Medical Trivia Quiz - Reverberates 6.0


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A quiz on what they don't teach you in Medical School :)

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Medical Trivia Quiz - Reverberates 6.0

  1. 1. Reverberates 6.0
  2. 2.  This is NOT a quiz about medicine or medical practice. This IS a quiz about what they don’t teach you in medical school. Written quiz. 60 questions. 1 point for every correct answer. Questions 21-30 will be used to resolve ties.
  3. 3. What is represented here? Video Removed.Watch it here: .
  4. 4.  There have been multiple theories postulated to explain X’s distinctive facial features and a nickname given by rivals. These are: - X’s fiery temper - X suffers from Supraventicular Tachycardia and had to undergo Cardioversion in 2003, a procedure which involves passing a shock through the heart to restore its natural rhythm However, the actual reason is that X suffers from a skin condition called Rosacea that causes flushing of face, redness of eyes, burning sensation over the affected areas etc. Identify X.
  5. 5.  Where can one find this sculpture? What is it a dedication to? Image in the next slide.
  6. 6. To Dr Fleming with the gratitude of bullfighters; their lives were in less danger because of his discovery [penicillin]’
  7. 7.  Pictured (No.1) is a small vessel for storing vinegar. It was always placed on the table at meals to dip the food in before eating. It holds roughly 270 ml and the name of the vessel is also used as a measure for this volume. Just name it.
  8. 8.  A name was not coined for this substance until John Abel, an American doctor prepared a crude extract of the same in 1897, naming it X. He was acting on Austrian anatomist Joseph Hyrtls suggestion that this name would best describe the structure from which the extract was obtained. In 1901, a Japanese doctor named Jokichi Takamine visited Abel and prepared a pure extract of the active principle from the structure mentioned. This was patented by Parke, Davis & Co and they called it Y. The common misconception is that X and Y are the same. In reality, X is an inactive benzoylated derivative of Y. Identify X and Y.
  9. 9.  “Collectively, the medical profession today is more bloodthirsty than Dracula, who in comparison seems like an anaemic vegetarian”, quips this cartoonist-satirist who also happens to be an associate editor with the Times of India. One of his well-known creations is the comic strip ‘Dubyaman, a collaboration with artist Neelabh Bannerjee based on (George W Bush as a superhero) that came out post the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre. He features in this quiz for his satirical column that appears in The Times of India on fridays. Name the column.
  10. 10.  This English phrase refers to an immediate reaction made without analysing the causes or facts pertaining to an event. The phrase has its origins in a phenomenon first recorded by Sir Michael Foster in his Textbook of Physiology in 1877. The phenomenon involves the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Lumbar Spinal Nerves. Name the phrase/phenomenon.
  11. 11.  “Professor William James of Harvard used to say that the average man < BLANKED OUT >. Dale Carnegie, by helping business men and women to develop their latent possibilities, has created one of the most significant movements in adult education”, summarized Lowell Thomas in a foreword to Dale Carnegies How to Win Friends and Influence People. This was a corollary to a theory put forward by Harvard psychologists William James and Boris Sidis in the 1890s who tested the theory in the accelerated raising of child prodigy William Sidis to effect an adulthood IQ of 250–300. Widely recognised as having popularized what myth?
  12. 12.  Excerpt from a 2009 interview with Grant Barrett, chairman of the American Dialect Societys word committee. JOURNALIST: You also voted on the most creative word of 2009. Mr. BARRETT: We did, and thats kind of a fun category as you might expect, because its a chance to kind of prop up some words that are interesting but maybe not widely used. And the winner is one of those. Its ________ ________. This is in order not to spread the spray of your flu, you sneeze into the crook of your elbow rather than into your hand. And Ive seen health officials in California use this in press conferences. JOURNALIST: The word is _________ ________. Fill in the blanks.
  13. 13.  This day relenting God, Hath placed within my hand A wondrous thing; and God Be praised. At His Command, Seeking His secret deeds With tears and toiling breath, I find thy cunning seeds, O million-murdering Death. So begins a 1995 novel in New York on an August 20. The book is loosely based on the life of the poet who penned the above lines. The poet’s claim to fame is all thanks to a chap named Hussain Khan who was paid 1 anna by the poet everytime something happened. Name the book. Name the poet.
