Next Generation                    Authentication©CRYPTOCARD 2011                      12
CRYPTOCARD vision• Easy authentication for any organisation, anywhere. •Reduce administration time by 90% so that authenti...
Why choose CRYPTOCARDLeader in Authentication• We protect The Cloud, Apps and Networks• Trusted globally by thousands of c...
CredentialsOver 20 years leading the market    Company                                                                    ...
The solutionIntroducing CRYPTOCARD two‐factor authentication (2FA)...Combining• something you have: an authentication devi...
CRYPTOCARD protects... everything                                                                        Users            ...
2FA software‐as‐a‐Service• world’s first authentication‐as‐a‐service offering• benefits of SaaS• 99.999% SLA• pay per user...
2FA on‐premise• automation of provisioning, administration and managing of users and tokens• drastic reduction in cost of ...
BLACKSHIELD key featuresAutomation:–   Provisioning                           LDAP –   Enrollment                         ...
Widest choice• convenient, inexpensive, reliable and never expire• BLACKSHIELD platform supports 3rd party tokens•mix and ...
A cloud storyWho they are                              Key benefits• Based in London, UK                                  ...
A server storyWho they are                                Key benefits• Manufacturers of home care products,              ...
In summary• CRYPTOCARD are leaders in authentication• Authenticating anyone, anywhere• Commoditising authentication and pr...
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Cryptocard Next Generation Authentication


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CRYPTOCARD’s Authentication Protects Everything:

Cloud & web apps: Cloud and web applications are protected via the use of the industry standard SAML, by using one of CRYPTOCARD’s authentication APIs, or by the use of CRYPTOCARD’s web agents. Alternatively there are many plug-ins available for web servers that allow interaction via the industry standard RADIUS protocol.

Network access devices: Network access devices such as VPNs and firewalls normally communicate with BLACKSHIELD using the industry standard RADIUS protocol. This includes most devices from Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, Sonicwall, Fortinet and Watchguard for example, as well as Microsoft’s firewall and VPN offerings. Some devices such as older versions of Citrix Gateways that do not support RADIUS fully can be protected by installing a CRYPTOCARD agent on the device. Configuration can be completed in a matter of minutes, after which BLACKSHIELD protected users can authenticate.

Windows & Unix: Unix systems and applications that support PAM can also authenticate against BLACKSHIELD. Any application that is “PAM aware” can use PAM’s support for RADIUS to authenticate against BLACKSHIELD.
Use of a CRYPTOCARD agent protects Microsoft Windows desktops, domains, remote desktop services and terminal servers. The agent can also allow offline authentication, for example for use with laptops where they are not connected to the corporate network.

RADIUS: If you are using RADIUS for communication between a protected device or application and BLACKSHIELD it is necessary to install a CRYPTOCARD agent on your RADIUS server.

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Cryptocard Next Generation Authentication

  1. 1. Next Generation  Authentication©CRYPTOCARD 2011 12
  2. 2. CRYPTOCARD vision• Easy authentication for any organisation, anywhere. •Reduce administration time by 90% so that authentication is truly “managed by exception”• Commoditised authentication – Cryptocard is doing for authentication what MessageLabs did for email scanning• Innovation in mobile and tokenless solutions, cloud based and server based authentication and automation
  3. 3. Why choose CRYPTOCARDLeader in Authentication• We protect The Cloud, Apps and Networks• Trusted globally by thousands of customers• We invented cloud based authentication• Multi‐award winning Technology• Proven savings of >50%• Flexible and scalable technologies
  4. 4. CredentialsOver 20 years leading the market Company Widest range of  2FA as managed Leading server solution founded token and  service – an industry  BlackShield ID tokenless solutions first introduced KT‐1 Key chain  introduced 4 Best of  Show   MacWorld  Innovative Linux version  Product  introduced of 2008NASA ‐ our first major customer World’s first Mac  authentication  solution introduced
  5. 5. The solutionIntroducing CRYPTOCARD two‐factor authentication (2FA)...Combining• something you have: an authentication device• with something you know: a PIN• to give a One Time PasswordWhat is a One Time Password (OTP)?• a password that is only valid for that one login• thereafter, a new OTP must be generated at the next login• hence making all password‐stealing hacking methods redundant
  6. 6. CRYPTOCARD protects... everything Users Corporate Network API LDAP / Active DirectoryCloud Applications RADIUS SAML 2.0 Corporate Network Agents SAML 1.1 LDAP / Active Directory Corporate Network Cloud Services LDAP / Active Directory On‐line  Application  storage Hosting Disaster Corporate Network Recovery My BLACKSHIELD Identity  Manager LDAP / Active Directory
  7. 7. 2FA software‐as‐a‐Service• world’s first authentication‐as‐a‐service offering• benefits of SaaS• 99.999% SLA• pay per user pricing• ready to go in minutes• no upfront infrastructure requirement or  ongoing infrastructure costs• easy‐to‐use management portal provides  automated management, provisioning and  reporting
  8. 8. 2FA on‐premise• automation of provisioning, administration and managing of users and tokens• drastic reduction in cost of authentication• recommended architectures deliver a highly available, high performance, scalable service• can be configured in a huge range of high availability, high performance architectures as  required, without requiring high specification hardware and software• whether migrating from static passwords or  alternative solutions is a risk‐free and trouble‐ free process
  9. 9. BLACKSHIELD key featuresAutomation:– Provisioning LDAP – Enrollment Changes– Reporting– Billing Reporting and  Auto Update  Alerts BLACKSHIELD Auto‐ Self‐ Provision  Enrollment User
  10. 10. Widest choice• convenient, inexpensive, reliable and never expire• BLACKSHIELD platform supports 3rd party tokens•mix and match tokens as you require• customisable length and complexity of both the passcode generated by the token and the  user’s PIN
  11. 11. A cloud storyWho they are Key benefits• Based in London, UK • Freedom of access• Private and corporate money exchange • Highest levels of security• Over 600 employees around the world • Speed and ease of install • Low total cost of ownershipWhat they have – Outsourced overheads• Secured web and telephone access by – No upfront investments corporate customers• RB-1 tokensWhat problem they solved• Secure access for monetary transfers
  12. 12. A server storyWho they are Key benefits• Manufacturers of home care products, • Time and cost savings with brands such as Kleenex • Simplicity of administration• 57,000 employees around the world - Automation - Self-enrolmentWhat they have• Secured VPN access for remote/mobile users• KT and software tokensWhat problem they solved• Business and cost efficiencies
  13. 13. In summary• CRYPTOCARD are leaders in authentication• Authenticating anyone, anywhere• Commoditising authentication and providing SaaS security• 21 years of innovation, from server to cloud and hardware tokens to tokenless• Protecting: ‐ cloud and web apps ‐ Widows and Unix ‐ Network access devices• Unrivalled solutions with five 9SLA’s, per user pricing, great automation and seamless  migrations
  14. 14. How CRYPTOCARD 2FA works
  15. 15. Thanks for your time