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Travel Journal (2002 & 2013)


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When I traveled Yakushima, small island in southern Japan, in 2002, I had to bring all the equipment and gadgets to write a travel journal. Last year, I visited Canada to see northern lights. All I had to carry was small digital camera and iPhone. Travel journal is so much easier to write. This presentation was created for Tokyo Blogger Meet-up.

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Travel Journal (2002 & 2013)

  1. 1. Travel Journal (2002 & 2013) Canada Sightseeing Ambassador Appointed by Canadian Tourism Commission
  2. 2. Yakushima, Kagoshima (2002) D502i(mova回線) 最大28.8kbps Air H"(PHS通信カード) 最大128Kbps 無印良品のデジカメ(MP35)×2台 約30万画素 IBM ThinkPad ノートパソコン LOMO LC-A ロシア製カメラ 公衆電話(ISDN回線) 最大64Kbps Mamiya C330 中判カメラ
  3. 3. Whitehorse, Canada (2013) iPhone 5 約800万画素 最大75Mbps Canon PowerShot S120 約1,210万画素
  4. 4. Photo Size 300,000 pixels 6,000,000 pixels 12,100,000 pixels 8,000,000 pixels X 40
  5. 5. Network Speed mova 28.8kbps (0.028Mbps) FOMA 7.2Mbps LTE 75Mbps PHS 128kbps (0.125Mbps) ISDN 64kbps (0.06Mbps) X 2,700
  6. 6. Thanks!