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Champlain Cemetery 2019 [Colchester, VT]


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Before & after photos of 2019 monument repairs and landscaping at the Champlain Cemetery in Colchester, VT

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Champlain Cemetery 2019 [Colchester, VT]

  1. 1. The Vermont Old Cemetery Association completed monument repairs and landscaping during the Summer 2019. This is a short compilation of photos representing the condition of the monuments and the Champlain Cemetery as a whole before, during and at the completion of the project. The Town of Colchester would like to graciously thank those hard working volunteers, including our own Colchester Cemetery Advisory Committee. Without their passion and desire to preserve Vermont history, it would not have been completed and potentially lost.
  2. 2. Rufus Thompson
  3. 3. Family of Children
  4. 4. Family Back Together
  5. 5. Before/During
  6. 6. After
  7. 7. Dirty/Clean
  8. 8. Over-grown Lilac
  9. 9. Before / After
  10. 10. Before / After
  11. 11. Before / During
  12. 12. During
  13. 13. After
  14. 14. Previously Unreadable
  15. 15. Thank you again to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association for all their hard work. For more information about the group, go to this link,