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Tate Modern: Inspire 2012 Keynote


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Tate Modern: Inspire 2012 Keynote

  1. 1. THE BRIEF
  2. 2. THE BRIEFAims • To create a mobile game or playful experience based on art. • The game must have a relationship with Tate’s modern and contemporary collection, though it does not need to reference artworks or artists directly. • To engage players from a broad age range with great addictive game play • To be fully playable outside of Tate’s galleries whilst rewarding players if they take the game to Tate Modern • To be cross platform for both Android and iOSAudience • Global but with a high proportion of UK users • Smart phone owners who use their device to play games (including parents who allow their children to use their device for gaming) often where WiFi or 3G is restricted • Art-interested, Design-conscious and culturally-engagedWorking in preselected groups of 4 or 5 students, our job was to come up with a game or‘experience’ concept which achieves the aims above.
  4. 4. TATE MODERN: INSPIRE 2012‘Inspire 2012’ consists of user experiences located both online, and offlineat the Tate Modern London.The project encourages members of the public to draw from inspiration,gained after experiencing art showcased at the gallery, or on the TateModern website.The idea enables participants to respond by creating their own piece of art.‘Inspire 2012’ will consist of; • Network website (Desktop) - Facebook integrated • Web-App - Mobile version of the siteAfter these initial participants, additional users can ‘join the evolution’.New users may be inspired by original exhibited pieces or the artworkuploaded by members of the public, causing a chain reaction.
  6. 6. UPLOADING YOUR ARTUsers will have two avenues in which to choose from in regards touploading their artwork onto the ‘Inspire 2012’ network. Online image editor - Part of the desktop site and would allow anyone to participate: no need of any particular software.
  7. 7. UPLOADING YOUR ARTOnline image editor... ‣ Enables the user to submit their work instantly onto the network, to be inundated with ‘likes’ and comments (integration with Facebook). ‣ Taking advantage of the multi-layered files uploaded from the online image editor, fellow users can manipulate other’s work (perhaps a feature that is optional - as users may wish not to make their files editable). When a participant wants to upload a piece of art that cannot be created on the online editor i.e. illustration, sculpture etc; a jpeg/png file can be submitted.
  8. 8. AT THE TATE MODERN• ‘Inspire 2012’ staff members will walk in-and-around the Tate Modernbuilding with iPads fixed within their sweatshirts, showcasing piecessubmitted in the last 24 hours: a walking-talking interactive exhibition.• The Tate Modern will house an extremely large projection in its mainentrance hall, exhibiting a real-time mosaic design of the work beinguploaded instantaneously onto the network.
  9. 9. EXAMPLE CASESecondary School tripsClassrooms could get involved prior to visiting the Tate Modern by loggingon to the ‘Inspire 2012’ network through Facebook and begin working ontheir own art piece.(Engaging the students in the works of artists exhibited at the Tate Modern)Once at the Tate Modern, students can view their artwork on the walking-talking iPads OR choose to develop their pieces on the online editor at theiMac suites, positioned in the main entrance hall - under the mosaicprojection exhibition.
  10. 10. THE VISION
  11. 11. Artwork exhibited at Tate Modern
  12. 12. Inspired users upload their own artwork
  13. 13. More users upload their artwork
  14. 14. And so on...
  15. 15. The evolution of art. And so on...
  16. 16. The most ‘liked’ pieces will be displayed at the End of Year Inspire 2012 Exhibition, concluding the project. And so on...
  17. 17. THE NETWORK Site Prototype
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA
  19. 19. Facebook page
  20. 20. Facebook Ads
  21. 21. Twitter page
  22. 22. Thank you for listening