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The KQA April Open Quiz - Prelims


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The KQA April Open Quiz held at IAT Bangalore on 14 Apr 2013.

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The KQA April Open Quiz - Prelims

  2. 2.  37 questions 11-20 starred Top 8 teams in the finals
  3. 3.  This song by Avial, billed as the first ever full length Folk RockSong in ‘Malayalish’, premiered at 0600hrs on Feb 01, 2012. The song was commissioned by X to announce their debut inKerala. The debut day featured 108 Elephants, 126 Boats and 180KalariWarriors in action. Id X. Video removed. Link -
  4. 4.  The protagonist of Carl Sagan’sContact, Dr. Eleanor Arroway, isnamed in tribute to two people. Name both. No part-points.
  5. 5.  “Drivers in Indian cities violate traffic rules when there are no copsaround – they jump traffic lights and go the wrong way on one-way streets. These Xs are very effective and they can be on the jobseven days a week. They are frequently used in Britain and NorthAmerica as a crime prevention measure but it is the first time suchan idea had been employed in India.” This is Bangalore police commissioner M.A. Saleem speaking tothe AFP in March 2013.What idea is he talking about?
  6. 6.  First designed and synthesized by scientists at the Rice Universityin 2003 as a part of chemical education for students, they areorganic molecules whose structural formulae resemble humanforms. The compounds consist of 2 benzene rings connected via afew carbon atoms as the body, 4 acetylene units each carrying analkyl group at their ends which represents the hands and legs, anda 1,3-dioxolane ring as the head. Their name is a portmanteau of 2 terms, one a pointer towardsthe size and the other towards the microscopic human nature.What are they called? Image follows.
  7. 7.  Aging in plants is connected to the reduction in the normalproduction of a molecule called cyclic GMP. This leads to adecrease in the plasticity of the spongy tissue in plants. While researching about methods to counter this, in 1999,Israeli and Australian researchers discovered that smallconcentrations of a substance dissolved in a vase of water coulddouble the shelf life of cut flowers, making them stand upstraight for as long as a week beyond their natural life span. Thestudy was later authenticated by the British Medical Journal. What was this substance?
  8. 8.  Still from the 1957 musicalFunny Face. What is Audrey Hepburn tryingto do here?
  9. 9.  Conversation from the 2004 comedy film Anchorman: TheLegend of Ron Burgundy, in which Ron Burgundy and his co-anchors discuss their previous encounter of a violent middaybrawl with the rival KQHS Channel 9 Evening NewsTeam. What has been blanked out?
  10. 10.  These are the winners of the 2012 edition of the WorldChampionships of a particular sport. The invite-onlycompetition, in existence since 2008, is organized andsupervised by the international body of the sport calledTOOOL. Which sport? Image follows.
  11. 11.  The dashboard panels of most vehicles feature these icons.What is their purpose?
  12. 12.  Its a physiological process that results from rise in sympatheticactivity in the autonomic nervous system. Sympathetic arousal causes physical changes in preparation forexpending energy. Some of these changes include digestionshutting down, large veins in the gut contracting as blood supplyis rerouted away from the gut to deep muscles where it is moreneeded and elevation in heart rate, respiratory rate and BP. How do we better know this process?
  13. 13.  X is the earliest recorded ownerof theVoynich manuscript. This painting by GiuseppeArcimboldo pictures X (whowas the patron of manyNorthern Mannerists) as Y, theRoman god of seasons, gardensand fruit trees. The name of acharacter from the Narniaseries is also a contraction ofY. Solve for X andY.
  14. 14.  The contraptions shown hereare usually made out of wood,bone, caribou antlers and ivory.The are known commonly asilgaak or iggaak. What are these items? ORWhat purpose do they serve?
  15. 15.  Minibus taxis (such as the one pictured) in Bloemfontein,seating 10-15 people, are referred to by a particularnickname, a pointer towards their speed. What?
  16. 16.  Connect. Which 1950s project, the raw material of which took life atthe Karolinska Institute (of the Medicine Nobel fame), can be usedto complete this exhaustive list? Bigger images in the next 2 slides.
