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Draft i


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Draft i

  1. 1. Final album cover draft Miss Lecointe
  2. 2. • As a group we decided to add features from these two draft album covers. The first draft on the left is Daniel’s and the second on the right is mine. We decided as a group that Daniel’s location was really good as it actually shows cigarettes in the theatre; it fits the album name perfectly. The cigarette’s having faces and sitting next to the band members make the album cover look more interesting and eye-catching as you don’t usually see cigarettes at a theatre. The instruments I added in my draft are the instruments that were used in the song so we thought it was more conventional to include these instruments in the theatre location on the final album cover. This will therefore show the audience which band member does what; for example the guitarist will hold his guitar and the lead singer will have his microphone. We’re going to use the same font as what a theatre would present for the band name. This idea is from Jordan’s draft although I was unfortunate in collecting the images of his draft. This will help give a feel of being at a theatre and the bold clear font will help the audience remember the band name. The name of the album will be a hand-written font to give a more personal feel.
  3. 3. Here is a mock-up of the two album covers We have decided to use this type of font for the band name because it’s the same font as what a theatre presents. This will help emphasize that the theme is part of a theatre. The colour of the font will be black. Although this draft has a white background, our actual final album cover won’t have this as we feel the font looks like it has been copied and pasted. The title of the band is at the top as it’s the most important feature of an album cover. As it’s at the top, people will notice this first. The name of the band and the name of the album is on the album because this is one of the conventions of an album cover. This was also a restriction in the creative brief. We decided to use cigarettes who are actually sitting with the band members because it shows cigarettes are actually in the theatre. We decided this font for the album name because it looksWe choose this location because we feel this will hand written and this will make the album cover look morehelp emphasize and let the audience visually see personal. I think this will make the target audience feel morethe ‘theatre’ mentioned in the name of the connected to the band because of the more personal feel toalbum. the album cover.The band members will be in the middle of the album cover to represent their importance. The lead singer willbe at the bottom alone while his members are above him because this is conventional. The lead singers to bandmembers usually stand out from the rest of their members for example Hayley Williams in the band Paramorestands out with her red hair and being the only female within the band.