  14. 14.  He was sick, was pretty sick. I dont know whether we should tell stories like that. But anyway, he has made a mark in the Astronaut Corps because he represents the maximum level of space sickness that anyone can ever attain, and so the mark of being totally sick and totally incompetent is one ______. Most guys will get maybe to a tenth ______, if that high. And within the Astronaut Corps, he forever will be remembered by that. This is NASA consultant Robert E Stevenson speaking about the humorous unit to measure Space Sickness, that was named after the person who in 1985 experienced the most extreme reaction yet recorded. Name the unit/person.
  15. 15.  What name has been assigned to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) that deals with Cardiothoracic Surgery cases at the famous St.Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, in tribute to a person who worked there in the 1870s?
  16. 16.  Pictured are radiology scans in a patient with an insufficiency fracture (ie fractures in abnormal bone, for e.g. osteoporotic bones, which undergoes normal stress) of the sacrum. The fracture presents with fracture lines running vertically through the left and right sides of the bone just medial to the sacro-iliac joints, in conjunction with a transverse fracture just below the level of the SI joints. The fractures are better visualized using bone scintigraphy scans following the injection of Technetium 99m HDP which demonstrate increased radiotracer uptake. What is the common name of this radiological sign?
  17. 17.  Located in the Aegean Sea, it is the largest island of the Archipelago islands. The island itself is a remnant of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history: the Minoan eruption which occurred some 3600 years ago at the height of the eponymous civilization. The island today is a popular tourist destination and was named "the worlds best island" by BBC in 2011. The island shares its name with multiple structures in the human body (through the person who described these structures), the most prominent being a duct. Name the island/duct.
  18. 18.  Which genus of organisms was first catalogued in 1729 by the Italian priest and biologist Pier Antonio Micheli and later named for the fact that under a microscope, they reminded him of the shape of a holy water sprinkler?
  19. 19.  It is a normal anatomical variant seen in about 5% patients and is detected during ultrasonography or other contrast studies of their gallbladders. Caused by a fold in the gallbladder where the fundus joins the body, it is named after its resemblance to something associated with the inhabitants of a central Anatolian region and later the French Revolution. What?
  20. 20.  Aris Kindt, was a Leiden-born criminal alias (Adriann Adriannsz) in the early 17th century. He was convicted, tortured, and executed by the state for “the grave assault and battery that endangered the life of a man whose cloak he had tried to take with the aid of another criminal” by hanging on 16 Jan 1632. The event that made him famous happened later in the day. Which event?
  21. 21.  Drosophologists have a tradition of christening new mutants with fun and creative names. Often, the new names are descriptive – like stuck, dissatisfaction, cuckold or don giovanni to describe mutants with defective courtship behavior. Sometimes, labs develop themes around which to name mutants. Tim Tully, a researcher at the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory developed multiple memory mutants of Drosphila through an odor–shock avoidance task, ie flies could learn to avoid an odor when punished with footshock. He named them after the members in the picture. Who/What were these? Image in the next slide.
  22. 22.  John Dalton is best known for his pioneering work in the development of modern atomic theory, and his research into colour blindness (referred to as Daltonism, in his honour). His work on the human eye and colours directly led to research on rain, dew, heat, the colour of the sky, steam, and the reflection and refraction of light. He was truly the first great medical researcher-scientist to come out of a European city and advocated large open spaces to be established there, such as the Royal Botanical Gardens, opened in 1831. Which city? Where exactly did John Dalton site the gardens because of prevailing south-westerly winds in the area keeping it clear of the citys airborne pollution?
  23. 23.  Lhermitte’s Sign is a symptom rather than a sign suggestive of a lesion of the dorsal columns of the cervical cord or of the caudal medulla of the spinal cord. It is a classical finding in multiple sclerosis, and is also seen in a number of other conditions, including transverse myelitis, trauma, radiation myelopathy, vitamin B12 deficiency, cervical spondylosis, disc herniation, tumors, high dose chemotherapy etc. It is also very appropriately named the Barber Chair phenomenon. Described above is the medical equivalent of which English phrase?