  17. 17.  Seals 1-4 The Four Horsemenof the Apocalypse (the woodcutis by Albrecht Durer) Seal 5  The cries of martyrsfor vindication (the painting byEl Greco) Seal 6  Great Earthquake andother cataclysmic events(woodcut by Albrecht Durer) Seal 7  Seven Angels withseven trumpets
  18. 18.  X played tennis for Stanford in the early 70s, and became theteam’s No. 1 women’s singles player and was nationally ranked.She taught at summer tennis camps, and at one of them shemet Billie Jean King, who urged her to quit college and become aprofessional tennis player. She did not take that advice. On 24 July 2012, a day after her death, the SmithsonianMagazine published her obituary titled “How X was even tougherthan Ripley in Alien”. The article also had a snippet on thiseponymous object, as it was installed on her special request. Who is X?What is this thing? Image in the next slide.
  19. 19.  This monument features on the coat of arms of the placewhere it is located and is dedicated to City of Paris, GrandDuke Constantine, Brave, Empress Maria, Chesme,Yagondeid, Kavarna, Konlephy, Vladimir, Thunderer, Danube,Bessarabia, Elbrose, and Krein among others. What are all these? Images in the next slide.
  20. 20.  Fans of which team dressed up like Elvis Presley during the lastweek of the 2011-12 EPL season?Why? Images in the next 2 slides as well.
  21. 21.  X is a mixture of chemical compounds obtained throughfermentation by Actinobacteria species in the Actinosporangiumgenus. Chromatographical separation yields several individualcomponents like alcindoromycin, collinemycin, marcellomycin,mimimycin, musettamycin, rudolphomycin, schaunardimycinetc. What is X? OR All these components and X take their name fromsomething that saw the light of the day in 1896. What?
  22. 22.  The word X is usually seen these days only in combination witheither of 2 prefixes. But its usage as X alone was once common and started as amedieval English sea term meaning ‘to capsize.’ As an extensionof this sense, it came to mean being covered by water ordrowning. Sir Charles Lyell used it in this sense in his Principlesof Geology (1830): “Marsh land ... has at last been overflowed,and thousands of the inhabitants Xed in the waves.” It could alsomean to turn a hollow vessel upside down to cover something. Just name the good word X.
  23. 23.  Luke Helder is a former University of Wisconsin–Stout collegestudent from Pine Island, Minnesota, who earned notoriety asthe Midwest Pipe Bomber in May 2002. He planted 18 pipe bombs in mailboxes across USA inNebraska, Colorado, Texas, Illinois and Iowa, covering 3,200miles in the process. He was, however, captured before hecould achieve the number he had set out for. What is believed to be Helder’s inspiration for carrying out thisact? ORWhat was he trying to achieve? Image follows.
  24. 24.  These 3 paintings (painted in 2012) mark X’s first major foray intothe world of Art. They exploit the Chinese Calligraphy skills X hadpicked up 15 years back. Even though the request was for only 1painting, X got intrigued and did 4. X was dubious about the 4thone, in German, and chose not to give it away. The Outlook covered these paintings under the title Suitable?Y-ly! Solve for X andY.
  25. 25.  The Great Seal bug, one of the first covert listening devicesto use passive techniques to transmit an audio signal hung inthe US ambassador’s residential office in Moscow for 7 yearstill its discovery in 1952. The bug was the brainchild of X, whoalso invented a motion detector for the automatic openingof doors as well as the first ever burglar alarm. The principleused by all these devices were very similar to the one X ismost famous for. Who is X? ORWhat is X’s most famous invention? Image in the next slide.
  26. 26.  From a Sep 2012 news article: Q: What do X andWile E. Coyote have in common? A: Other than looks you mean? Well both have their devilish plots,deceptions and grand schemes that typically backfire. They alsohave the wonderful ACME bomb sketches and of course theircontinuous harassment of their foes, the Road Runner in one caseand the __________ /____________ on the other- Beep Beepanyone. Who was compared toWile E Coyote?Why? Images follow.
  27. 27.  The Shortz Factor (in honor of NYT editor Will Shortz) is anobjective measure of crossword fame of a person’s name. It iscalculated by dividing the number of times a persons name hasappeared as a clue in the NYT crossword by the number of timesthe name has appeared in the rest of the newspaper combined. Names useful for crosswords (a lot of vowels combined with N, R, T,L, S), unusual names and people who are not TOO famous are thethree criteria that should be satisfied. With a whopping factor of 5.31, which famous lawyer tops the list inthe period considered by the Shortz Factor (1993-2012)? [CharlotteRAE finished second with 3.00 and ERTE third with 2.04]
  28. 28.  Their origins can be traced back to the 1980s hip-hop sceneand were pioneered by New York sculptor Eddie Plein. Theyare known to cause allergic reactions and bone loss. RyanLochte was seen with them (in the design of the US flag) tocelebrate USA’s first Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympics andthis gave them a much needed boost in sales and popularity. What?
