Tathva 2012 - Intercollegiate Quiz at NIT Calicut - Prelims


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Tathva 2012 - Intercollegiate Quiz at NIT Calicut - Prelims

  1. 1. ArthaThe General Inter-Collegiate Quiz The Prelims
  2. 2.  37 questions 11-20 are starred and will be used to resolve ties All the best!
  3. 3.  Cenosillicaphobia is something many of you attempting this quiz might possibly have. So, what exactly is Cenosillicaphobia?
  4. 4.  X, Y and The Mirror and the Light are 3 entities in news which involve an ancestor of this Englishman whose body was subjected to a symbolic posthumous execution in 1661. What are X and Y?
  5. 5.  From the sets of a movie. Just name the character.
  6. 6.  There are four mandatory constitutional duties in South Korea – taxes, education, labor and military service. The only exemptions to the military service being Olympic Medal winners or Gold Medallists in the Asian Games. X supposedly performed his military service from 2003-2005, but was later accused of not doing it properly. X filed a litigation against the military authorities in an effort to block his re-conscription. However, he lost his appeal and was eventually re-drafted into the military in Dec 2007. This was supposedly the first such incident in Korean history. Who is X?
  7. 7.  Pictured is an aerial photo of the Aristotle Square, the main city square located on the citys waterfront, in Thessaloniki, Greece. A few years back, a snap of the location by photographer Andy Glass was used to great success for a specific purpose. What purpose? Image in the next slide.
  8. 8.  September 2, 1945 is an important date concerning United States because of 2 important events that occurred on that day. One lasted twenty-three minutes and marked an end. The other marked a new beginning, one that would come to haunt the US in a couple of decades’ time. Name both events.
  9. 9.  The large open space within a building, often many stories high and located immediately beyond the main entrance doors, shares its name with a structure in the human body. Just gimme the name. Image in the next slide.
  10. 10.  The logo combines two recognizable images to convey complex notions: - Barbed wire communicates oppression - A burning candle evokes hope The logo was inspired by the Chinese proverb, “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness”. It was meant for something that came into existence in 1961, as a result of an act of the oppressive regime of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar in Portugal. Whose logo?
  11. 11.  It was made by a US Company called David Clark and consisted of 4 layers: - An internal “comfort liner” - A gas membrane - A restraint layer then helped to maintain shape - External layer of Nomex to protect from fire and extremes of temperature Its primary purpose was to prevent a condition called ‘ebullism’. What are we talking about?
  12. 12. Whose headquarters? OR Whose face is that?
  13. 13.  Although dismissed as a coincidence, one of the theories behind the origin of the logo of X is that it was inspired by the game Pac-man. This is because if you rotate X’s logo a few degrees to the right and then move the nose upwards so that it connects to the edge, you have the Pac-man. Just identify X.
  14. 14.  X : “I fear, I cant make it. This is such a wonderful, soulful tune. Why should I spoil it?” Y : “Sir, you can do it. In fact, am a fan of all songs you have sung.” X : “Dont call me Sir, please. It’s X….X yettan. That’s it.” X and Y started practicing the very next day. Their song, as per an update by Y on Facebook, went on to break the record held by “Kolaveri” in the most viewed video in the first 48 hours (music category) on YouTube. Y also went on to say that the movie featuring the song was the first time international musicians worked on a Malayalam movie. X and the song please. For the star, identify Y as well.
  15. 15. Video removedLink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IL0w3jMeWU
  16. 16.  The brand X is named after the purpose Y, the memory of which is preserved in the Russian word ‘zeka’, literally “incarcerated canal-army-man”. Identify X or Y. Image follows.
  17. 17.  It is a term coined in the late 1940s by the Hungarian communist leader Matyas Rakosi to refer to a divide and conquer process used to overcome political opposition. The communists were masters of this tactic - first they bullied centrists into slicing off right-wing colleagues, then they allied with socialists to slice off the centre and finally the more courageous left wingers, until only those willing to collaborate with the Communists remained in power. The term is also used in business, where it refers to problems or solutions in pieces, making it hard to see the big picture. What tactic, named after its similarity to the consumption of a food item?
  18. 18.  Also known as Manicule, its typical use is as a bullet-like symbol to direct the reader’s attention to important text. Kurt Vonnegut used it as a form of margin on the first line of every paragraph in his novel Breakfast Of Champions. The intended literary effect was to create separation between each paragraph, reinforcing the stream of consciousness style nature of the text. Which symbol?
  19. 19.  At the same time, X was an almost entirely mannered and theatrical painter. But all his affectations seem at one with Xs personality: his stylistic and technical tics are at one with brushing his teeth with Y and dyeing his hair with shoe polish. Excerpt from a 2008 Guardian article about a Protestant Irish- born painter X, arguably the greatest British painter of the latter half of the 20th century, famously described by Margaret Thatcher as "that man who paints those dreadful pictures". Y is a popular product in India, owned by (the appropriately named) Spotless Group and is supposed to have been named after a Latin word meaning ‘force’. Identify X and Y. Image in the next slide.
  20. 20.  In Canadian sci-fi author Robert J. Sawyers Neanderthal Parallax trilogy, the DNA sequence for a deadly virus is saved on a computer folder entitled "Surfaris". This is interpreted by one of the characters as a reference to “X” and determines that the virus will X all of the Neanderthals on a parallel universes Earth. The character then rewrites the DNA code to a non-lethal version and calls the file “Y” in reference to the opposite side of the one featuring X. Just identify X and Y.