  24. 24. Why is there no handle to this water pump?
  25. 25.  On April 1953, a routine cholecystectomy in a London Clinic went badly wrong. This led to three more surgeries later. One of the sequelae of the botched operation was that amphetamines had to be liberally used to produce a feeling of energy and confidence to counteract effects of episodes of illness. These included Drinamyl, Dexamyl (known as ‘purple hearts’), and most importantly Benzedrine, the wonder drug of the 1950s that had a plethora of side-effects like insomnia, restlessness and mood swings. What is this given as an explanation for?
  26. 26.  A famous notion in the 1960s was the theory of skin asphyxiation, that we "breathe" through our skin and that closing off all the pores in ones body would cause quick death. This, apparently, was common in cabaret dancers who left a small bare patch at the base of the spine to allow the skin to breathe. This notion has been proved to be completely false and death could result in this case only from an extreme case of heatstroke due to clogging of the body pores, preventing perspiration and ruining the bodys principal means of heat regulation. This theory of skin asphyxiation, however, was the basis for a patch of someone’s abdomen being left bare in an iconic 1964 portrayal. Who/What?
  27. 27.  Noted for multiple physical irregularities, he was described during his time as “short in stature, deformed in person, and hideous in face.” He had a long-standing skin disease that presented with intense itching and blisters, beginning in the perianal region. Of late, the diagnosis has been speculated to be Dermatitis Herpetiformis. The treatment typically involved long bath sessions with minerals and medicines. He frequently wore a bandana/headgear soaked in vinegar to reduce the severity of his problem. Who?
  28. 28.  It is a general term applied to malignant neoplastic disorders of a type of tissue named after the Roman goddess of fresh water. The clinical signs of the disease depend largely on the location and their effects on the invaded and adjoining organs, e.g. alimentary, extranodal, multicentric. Very common in household pets, it is also seen in human beings and is 2-3 times more common in men than women and occur in all age-groups. The incidence is higher for whites, particularly people with Jewish ancestry. This disease entered popular consciousness in India sometime in the early 1970s through a variant that affected the alimentary canal. How?
  29. 29.  This organism has a common name referring to a country on the Atlantic coast because it was identified in traders of the region by Carolus Linnaeus. However, its scientific name refers to the fact that it was a ‘little dragon’ that wrecked havoc in a city in the Arabian Peninsula. Name the country and the city. How has the traditional method of treatment of the condition been supposedly memorialized?
  30. 30.  Proteus syndrome (named after Proteus, the Greek sea-god who could change his shape) is a congenital disorder that causes skin overgrowth and atypical bone development, often accompanied by tumors over half the body. It is a progressive condition wherein children are generally born disease-free and deformities appear as they age. Very few cases have been diagnosed worldwide till date. The skeleton of the most famous person with this condition is pictured. What came into existence in 1981, as a direct result of something to do with this person? Image in the next slide.
  31. 31.  A two-year old from the village of Holy Cross in Alaska was infected with Diphtheria sometime in December 1924. The case was initially misdiagnosed and the kid died. Soon, more children became infected. The local doctor, Curtis Welch, in the town of Nome did not administer the anti-toxin as the batch he had had already expired. On January 22, 1925, Welch alerted all major towns in Alaska including the governor in Juneau about the health risk via Telegram. A decision was reached to deliver the antitoxin immediately to the affected area and aerial delivery was contemplated. However, this did not work out. So, an alternate method was devised to deliver the serum. How is the memory of this delivery kept alive today?
  32. 32.  She started bleeding abnormally and profusely after her fifth child birth in Jan 1951 and at the John Hopkins Hospital, she was diagnosed with Malignant Epidermoid Carcinoma of the Cervix Stage 1. She was started on radiotherapy for the tumor, and during this process, two samples of her cervix were removed - a healthy part and a cancerous part, without her permission. However, her condition continued to worsen and she died of Uremia in Oct 1951. How did the cervical samples that were removed help the man pictured?
  33. 33. The lady in question wasHenrietta Lacks and thecervical cancer cells removedfrom her body became theHeLa immortal cell line usedin medical research.
