Tour 103- travel management cycle


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Tour 103- travel management cycle

  1. 1. The TravelManagementCyclePart I
  2. 2. The Travel OperationsDepartment The core of the TMC Travel Agency Business. Engaged in the efficient and effective delivery of the organizations services.
  3. 3. Activities of TravelManagement Operations Counter Counselling Reservations Fare Calculation Ticketing Documentation
  4. 4. Counter Counselling Primary goal of counter counselling is to conclude in counter sales captured by the travel counsellors. This function deals with providing information and recommending suitable and attractive products based on the clients preferences.
  5. 5. Counter Counselling Flight Itinerary Planning  The process by which cities to be visited are arranged in the desired sequence to conform with the customers desired plans.  Starts from the point of origin to the destination/s to be visited.
  6. 6. Flight Itinerary Planning1. Identify city pairs involved: the origin/destination  Where the trip begins and ends.  Round trip journeys will have 2 city pairs.2. Select suitable flights in between the city pairs based on schedule and frequency.  ETD/ETA  Avoid criss-crossing  Avoid backtracking and;  The less carriers used, the better
  7. 7. Basic Procedure in FlightItinerary Planning Select direct, non-stop flights from one point to the other. In cases where this is not possible, basic principle is use the imaginary circle around a key city and use this as the hub of the wheel. Use the various destinations around the hub as spokes  Using a hub cities makes finding flights to desired destination easier
  8. 8. Basic Procedure in FlightItinerary Planning The required connections in the hub cities provide stop over opportunities for the travellers at no extra charge during normal circumstances. When selecting hubs, political stability of the place should be considered.
  9. 9. 24 hour time and Time Zones Arrival/departuretimes of the airlines are always expressed in Local Time. Given in 24-hour system time.
  10. 10. 24 hour time and Time Zones International time based on the worlds 24 time zones:  Every 15 degrees of longitudes or latitudes represent one hour time difference from the other.  Starting point is the Prime Meridian/ Zulu Time  Every 15 degrees left of the meridian (west) is GMT -1  Every 15 degrees right of the meridian (east) is GMT+1  This meets at the international dateline that is along the pacific ocean.  E.g. 1200H GMT is 2400H of the same day at the international Dateline. Immediately after a new day begins westward.  The longitude and latitudes are not straight they jog around some land areas to avoid date and time divisions within one country.
  11. 11. 24 hour time and Time Zones Daylight Saving Time: Some countries modify the standard time by one hour during summer in order to fully utilize the daylight. Crossing the International Dateline eastbound (going to the right) is a day gained. Crossing the International Dateline to the west (going to the left) is a day lost.
  12. 12. Counter Counselling
  13. 13. The Official Airline Guide(OAG) Official Airline Guide a UK- based business providing aviation information and analytical services sourced from its proprietary airline schedules, flight status, fleet, MRO and cargo logistics databases. Best known for its airline schedules database which holds future and historical flight details for more than 1,000 airlines and over 4,000 airports.
  14. 14. The Official Airline Guide Feeds data and information to the world’s global distribution systems and travel portals, and drives the internal systems of many airlines, air traffic control systems, aircraft manufacturers, airport planners and government agencies around the world.
  15. 15. The Official Airline Guide
  16. 16. OAG Products OAG Aviation  Provides the air transport industry with the most accurate single source of global airline information and analytical services. Its portfolio includes airline schedules distribution; real time flight status information; timetables; codeshare synchronization and flight connection marketing.
  17. 17. OAG Products OAG Cargo  Delivers decision support tools that can be integrated into an organization’s workflow to optimize the planning of shipments by air.
  18. 18. OAG Products OAG for the Traveler  Provides comprehensive and unbiased online, mobile and print planning tools for travel arrangers and travelers.  Travel planners use OAG products for access to all scheduled flight options for efficient itinerary planning, choices and changes.  Travelers use OAG products for in-trip access to flight schedules and services to make their travel more convenient.
  19. 19. The OAG Flight Planner Pro  Official Airline Guide(OAG) processes and distributes flight schedules data, live and historical flight status information, travel planners, flight timetables, flight network mapping software, business travel planning products, aviation market reports and flight schedules analysis tools for the air passenger and air cargo markets.
  20. 20. The OAG Flight Planner Pro  Designed specifically for the professional travel planner who needs access to the most accurate and comprehensive flight schedule information available.
  21. 21. The OAG Flight Planner Pro Global flight schedules from more than 900 airlines Over 860,000 direct and 361,000 connecting flights Access 110,000 hotels within 21,000 cities 200 destination guides Allows for multi leg trip building Pinpoint searches by preferred airline, hotel amenity, car rental and more Easy-to-compare results display Trip Builder wizard Shortlist your options for final approval Supplementary travel information to support your itinerary Flight Status information
  22. 22. The OAG Flight Planner
  23. 23. OAG Flight Planner LiveDemonstration
  24. 24. The Booking Card The working form of the Operations Department A complete record of all requirements of the passenger and provides a history of all actions taken, confirmation, option dates and relevant information.
  25. 25. Counter CounsellingThe Booking Card for Travel  Components of the booking card  Booking card types:  FlightItinerary  Hotel Accommodations  Sightseeing Tours