  21. 21.  Many rooms in this building are named after battles, for e.g. Ayacucho, Boyaca, Vargas Swamp etc. The current tenant entered this building in the late 90s. This also featured him in what was termed as a contest between ‘The Beauty and the Beast’, the beauty being the 1981 Miss Universe, who in 1997 formed the Integrated Representation of New Hope party. Name the building, the current tenant and for the star, also name the beauty. Images in the next 2 slides.
  22. 22.  The name by which we know this place is probably a result of erroneous translation of the original Spanish name Bahia de Cochinos. ‘Cochino’ here refers to Orangeside Triggerfish (Sufflamen verres) inhabiting the local coral reefs and not Sus Scrofa. Which place, most famous for the events of 17–19 April 1961?
  23. 23.  X is a generic term used to refer to flat, wide open rural spaces covered in grass or low scrub in the Southern part of Africa. Y is a subdivision of X and comprises of high plateau (1500m - 2100m), stretching from the Drakensberg mountains in the east and sloping gradually downwards to the west and south west, as well as to the north into Limpopo Province. Just name X and Y. Y is in news for sporting reasons.
  24. 24.  “It goes against the tradition of honoring certain victories. It is an ode to defeat,” said organizer Alain Michaud about an exhibit unveiled during a Sept 2012 exhibition at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris. A smaller version was previously on exhibition at New York’s David Zwirner Gallery in March 2012. Which exhibit?
  25. 25.  Businessman X is unlikely to figure anywhere among the countrys 1,000 most eligible bachelors. The 28-year-old is short, fair, rather stocky and only moderately well-to-do. An unremarkable young man, until he begins to speak—extremely charming, soft-spoken and poised, without the slightest hint of pretension. Mr. Nice Guy in person. So begins a 1997 Outlook article about a (then) brass trader from Moradabad. Who is X?
  26. 26.  Featured are microscopic images of bacteria belonging to the genus Staphylococcus. The prefix Staphylo- denotes the resemblance of clusters of the organism to something. What? Images in the next slide.
  27. 27.  Only one book series has had two installments winning the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, in 1982 and 1991. The series and the principal protagonist are both nicknamed for an animal. Which animal?
  28. 28.  The man on the right had no sense of taste and hence had to rely on what he called ‘mouth feel’. The solution to the problem has become their brand’s signature today. The brand is also the first one of its kind to be taken into space aboard the Space Shuttle. What are we talking about?
  29. 29.  He always starts with the title and had the first installment of his most famous work released in 1992. This is him with his new novel (set for release in Oct 2012) for grown-ups, which is his first in several years. Who?
  30. 30.  Although not an official gadget, in the movie Live and Let Die, Roger Moore improvises a small flamethrower using a brand X (the best selling variety of its kind in the world at that time) and a lit cigar. This was because he was appointed a board member of the parent company (named after an illustrious Russian family famous for the creation of gifts that Tsar Alexander III gave his wife Empress Maria Fedorovna) in 1970. Just identify the brand and the company.
  31. 31.  Sets of “personality identification playing cards” were issued to American troops during Operation Iraqi Freedom as a reminder of key Iraqi personnel of interest and also to provide a recreational resource for troops in the field. Each of the 52 cards contained the wanted persons name, a picture if available, and the job performed by that individual. What card was assigned to Saddam Hussein?
  32. 32.  Identify both men and the location.
  33. 33.  Entrance to?
  34. 34.  Pictured is the airport in the town of Lukla, in Khumbu, eastern Nepal. The History Channel in 2010, rated the airport as the most dangerous airport in the world. What is the name of this airport? Image in the next slide.
  35. 35.  The Fafo Research Foundation was founded by the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions in 1982. Under the guidance of its first director Terje Rod Larsen (1982–1993), Fafo played an important role in international peace research and politics. Fafo is internationally known primarily for a research project that it initiated in the early 90s, culminating in the events of 20 August 1993. This also resulted in the involved parties being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize the next year. What did Fafo’s research result in?
  36. 36.  What 2002 marketing campaign is referenced on this merchandise item?
  37. 37.  Hashima Island is an uninhabited island in the Nagasaki prefecture and is known for its coal mines and their operation during the industrialization of Japan. The island houses Japans first large concrete building (9 stories high) built to protect the ranks of workers against typhoon destruction. The island reportedly has featured in numerous movies including Skyfall. By what name is this island commonly known? Image in the next slide.
  38. 38.  It literally means “pile of corpses” in Tibetan, a pointer towards the multitude of people who die every year due to bad weather while trying to cross it. Its operational viability is limited to a few months a year and hence a tunnel is under construction to bypass it. Identify this subset of NH-21.
  39. 39.  X is a word which is Goidelic in origin and refers to bodies of water like lakes/sea inlets. Y is the largest of these and is immortalized as a famous fictional brand. Z is the second largest and became famous thanks to a 1934 photograph that a gynecologist named Robert Wilsons refused to have his name associated with. Solve for X, Y and Z.
  40. 40.  These indentations are actually muscle deformities resulting from variations in the structure the zygomaticus major muscle, usually due to the presence of a double or bifid zygomaticus major. There is evidence of it being genetically inherited and has been classified as a simple dominant trait. What are we talking about?