  34. 34.  He was a co-founder and prominent member of the German Progress Party, which was the first modern platform–based political party in Germany and founded in 1861, in opposition to Minister President Otto von Bismarck. He was one of the leading political antagonists of Bismarck and was opposed to Bismarck’s excessive military budget, which angered Bismarck sufficiently to challenge him to a duel in 1865. Being entitled to choose the weapons, he chose 2 pork sausages: a cooked sausage for himself and an uncooked one, loaded with Trichinella larvae, for Bismarck, who declined the proposition as too risky. Who?
  35. 35.  ________ is medical slang. Loosely, ________ means a rare, unusual, or surprising disease or condition. The word acquired this meaning because of a quotation (by Dr. Theodore Woodward, a former professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore) which is frequently used in medical teaching, ie “When you hear hoofbeats behind you, dont expect to see a ________”. FITB.
  36. 36.  It is a stock market technical analysis indicator devised by analysts Peter G. Martin and Byron B. McCann that is used to measure the riskiness of investments such as securities, commodities, indexes or mutual funds. It is a measure of volatility in a downward direction. The index is based on a given past period and working from oldest to newest a highest price (highest closing price) seen so-far is maintained, and any close below that is a retracement, expressed as a percentage. What name is given to this index because of the apparent health effects it causes in a stock trader?
  37. 37.  The layout of this city correlates to the human body, with the Capital Complex (government buildings) at the northernmost part, the City Center, with pedestrian-only piazza at the “heart”, the Leisure Valley and Gardens at the “lungs” of the city, cultural and educational institutions at the “limbs”, and 7 different types of roads, ranging from pedestrian to high-speed traffic as “arteries” and “veins”. Which Indian city?
  38. 38.  This ancient Roman musical instrument is the forerunner of both the trumpet and the trombone. It is a tube measuring 11-12 feet in length, of narrow cylindrical bore, and played by means of a cup-shaped mouthpiece. The tube is bent round upon itself from the mouthpiece to the bell in the shape of a broad C and is strengthened by means of a bar across the curve, which the performer grasps while playing, in order to steady the instrument. What is the name of this instrument/performer? What medical term is therefore derived from the act of playing it? Image in the next slide.
  39. 39.  One of the theories behind the origin of the term X is that it was coined by Homer after ceremonial killings that supposedly took place in Y, where Phoenician colonists gave to elderly people who could no longer take care of themselves and to criminals an intoxicating potion that resulted in X. They were then dropped from a high rock or beaten to death. Scientists in Italy have now identified the potion to be derived from Hemlock Water Dropwort (Oenanthe crocata), which is common in Y, where it is popularly known as "water celery." Their analysis revealed the presence of highly toxic chemicals in the plant that could result in X. Name X.
  40. 40.  Apartment building no.459 in the middle class suburb of Los Sauces (in a national capital city) was under strict watch by the police in 1992. Every day for two months, Antonio Ketin Vidal, the police general sent agents disguised as courting couples up and down the street. He planted gardeners on the corners to water the African tulips - it is today the best-kept neighbourhood in the city. An inspection of the garbage of the apartment produced empty tubes of a Kenacort-E, a skin cream used to treat Psoriasis. This confirmed the presence of X (who was known to be suffering from the disease) in the apartment and led to X’s arrest on Sept 12. Who is X?
  41. 41. Connect.
  42. 42.  Being a city of canals and therefore a city with many drownings, this city had the first organised groups to respond to incidents of drowning. In August 1767, a few wealthy and civic-minded citizens of the city gathered to form the Society for Recovery of Drowned Persons (Maatschappij tot Redding van Drenkelingen), currently the oldest society in this field in the world. They established a few recommendations and these were instrumental in saving more than 150 people over the next 4 years. Which city? These recommendations are considered to be first ever example describing what?
  43. 43.  A lesser-known fact is that X began his career during the First World War as a medical officer in France. X is today regarded as the Father of Aviation Medicine due to his contributions to the field. X is also credited with recruiting Wilbur Franks, who went on to develop the fluid-filled "anti-gravity flying suit" to counter the blackout experienced by pilots in aircrafts traveling at very high speeds and subjected to intense centrifugal pressures. In 1941, during a operational test of the flying suit, the aircraft which X was travelling in crashed resulting in his death. Pictured is a Flame of Hope in Ontario, associated with something X is most remembered for. Identify X.
