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  1. 1. Girls and Media Get cameras - 15 flipcams Get speakers and wireless keyboard and mouse GEMS YouTube space- IDVD Day 1 8:45 - 10 10:45 - 11:45 Introduction to project "Packaging you Inner Beauty" - what will people not know about you by looking at you - what's on the inside. Capture real beauty - (formerly "This is Me" ) 1. Media images (what does the media say?) 2. Song - pick prompts 3. Dove #1 - Evolution No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted 4. Dove #2 - Image manipulation 5. Dove #3 - Interactive: Body facts and fiction 6. Magazine Covers Ask students to categorize the text on popular magazine covers. How often does it address outer appearances and how often does it address other aspects of a person? Discuss how these types of magazines help (or do not help) foster the development of a well-rounded person? Who benefits from this advertising? 7. I see beauty in me... My beauty the things that you believe to be true about you My beautiful self is... Beauty to me... Show top 10 healthy advertising images 1. Discuss "real beauty"- what makes someone beautiful? ◦ Make a List of Women or Girls You Admire ◦ Write words or phrases to describe what you admire her for? ◦ Make a check mark by anything on your list that has to do with her appearance ◦ How often is the woman's (girl's) appearance a reason that you admire her? ◦ What would you like someone to most admire in you? In herself? 2. India Arie song - Video 3. Begin to Write:
  2. 2. Choose your own prompt from this song... If I could put inner beauty in a package I would... If inner beauty could be packaged it would look like... Brainstorm with your group, how you could show inner beauty with a video camera, your friends and the campus as your tools. write, draw or web out your ideas. Day 2 Discuss video techniques What's with the Hijab? - TV by girls Introduction to cameras Create iMovie project Download practice footage Day 3 Intro to video editing Downloading footage Editing footage Narrating Finding and adding Music Day 4 video editing present STATS In terms of quantity, the media is still a long way from reflecting reality : women represent 49 per cent of humanity while female characters make up only 32 per cent of the main characters on TV, as shown by a broad survey done in 2008 by Doctor Maya Götz of the International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television.
  3. 3. So far as quality is concerned, the media still conform to a stereotyped image of women. Götz’s study identifies a number of sexual stereotypes found around the world : in general, girls and women are motivated by love and romance, appear less independent than boys, and are stereotyped according to their hair colour Magazines are the only medium where girls are over-represented. However,almost 70 per cent of the editorial content in teen mags focuses on beauty and fashion, and only 12 per cent talks about school or careers.