December 2010 OCL All-Hands Meetings


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December 2010 OCL All-Hands Meetings

  1. 1. Agenda for December 2010 OCL All-Hands meetings1. Welcome and Introductions (Cable Green)2. Project Update / Timeline Overview (Cable)3. Introduction: Tom Caswell, SBCTC Open Education Program Manager4. Tom’s Demos5. Institutional Researchers’ Update - Maureen Pettit and Chris Johnson6. TegrityLecture Sharing Demo - Scott Dennis7. Instructional Designers’ update - Lisa Chamberlin8. Librarians’ update - Nicole Longpre9. Accessibility update - Rebecca Cory10. Sharing our experiences with others11. Open Discussion<br />
  2. 2.  <br />2. Project Update / Timeline Overview (Cable)<br />lots of support to help everyone succeed<br />but … if you can’t hit the major timelines, option to move course to Phase 2 (FA11 - FA12)<br />reminders<br />must use open / common file formats … e.g., no Word docs - not everyone has MS Office (use RTF for editable docs or PDF for non-editable)<br />all courses must be digital, online and available in an open standards format so we can easily share the OCL courses within the system and with the world.<br />Learning Management System (LMS) options:<br />Build in ANGEL<br />Get support from IDs, College eLearning staff<br />For additional ANGEL technical help contact Scott Dennis<br />Build in Blackboard, then migrate to ANGEL (College eLearning staff / Scott Dennis will assist)<br />Other (wiki, etc)<br />Please provide links to all course materials<br />Also provide guest accounts if needed<br />watching for Chronicle story … next 2 weeks<br />
  3. 3. 3. Tom Caswell, SBCTC Open Education Program Manager<br />Introduction / brief background<br />Tom’s contact information: Email: Office: 360-307-4363<br />4. Tom Demos...<br />New homepage coming...<br />Project plan / matrix<br />I will be working with all of you to get this filled out soon<br />I will be a hands-on project manager to make sure (a) everyone has the resources and information they need to succeed and (b) all courses are on timeline and progressing.<br />OER course matrix: Open resources for each course<br />Still adding content, but will be ready soon<br />Show what we have so far<br />
  4. 4. 5. Institutional Researchers’ Update<br />Maureen Pettit and Chris Johnson<br />Results from the first OCL Participant Survey<br />Gathering Suggestions for the Student Survey<br />Baseline Update<br />Winter OCL Participant Survey<br />
  5. 5. 6. TegrityLecture Sharing Demo<br />- Scott Dennis<br />
  6. 6. Instructional Designers’ Update - Lisa Chamberlin<br />1)      Take notes while you teach this course this time<br /> a.       For Revision purposes<br /> b.      For Teacher’s Guide<br />2)      If your course is not in Angel/Blackboard already, we want to see you moving it that way.<br /> a.       Text should be “in” Angel (use the html editor), not Word docs<br /> b.      Limit attachments<br /> c.       Compress images for fast web loading – use jpg or png<br /> d.      Audio – mp3<br /> e.      Video – Between Apple’s issues with Flash, and Firefox/IE8’s issues with .mp4, the most shareable option for a  video you have is to have it hosted on a site like Youtube where the user can use their own browser/phone app to access it .  Another good option is<br />3)      Refer to Google Site for resources and checkpoints from your ID team -<br />
  7. 7. 4. Checkpoints and Deliverable Reminders<br /> a.       First draft -  “How to teach this course” guideline (early Spring quarter date)<br /> b.      Share feedback with your ID Lead<br /> 1.        SME Course Reviewers  (Spring quarter date) Reviewers Directions.  <br /> 2.       Students regarding the course (Spring quarter date)  - from ID or IR<br /> c.       Revisions final draft of course guide due (end of Spring quarter date)<br /> d.      Final ID “walk thru” and any last edit checks date (end of Spring quarter date)<br /> e.      ID Sign off, course sent to Tom Caswell for Sign off (Summer Date)<br /> f.        Course conversions to Connexions (Summer Qtr)<br /> g.       Course Launch (Summer Qtr)<br />
  8. 8. Open Course LibraryLibrarians UpdateSession 1: Laura StaleySession 2: Nicole Longpre<br />
  9. 9. OCL Librarians have found open source materials in such diverse fields as:<br /><ul><li>Oceanography
  10. 10. Anthropology
  11. 11. Art
  12. 12. Economics
  13. 13. Accounting</li></li></ul><li>In the last 8 months OCL Librarians have:<br /><ul><li>Collected syllabi to give an idea of the range of topics typically covered in a class
  14. 14. Found case studies and open access images
  15. 15. Identified open source textbooks</li></li></ul><li>In the last 8 months OCL Librarians have:<br /><ul><li>Contacted copyright owners for permission to use  articles, books, images and videos
  16. 16. Helped faculty design assignments to incorporate required information literacy components -</li></li></ul><li>In the last 8 months OCL Librarians have:<br /><ul><li>Established Creative Commons Licenses for content created by OCL faculty
  17. 17. Helped faculty to appropriately cite materials in the course content
  18. 18. Reviewed assignment language to ensure there are no references to proprietary sources </li></li></ul><li>What can we do for you? <br />Contact your OCL Librarian!<br />
  19. 19. Accessibility Update - Rebecca Cory<br />Resources for support in ADA/UD issues<br />ADA review in Winter<br />Accessibility Checklist coming<br />Video captioning at end of phase I – Summer 2011<br />
  20. 20. Sharing our experiences with others<br />1. Inside our system:  presentations @ system Commissions & Councils<br />2. Outside<br /><ul><li>The Connexions Conference in Houston, TX - Wednesday, February 9th.
  21. 21. OCWC Global 2011 Conference in Cambridge, Mass - May 4-6  (call for papers closes Dec 15!)
  22. 22. Open Education conference in Park City, UT - Fall 2011 (more info later)</li></li></ul><li>Open Discussion (please raise your hand)<br />What’s going well?<br />Problems that need to be solved?<br />Some people are not getting any support or the support they need or the actual payment from their colleges. <br />Tell Tom – He will help the College follow the grant budget.<br />Additional support needed?<br />