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Justin Hardy PPP

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  1. 1. The Pitch
  2. 2. When giving a speech or presentation, it’s common to experience anxiety that, if not accounted for, can hamper your performance. It’s okay to be nervous! The key is practice, and knowing how to best manage any anxiety you have before you begin your presentation. Presentation Anxiety
  3. 3. Presentation Anxiety Some ways to manage presentation anxiety include: Rehearsing your presentation in a mirror. Staying hydrated or having water nearby between takes. Notecards that have the key points you wish to relay to your audience. What are some of your personal strategies for dealing with presentation anxiety?
  4. 4. What would you say is your biggest area for improvement as a professional after working on this project for three weeks? What’s your biggest strength as a professional? 

  5. 5. The Pitch - How to tell your story: Be confident, but not arrogant or pushy. Be concise, and clear in your language. It’s okay to promote your brand and your skills, talk about how great you are at what you do! Think of the pitch as a preview or teaser for the Personal Project you posted on - you want your audience to find out more!
  6. 6. The Pitch - How to tell your story: Your pitch should contain some key information to get your audience more interested: Your brand: Could be your name, a logo, or your mantra. Who you are, and what you can do: Are you a singer, painter, businessman, or animator? Talk about your inspirations and motivation! The Call to Action: After your audience has seen your pitch, what do you want them to do? Let them know your Persona Project is on if they’d like to see more.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. The Pitch - Best Practices The pitch explains part of the student’s professional story in away that is engaging, enticing, and personal. This is a teaser for the full Persona Project. Be sure to organize your pitch so that it contains your brand mantra, your roots, your competitive advantage, and a conclusion that demonstrates your vision of personal success. Keep your pitch concise and under the time limit! You only have 1 to 2 minutes.
  9. 9. The Pitch - Best Practices 
 Use a natural, conversational tone. Be sure to take appropriate pauses for impact, and to mentally ready yourself for the next statement. Engage your audience with your enthusiasm, but don’t rush! Give your pitch in a visually neutral, well-lit location, and dress for success! Be sure to maintain proper eye contact while delivering your pitch.
  10. 10. The Pitch - Best Practices Practice your pitch until it becomes natural and conversational. Keep your pitch concise, and straightforward - this is a preview for the Persona Project, to get your audience invested in more. Remember, at the end of your pitch, make sure to ask the audience to check out your Persona Project on Your final pitch should be improved over the first draft - keep your energy high, show off your passion!
  11. 11. Final Submission You want to create a .pdf using PowerPoint or Keynote, and then upload that .pdf to Make sure the title of your slideshow is in the “lastname_firstname_ppp” format, and leave your slideshow set to “Public”. Keep in mind that text animations and media clips (audio/ video) don’t work within Slideshare. Copy your slideshare link and post it on to FSO under the Persona Project discussion post.
  12. 12. Easter Egg Easter egg: what triggers your anxiety/lizard brain and how can you use the tips we talked about today to help you overcome them?