8. 8. Water treatment plant One water treatment plant in Outokumpu. Water is clean and drinkable straight from the tap. In Finland, the water in lakes and ponds is drinkable without any specific proceeding
  9. 9. Natural water in Finland  Finland: the land of thousands lakes.  You can swim in the lakes but don’t drink the water.  Some places in Finland there’s fountains and streams where the water is crystal clear and you can drink from them.
  10. 10. Amount of water in Finland The water never ends in Finland. It rains from spring to autumn, but in wintertime it’s snowing.
  11. 11. Quality of water in Finland In households the quality of water is high You can drink running water from the water pipes because it’s cleaned in the water treatment plant
  12. 12. Quality of water in Finland In Finland people dont drink much bottled water, because we get clean water from tabs Bottled water on sale, but people buy more carbonated water than still water
  13. 13. Alternative source for water? Water is pumped straight from the ground to water treatment plant No alternative source needed
  14. 14. The way of the water After the water is used, it goes through the sewage drains to the sewage treatment plant After water is chemically cleaned, it goes back to the lakes