  44. 44.  This is the reproduction of a 1912 book co-authored by a Canadian Army Pathologist. He is more famous for another literary work inspired by the death of one of his former students, Lt. Alexis Helmer in the Second Battle of Ypres in 1915, where the German army launched one of the first chemical attacks in the history of war. An excerpt from this work can also be found in the Montreal Canadiens dressing room. Who? Which work?
  45. 45.  _________ adware is a not-yet-observed computer security threat which does not require the affected computer to have adware installed in order to display advertisements on this computer. The environment for the threat to work is an area of non-encrypted wireless connection, such as a wireless internet cafe or other WiFi hotspots. The adware would trick a laptop to recognize it as the wireless provider and inserts itself into the route of the wireless connection. The adware gets its name from the fact that it may run from an infested computer whose owner would not see any manifestations, yet will affect neighboring ones. Just identify.
  46. 46.  A copy of Godel, Escher, Bach was observed to be thrown away. The book contains a lengthy description of how to hide a message within a message by bolding certain characters. When the bolded letters were lifted out, it revealed TTT AAT TAT – an apparent hidden message. The 3-letter groups were codons, a sequence of three nucleic acids coding for a specific amino acid. The codons were TTT = Phenylalanine (single-letter designator F) AAT = Asparagine (single-letter designator N) TAT = Tyrosine (single-letter designator Y). The summary proceeds to say: “From this analysis, two possible hidden meanings emerged: (1) FNY – a verbal assault and (2) PAT – the nickname of a former colleague”.
  47. 47.  This was the code hidden within the note in the letters carrying the Anthrax spores. The suspect, Dr. Bruce Ivins got the idea from the Douglas Hofstadter book.
  48. 48.  Donohue Syndrome is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder. The root cause of the disease is the lack of a fully functional insulin receptor, which has a profound effect during fetal development and thereafter. The distinctive physical features include growth deficiency (apparent in the seventh month of gestation), large hands and feet, protuberant and low-set ears, flaring nostrils, thick lips etc. By what common name is this condition known, because of the features described above? Image in the next slide.
  49. 49. Connect.
  50. 50.  Maulana Azad Medical College Lady Hardinge Medical College Vardhamana Mahavira Medical College
  51. 51.  Seen is a Greek belt which was used as an armor belt, or a kidney belt with metal plates during the times of Homer. By the time of Alexander, it came to mean any broad belt, which was a couple of fingers wide, and could be worn by either sex. What is it called?
  52. 52.  He is one of the first people known to have used ‘assurance caps’, having bought them in bulk from a woman in a Marseille brothel. Here, he is seen testing his condom for holes by inflating it. Who?
  53. 53.  This is a 2005 scultpure (titled ‘Heart of Steel’) by German sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae installed at 1st Street, ”A” Avenue, City of Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA . The images show the 1.60 metre tall sculpture right after installation, after 10 days, and after several months of exposure to the air and moisture. What does the sculpture represent? Why was it intentionally left to rust?
  54. 54.  It is a radiological sign seen in Hallervorden-Spatz syndrome, where there is a ring of marked hypointensity (surrounding a region of high intensity) involving the globus pallidus on T2- weighted MR images due to excess Iron accumulation. It named after its resemblance to something, also the title of something else that came about because someone was not allowed to use this song. Just name the sign. Image in the next slide. Audio removed. Link - .
  55. 55.  Discovered in 1897, it was named after the old botanical name for Meadowsweet. In the final round of naming proposals, it came down to two choices, X and Y. The scientists feared that X might remind customers of a dangerous medical condition, but Arthur Eichengrun, the man behind it, argued that Y, which had a prefix Eu- (meaning "good") was inappropriate because it usually indicated an improvement over an earlier version of a similar drug. Since the substance itself was already known, the company intended to use the new name to establish their drug as something new. In January 1899 they settled on X. What are X and Y?
