Data driven games user research


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Presented at Games User Research workshop at CHI 2012.

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Data driven games user research

  1. 1. Data-Driven Games User Research Thomas Zimmermann , Microsoft Research Bruce Philips, Microsoft Game Studios Nachiappan Nagappan , Microsoft Research Chuck Harrison, Microsoft Game Studios© Microsoft Corporation
  2. 2. Data! Data! Data! In-game data – Detailed usage data collected through telemetry (often beta) – For example, games modes that are played, coordinates where players died, how they alternated between weapons, etc. Xbox Live data – Player Experience Panel, a group of ~18,000 players (volunteered) – Games played, achievements earned, as well as presence information. – Data via feed from the Xbox Community Developer Program Online communities – Monitor internet forums to enrich quantitative findings in our. – Experimenting with natural language processing (NLP) techniques© Microsoft Corporation
  3. 3. Project Gotham Racing 4 Across all races: • 2 of 9 game modes were used in < 0.5% of races • 12 of 29 event types were used in < 1% of races • 50 of 134 vehicles were used in < 0.25% of races When looking at multiplayer races: • 2 of 4 game modes were used in < 2% of races • 7 of 16 event types were used in < 0.1% of races • 53 of 133 vehicles were used in < 0.25% of races Kenneth Hullett, Nachiappan Nagappan, Eric Schuh, John Hopson: Data analytics for game development. ICSE 2011 NIER track.© Microsoft Corporation
  4. 4. Player progression in Halo 3 Bruce Phillips. Peering into the Black Box of Player Behavior: The Player Experience Panel at Microsoft Game Studios. GDC 2010© Microsoft Corporation
  5. 5. Future work© Microsoft Corporation
  6. 6. Understanding the Xbox Ecosystem Games played Games played Achievements by friends Engagement Achievements Friends by friends Subscriptions© Microsoft Corporation
  7. 7. Social play© Microsoft Corporation
  8. 8. Personalization© Microsoft Corporation
  9. 9. After downloading Microsoft Flight for free, players can jump into hours of exciting gameplay on the Big Island of Hawaii. […] Those looking to deepen their experience can purchase and download additional content that adds new aircraft, regions and customization options. Microsoft Press Release, January 4th, 2012 – Microsoft Flight Takes to the Skies© Microsoft Corporation
  10. 10. Future work© Microsoft Corporation