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  1. 1. Vans Cardigan and mini skirt Dr Martins ChinosThe image of the girl in the narrative part of the music video will be dressed similar to the Indie subculture. The imagesabove are examples of how the girl will be dressed. The first image is a girl in a short dress wearing Dr martin boots. Ipicked this image because this is common to the indie subculture. Although I want the female character to be dressedin an Indie subculture, I want the colours associated to be a girly one, colours such as pink to emphasis her feminineside. This is an outfit that the audience won’t aspire to because they can afford these items but this is an outfit that iscommon to this subculture so they will feel connected to the music video.From my questionnaire, when I asked ‘If you were able to dress in any brand what would it be, Dr Martins where 30%while Vans were 55%. This is why I have images up of black and white vans; I’m going to advise the girl in the narrativepart of the music video to wear vans but if they aren’t available for her then she can wear Dr Martins as thequestionnaire results suggest they are also common in the Indie subculture. Vans isn’t a brand that the audience willaspire to but they will feel connected to the music video as there’s common outfits.Another alternative for this character is a mini skirt and a cardigan. I put these images up because the questionnairesuggests these are common to the Indie subculture. This isn’t an outfit that the audience will aspire to but they will feelconnected as they are wearing similar outfits. The brand or colour of these outfits aren’t important. Lastly I put up animage of chinos. The questionnaire suggest that many of the Indie subculture wears these items. The common colour ofchinos are a brown-beige so my female character would wear these colours if she wears these chinos.
  2. 2. Vans Shirts ChinosThe image of the main character and the boys in the band will be wearing shirts or polo shirts with canvas shoes or vans;this is similar to the Indie subculture. The images above are examples of how they will be dressed. The first image are abrand of canvas shoes called vans. I chose the colours white and black because they are simple colours and I want thefocus of the audience to go on the upper part of the character because this is what will be shown most of the shoot.These shoes are very popular in the indie subculture as my questionnaire results will suggest this; when I asked ‘If youwere able to dress in any brand what would it be, Dr Martins where 30% while Vans were 55%. Vans isn’t a brand that theaudience will aspire to but they will feel connected to the music video as there are common outfits.The other images are examples of men in shirts and chinos. From my questionnaire I know these are similar to the Indiesubculture; asking what’s your favourite style in clothing, shirts were 35% with 40% with chinos and 40% canvas shoes.From looking at these images of shirts and chinos, the colour of the shirts I want the band members to were is eitherblack, white (to go with the canvas shoes), red, orange and blue.• Red connotes love and romance. This is useful for us because our narrative includes romance so the red will help emphasize this and help the audience to understand more.• Orange connotes and represents joy and sunshine. This could be useful as it could empress how the main artist feels about the girl he gave his cigarette to and emphasising how happy he is talking to her.• Blue connotes and symbolises confidence and faith. This can help with representing the band as confident and especially the main artist who in the narrative is talking to the girl of his dreams. Audience could aspire to this as it shows courage and major confidence that some of the audience may lack.If chinos are worn, they will be of a brown-beige colour like the images because this is the most common colour in chinos.
  3. 3. I have chosen an image of wrist bands. The girl in the narrative would wear this piece because the genre of the music is Indie and wearing this will make her fit in more with the Indie subculture. The audience won’t aspire I have chosen an image of a Jesus wrist band. This will be worn onto this image as it is cheap and available in local stores; the main male character in thisthey will feel joined to this music video as there’s common colour. I choose this because this isclothing. The colours won’t be bright; colours such as blue, common in the Indie subcultureblack and pink to emphasize her feminine side. especially many males. Audience’s I have chosen an image of diamond wouldn’t aspire to this as it is earrings. The girl in the narrative cheap and available in local shops. would wear this because they are sparkly and catch peoples eye. The audience may aspire to this image as diamonds are expensive. The I have chosen an image of Dr Dre colour of this would be clear as this headphones. This will be worn on the is the usual colour are is more main male character of the band. I sparkly to get people attention. chose this because this brand is expensive and is in many music videos. I have chosen another image of I chose this colour because our wrist bands. The girl in the character already has the headphones narrative may wear this in this so it will save us money. Audience’s will colours to emphasize her aspire this these headphones because feminine side and make her look they are expensive and the quality of more glamorous. I chose this them are good. because audiences may aspire to this as it looks glamorous; similar to what celebrities wear.
  4. 4. For the female in the narrative part of the music For the main male character and the rest of his band,video, she will be wearing make up. The brands of they will just have light powder on their faces. Thisthe make up isn’t necessary as the audience’s won’t will be used so they look more attractive on theknow from looking at them. The female will be camera. Female audience’s may find the bandwearing foundation, mascara, rosy blusher, and attractive as they look good. Male audience’s mayglossy lips. The foundation will make her face look also aspire to the band to look like them. The firstmore smooth. This will make her look more image I choose is an example of a male with lightattractive on camera. This is to attract a male powder on. This makes his skin look more clear andaudience. She will also be wearing rosy blusher and attractive to the female audience. The other image islip gloss. The blusher will be pink to make her look another perfect example of a male with light powdermore feminine and the lip gloss will also be pink and on to make him look more attractive.make her lips shiny. This will attract a male audienceas they may consider her beautiful. This make upused will also attract a female audience as they mayaspire to look like her.
  5. 5. The age of our age will be between the ages of 17-18. Thisis because most of our friends are of this age group. Alsothe age range of the audience’s that listen to Two DoorCinema Club are 17-30 years from statistics of the NME.Our audience may then feel connected with the bandbecause they are of a similar age group.
  6. 6. The female in the narrative part of the music videowill have her hair similar to these images. The first and second images are wavy/curly The first three images are of males hair. There isn’t no specific hairstyle for the with short hair. I choose these Indie subculture as their main belief is “do images because this is how the what you want and don’t care what people males in my band have their hair. think. I chose these images because the hair These hairstyles are conventional to looks messy but still feminine. This will be the Indie subculture because most of good for the female in our music video this subculture are white; there are because as she looks feminine, she can look no statistics to back this up but when attractive to the band members and the I did my questionnaire, nearly all of male audience making them feel connected them were of a white ethnic. This is to the video. Girls may aspire to this to look the typical hairstyle for young white more feminine. males within the Indie subculture The third image is also feminine and has that and in general. Females may aspire ‘cheeky’ look. Girls may aspire to this look to to this because they may find this look prettier. I choose this image because the hairstyle attractive; they may feel female character has an admirer (The main connected. band member) and the cheeky look can be what the band member likes about her. The four image is straight hair that flicks inwards with a fridge. I chose this image as this can be an alternative if the female character can’t do this hairstyles above. This hairstyle is very feminine and females will aspire this because they may want to look prettier. Men will also aspire o this because they will find this attractive as she looks pretty.
  7. 7. The main ideal we want our band to look like is Two Door Cinema Club. This is because they are the band of the songwe are making a music video for. Although as their drummer isn’t part of the band, the drummer in our group willaspire to the drummer of the script as his part of that band.