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'Making the museum with families in mind'


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door Tony Butler, Executive Director Derby Museums en founder van Happy Museum Project | Studiedag Familievriendelijk erfgoed

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'Making the museum with families in mind'

  1. 1. Making the Museum with Families in Mind Tony Butler, Director Derby Museums @tonybutler1
  2. 2. A Philosopher giving a Lecture on the Orrery in which a lamp is put in place of the Sun – Joseph Wright of Derby, 1766 Derby Museum and Art Gallery
  3. 3. Gap between rich and poor visiting museums has not narrowed in 10 years 2005-06 • Adults defined as upper socio-economic 51.9%. • Adults from the lower socio-economic group 28.3% 2015-16 • Adults defined as upper socio-economic 61.5% • Adults from the lower socio-economic group 37.4% …in fact the gap is greater now than it was in 13 years ago
  4. 4. If you grow up in a milieu of high cultural capital it is second nature to you to engage in arts and culture as they add to ‘the richness of life’: they help you to be participatory, confident, assertive. Lynsey Hanley
  5. 5. Derby Museums Non-visitor research • Finding the time and relevance are the biggest barriers • “visiting a museum is not the sort of thing people like us do” • Museums are too closely associated with education • “A visit would be boring and our children would not want to go.” • A visit to a museum is not recommended by friends Bluegrass research 2017
  6. 6. Derby Museums
  7. 7. “Derby Museums is for the Thinker and Maker in all of us”
  8. 8. Participation is habitual
  9. 9. Our programme’s key principles: • Inspire and drive creativity; • Developing 21st Century Skills – for learning, work and society – to solve future issues – alongside the development of knowledge and understanding. • Unlock and realise potential. • Personally connect people with their place and their heritage (foster pride). • Make real-world connections (society/work/life).
  10. 10. Early Years Programmes "Friendly staff and environment for my son." "Open to all, with multiple options to choose from."
  11. 11. Derby Employer Academy "Really love the sessions." Vanessa Palova "I never thought I’d like museums until you showed us round and now I am really excited about doing my placement." Philippa Allsop
  12. 12. Derby Mini Maker Faire “I have brought my two young daughters for the past 2 years and I think it’s great It's really inspiring. I like that you’ve got men here doing traditionally female stuff, and women here doing the things you might expect men to be doing – it’s really great for my daughters to see all these positive role models.”
  13. 13. Notice Nature, Feel Joy
  14. 14. Notice Nature Feel Joy @DMNature
  15. 15. Objects of Love, Hope and Fear, A World Collection
  16. 16. Your Place in the World @DMWorldCulture
  17. 17. Your Place in the World @DMWorldCulture
  18. 18. Revealing Wright
  19. 19. Representing the soul of the city
  20. 20. Inspired by the Makers of the Past Made by the Makers of Today Empowering the Makers of Tomorrow
  21. 21. Copyright Jill Tate
  22. 22. 44
  23. 23.
  24. 24. — Iterative development of the design concepts for the building, the collections, the stories we tell and the things people will see and do. Developing the concept
  25. 25. — Empowering
  26. 26. Citizen Shift – New Citizenship project Subject Consumer Citizen Dependent Independent Interdependent To For With Religious Material Spiritual Duty Rights Purpose Obey Demand Participate Receive Choose Create Command Serve Facilitate Radio Television Internet Hierarchy Bureaucracy Platform Subjective Objective Deliberative
  27. 27. Making the Museum With Families in Mind Tony Butler, Director Derby Museums @tonybutler1