  56. 56.  With eminent doctors like Dr. Rajan Bhonsle and Dr. Prakash Kothari in the faculty, KEM Hospital in Mumbai is the only hospital in the country to have a department dedicated to a particular branch of medicine. Which one?
  57. 57.  Sketch from someone’s notebook. Whose? What did this evolve into? Image in the next slide.
  58. 58.  As a small child, X would run from room to room for hours on end. This unnerved her mother who took her to the renowned child psychiatrist Y. Y diagnosed young X as prey to an excitement which had yet to find a suitable outlet. In the coming years, her mother would furnish her with one: music. After a complete nervous breakdown at eighteen, she furnished herself with a second one: writing. She went to receive the Literature Nobel in the early noughties, but refused to attend the ceremony in person and had her Nobel lecture telecast to Stockholm citing that public appearance would ruin her hair. Gimme X and Y (Images in the next slide).
  59. 59. Tribute to? Where would one find it?
  60. 60.  He (1788-1853) was assistant gardener to a famous physician. His claim to fame rests on what the physician described as “On the seventh day he complained of uneasiness in the axilla, and on the ninth he became a little chilly, lost his appetite, and had a slight head-ache, but on the 10th day he was perfectly well”. The root cause of his suffering can be traced back to one Ms. Sarah Nelmes. Just identify this guy.
  61. 61.  Paegan Terrorism Tactics is the second album by American sludge metal band Acid Bath. The album cover features a painting by a part-time Jazz musician and composer whose first and only album was a 1997 limited CD release (5,000 copies) titled The ___________ Suite: A Very Still Life. The album was favourably received and was reviewed by as “very much grooviness except for one tune, with stuff in between thats worthy of multiple spins”. Just name this painter-musician. Image in the next slide.
  62. 62.  X was the Greek god of weddings (or more specifically of the wedding hymn which was sung by the train of the bride as she was led to the house of the groom) and presided over many of the weddings of the deities in Greek mythology. He is represented in works of art as a youth, and carrying in his hand a bridal torch. X finds mention in various works of Literature, like this excerpt from As You Like It: "Tis X peoples every town; High wedlock then be honoured. Honour, high honour, and renown, To X, god of every town!" Just identify X. Image in the next slide.
  63. 63.  My idea was to use the Leonardo man (Vitruvian Man, 1490) in the circle, replace the man with the X (in my mitered cut technique) and use Leonardos composition, extrapolated into 3D. To subtly strengthen that connection I made rays under wings that converge visually where the mans head would be. This is famous German sculptor Julian Voss-Andrae speaking about his sculpture titled Angel of the West (after the Angel of the North), inspired by X and its striking similarity to the Vitruvian Man, installed in the campus of the Scripps Research Institute in Florida. What is X? Image in the next slide.
  64. 64.  Xs was a concept pioneered by and mandatory for all members of the Nazi Waffen-SS. But, once the war came to an end, many members got rid of them to avoid identification and consequent prosecution and execution. This a letter from a Waffen-SS soldier - Later, in the prisoner- of-war camp at Tamsweg, I met Sturmbannfuhrer Liecke from our division. He brought us to a physician from the 14th SS Division, who provided us with hydrogen tablets to remove our Xs. We moistened these tablets and dabbed them on. This was extremely irritating, but the Xs simply came off after two to three days. Because of these tablets, I was successful in passing two inspections conducted by our captors. What are Xs?
  65. 65.  Sometime in 1895, an Austrian-German surgeon named Vincenz Czerny operated on a patient with a benign lumbar lipoma. For what purpose did he use the adipose tissue hence obtained?
  66. 66.  I was affably greeted by a couple of chaps lounging at a desk by the window, drinking coffee. “What’s all this about?” I asked. With an airy wave of the hand one of them said, “we’ve got this model” indicating an array of retort stands holding thin brass rods and balls. It meant absolutely nothing to me and fortunately they did not expose my ignorance by attempting to explain it in terms I might just have comprehended. Anyway, I had only come to get a picture so I set up my lights and camera and said “you’d better stand by it and look portentous” which they lamentably failed to do, treating my efforts as a bit of a joke. I took four frames of them with the model and then three or four back with their coffee. This is photographer Antony Barrington-Brown speaking about a 1950s assignment. What was this assignment?