  29. 29.  Orarium was a small piece of cloth, made of silk or linen andused for wiping the face by the Romans. Emperor Aurelianintroduced the practice of giving out a large number of Orariato his subjects for a particular purpose, something which hassurvived to this day. What purpose?
  30. 30.  It happened for the first time in the 1820s. More than 170 yearslater, it happened again in the mid 1990s, thanks to damage frominsects, and human intervention in the preceding years. Patterns were drawn on a sheet of paper and etched on plates ofcopper. The embossed plate is put on a slab of lac, to execute thefiner points on copper. Once the copper plate is ready, it iscovered in half-inch strips of pure gold. A whopping 24 coats ofgold were applied (compared to 7-9 the first time), utilizing over600 kg of gold. The plates are then used for their intendedpurpose. The whole process was carried out under the aegis of the Jathabased in Birmingham. What are we talking about?
  31. 31.  They are about 160 in number, around 30 of them still active.The tallest one is Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the largest active ofits kind in the Northern Hemisphere, while the most strikingis Kronotsky, regarded as a prime candidate for the mostbeautiful of its kind in the world. Which UNESCO World Heritage site? Image in the next slide.
  32. 32.  Excerpt from John Updike’s 1960 poem “Meditation on a NewsItem”, which was inspired by a newspaper photographdepicting the winner X of a fishing contest (on board a yachtnamed Crystal, capturing five swordfish) being awarded thetrophy by the sponsorY, in their only meeting.“As strange to me as if there were found,In a Jacobean archive, an unquestionably authenticWoodcut showing Shakespeare presenting the blue ribbonFor Best Cake Baked to Queen Elizabeth” Solve for X andY.
  33. 33.  Everything in this South Indian art form is based on the number8 – 8 types of oil, 8 wicks, 8 characters, 8 performers, 8 stories, 8plays, 8 hours of performance, training beginning at the age of8, so on and so forth. It is performed in all its glory in only location in the country. Where?What is the significance of the number 8? Image in the next slide.
  34. 34.  X, most famous for a 1960 hit cover, sued Hewlett Packardvery recently for over half a billion dollars in damages over amobile app (for the Palm OS platform) called ‘The X’. Thenow-disabled app helped users predict the size of malegenitalia by entering shoe sizes. Identify X.
  35. 35.  This name of city X in the West Bank, most notable forcontaining the traditional burial site of the biblical Patriarchsand Matriarchs (and is therefore considered the second-holiest city in Judaism after Jerusalem) is used by an IndianorganizationY for its HQ. X andY please.
  36. 36.  This is a sculpture honouringJohn Thomas Daniels (and his15 minutes of fame more thana century back), who had neverseen a camera prior to usingthe Gundlach Korona viewcamera (with a 5x7-inch glass-plate negative) seen in thevisual. What was he capturing oncamera?
  37. 37.  One of the largest-scale choral works in the classical musicrequiring huge instrumental and vocal forces, it premiered on 12Sep, 1910 in Neue Musik-Festhalle, in the Munich InternationalExhibition grounds. The vast hall had a capacity of 3,200, so toassist ticket sales and raise publicity, impresario Emil Guttmanndevised the nickname X, much to the dismay of the composereven though the number of people involved is not as much. What was the nickname? Image follows.
  38. 38.  Andy Warhols final series of paintings was made in late1986. The idea was hatched by the late Paris dealer,Alexander Iolas, who arranged for the work to be paid for bythe Milan bank Credito-Valtellinese. The pictures were hungin the banks new premises, just across the street from theChurch of Santa Maria della Grazie. Name the series. Why was this location chosen?
  39. 39.  Pictured is a geothermal spa located in a lava field in Grindavik,Iceland, and is one of the most visited attractions in thecountry. The warm waters of the spa are rich in minerals likesilica and sulphur and bathing here has helped people sufferingfrom skin diseases such as psoriasis. The spa shares its name with the first book in a trilogy, theother two books being The Garden of God (1923) and The Gatesof Morning (1925). Just identify. Image in the next slide.
  40. 40.  They are made of metal orpolyester and are incorporatedduring the cylinder-mouldingprocess. They can be divided into twotypes: fully embedded andwindowed. Hence, they can becompletely invisible or have astar burst effect, i.e. appear toweave in and out in one viewbut appear in continuity whenproperly viewed. What are we talking about?