Analysis of Revision World


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Analysis of Revision World

  1. 1. Analysis of Revision website: ‘Revision World’
  2. 2. Homepage
  3. 3. Analysis• At the top there are tab headings for different levels and functions of the website: GCSE, A levels, download zone, careers advice, Games/comps as well as discussion groups.• The layout for the homepage is very similar to that of S-cool revision website, in the way that there are the three distinct columns in the centre of the page.• The colours and layout is not as aesthetically pleasing as S-cool, but there are less advertisements (which can be annoying)
  4. 4. GCSE
  5. 5. Analysis• There are clear links to each of the subjects in GCSE by the top of the page in a orange coloured box.
  6. 6. Chemistry
  7. 7. Analysis• Links to further pages are presented in the same orange box as subjects were listed in the previous page.• Only three topics are mentioned to choose from: changing materials, classifying materials and patterns of behaviour.• The rest of the links include a revision world map; chemistry words and definitions; examination boards and past papers; short, sharp, shock revision items; questions; a link to the download zone; sudokem; useful links; and study help.
  8. 8. Content example: patterns of behaviour
  9. 9. Analysis• Once again, there is the orange box with each lesson of the topic listed within, except with a pretty picture of solutions in flasks (necessary?)• It is annoying how there are so many pages going deeper and deeper into the site.
  10. 10. Reactivity Series
  11. 11. Analysis• Content is once again in the orange box.• The orange sort of makes the writing difficult to read although it does fade out into white as the page goes down.• The whole of the writing is just boring wordy text with no colour and bold or italics.• The language is , however, quite colloquial which is very accessible for students at GCSE level to learn with. Funny and practical examples are used instead of other examples which could lead to confusion. E.g.: “Imagine the element ‘Blobbium’”, using a real element such as potassium could lead users away from the point Revision World is trying to make.• There is also an embedded video at the bottom (though it cannot be accessed by my laptop)• Links to the next page are there too.
  12. 12. Chemistry RevisionWorld Map
  13. 13. Analysis• In the RevisionWorld Map of chemistry, there is a summary of all the topics and concepts that are covered in the chemistry section. This is a very useful revision tool to give an overview of what the site offers.• There is also a list of the individual concepts users can look at with the topic (P is patterns of behaviour, CH is changing materials and CL is classifying materials) and section of the topic stated.
  14. 14. Additional• There is also a log-in feature for Revision World, although it does not say what benefits having an account will have. Presumably it would be the same as S-cool: access to more revision material and features.• Near the bottom of the homepage, there are videos for users to look at if they want a break from their revision.