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In The Last Half Decade, Has Delivered Thousands of Policy Holder Applications To Gerber Life Insurance, Resulting In Millions In New Revenue.

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Gerber Life Insurance Advertising Analytics -

  1. 1. Advertising Analytics: Gerber Life Insurance Company In The Last Half Decade, Has Delivered Thousands of Policy Holder Applications To Gerber Life Insurance, Resulting In Millions In New Revenue.
  2. 2. Advertising Analytics: Gerber Life Insurance Company The Gerber Life Insurance Company wanted to increase sales of its products, overall efficien- cies and ROI. The company continues to seek the expertise of’s Life Stage Marketing team to grow Gerber Life’s customer base by identifying which new moms were most likely to buy an insurance policy for their babies and creating and executing a conversion strategy to migrate these moms from “decision” mode, to funded Gerber Life policyholder. The following case study from and Gerber Life Insurance provides an example of how integrated marketing, for the delivery of digital advertising, aligned with a customized measurement approach, can drive both greater efficiency and effectiveness for performance-based advertisers, year after year. The challenge The Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan is an affordable insurance policy that parents can purchase for their children. The policy is whole life insurance that builds cash value as children grow up. At age 18, the child can take over the insurance policy. The primary target audience is young, middle class families. Gerber Life had used direct mail as an acquisition tool for many years and had utilized email marketing in more recent years with growing success, but contin-ued to search for a solution that would provide its desired level of ROI
  3. 3. and Gerber Life collectively believe that the right strategy, measurement and optimization are critical to the success of digital advertising. This is in stark contrast to what many publishers consider the commoditizing of advertising through ad exchanges and third-party ad aggregators. It’s only through a deep relationship with for more than half a decade, that Gerber Life has been able to evaluate and improve the quality and efficacy of its digital media at each stage of the advertising process: objectives, in-campaign and post-campaign. Advertising Analytics: Gerber Life Insurance Company The Gerber Life Digital management team has worked with the Mar- keting team to build a long term, sustainable, strategic approach to planning, executing and measuring the effectiveness of digital advertising to drive lead generation, brand awareness and new Gerber Life policyholders. The approach
  4. 4. Advertising Analytics: Gerber Life Insurance Company In-Campaign For a growing portion of its digital media spending, Gerber Life relies on performance-based media buying, with measurable ROI. To that end, generated insurance applications for their juvenile life insurance program, as well as provided branding and pro- gram support through solo emails, targeted on-site banners, social media, targeted newsletters, custom embed programs and quality co-registrations. This process successfully created a secure, reliable environment that leveraged brand trust within’s members and resulted in higher application rates than typically seen by Gerber Life. To achieve Gerber Life’s objectives, and Gerber Life created a cobranded multichannel acquisition and remarketing program to obtain the highest volume of new policies, while maintaining the overall policy value and ROI. Objectives Solo Email Life Stage Newsletters Social Media Custom Embedded Application Program, since January 2008 Performance -based ROI
  5. 5. Advertising Analytics: Gerber Life Insurance Company worked closely with the Gerber Life team year after year to identify oppor- tunities for improvement and to adjust campaign performance based on Gerber Life’s KPI. Based on these performance indicators, Campaign optimization is then carried out at the publisher level, with making adjustments on site channels to improve Gerber Life’s ROI and conversion of overall efforts to drive new Policyholders. Post-Campaign Finally, to evaluate the actual impact of the campaign, Gerber Life and used objectives against delivery metrics that evaluate the conversion from digital advertising efforts. Armed with meaningful data, Gerber Life and are able to measure changes in key conversion metrics in addition to the gross conversion lift generated by its campaigns. In- sights gleaned from these studies inform in-campaign optimization and improve future campaign planning and execution. Applications completed 145%Custom Embedded Application: 125%On-Site Banners:Goal 110%Solo Email:
  6. 6. Advertising Analytics: Gerber Life Insurance Company has built a long-term, integrated consumer marketing relationship with Gerber Life to drive brand awareness, brand equity and most importantly, Gerber Life Policyholders. The results The integrated, multi-channel approach that supported this campaign led to the overall success of the partnership marketing plan. We worked closely with Gerber Life to develop a co-branded environment for our members where we leveraged the brand trust we have with our members to present an amazing opportunity from an iconic brand like Gerber. The custom solution has proven to be a highly effective channel to drive new insurance applica- tions in a secure trusted environment, leveraging both parties brand equity. THOUSANDS APPLICATIONS IN 5-YEARS MILLIONS IN NEW REVENUE “By working with the Partnership team at, you gain a trusted ally with a strategic focus on growth through marketing innovation. partners with quality brands, like Gerber, to help it achieve its business goals. leverages its many channel assets to the benefit of brand partners like Gerber, to drive brand differentiation, consumer engagement and sales.” NOAH ANDERSON, CEO
  7. 7. Advertising Analytics: Gerber Life Insurance Company It also evaluates the degree to which impressions reach the campaign target audience, based on real-world performance against vertical competitors. About Gerber Life Insurance and Gerber Life Insurance share a common goal: to help parents raise happy, healthy children. Gerber Life Insurance has an additional goal. Its their mission to be the brand that parents trust to help them achieve financial security and protection for their families. By providing affordable, industry-leading, juvenile life insurance, and other insurance products, they strive to give customers the comfort and peace of mind they deserve. About (EF) is a family driven website – in every sense – featuring a growing community of more than three million members who share their everyday parenting experiences. EF is an online home and established resource for experts and parents who have advice and information to share, as well as those who are seeking guidance and support as they move through their family’s journey, from preconception, to preschool, and beyond. EF invites everyone to get comfortable and share stories, thoughts, advice, and opinions with other families. The editors at EF, as well as the entire EF community, are dedicated to providing daily content for families seeking advice, information, and support… and to giving back to the communities supporting us. About’s Partnership Marketing   To learn more about the approach to advertising, please contact:’s Partnership Marketing is an integrated solution for complete campaign delivery validation and in-flight optimization. Unlike existing ad-exchange, ad network or RON solutions, partnership marketing provides communication, delivered across a variety of channels, such as ads delivered in-view, in the right geography, in a brand-safe environment.