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Flanders Connection 2016: marktpresentatie Verenigd Koninkrijk


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Toeristische partners kregen tijdens Flanders Connection 2016 meer informatie over de kenmerken, trends, acties over en/of instapmogelijkheden op verschillende internationale markten.

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Flanders Connection 2016: marktpresentatie Verenigd Koninkrijk

  1. 1. Inspiring cultural travellers to FLANDERS Andrew Daines, Director UK & IRELAND
  2. 2. UK and Ireland market overview UK Population: 65.1 million (estimate 2015) - 50.6 million aged 15-84 (UK census 2011) - 53% take one or more holiday abroad each year (ABTA 2014) - 49% of the UK population that travels abroad are ‘cultural travellers’ (VISITFLANDERS 2016) - Almost a quarter of the population is over 60 years old(UK census 2011) - There are 13 urban areas in the UK, each boasting more than 500,000 inhabitants (UK census 2011) Ireland: Population 4.595 million (of which 527,612 live in Dublin) (Republic of Ireland Census 2011)
  3. 3. Evolution total number of outbound trips – UK market 50.000.000 52.000.000 54.000.000 56.000.000 58.000.000 60.000.000 62.000.000 64.000.000 66.000.000 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 United Kingdom Source: Canadean
  4. 4. Top 10 countries visited by UK residents for at least 1 night, 2015 Source: International Passenger Survey, Office for National Statistics 2016
  5. 5. Top 20 countries visited, 2015 Source: International Passenger Survey, Office for National Statistics 2016
  6. 6. Evolution overnight stays in Flanders – British market Evolution of overnight stays in Flanders by British market 2011-2015 (hotels + bed & breakfasts*) Trend 14-15 = -0.1% *Due to a change in methodology, no trend data are available for the total number of arrivals and overnights. Only trend data on hotels and bed & breakfasts are sufficiently reliable.
  7. 7. British market – overseas travel in 2016 - In 3 months to September, visits abroad by UK residents: +7% (year-on-year +11%) - Number of overnight stays in January-August 2016: 1,071,239 (-282,075 or -20.8% compared with same period in 2015) - Terrorist attacks in Brussels (plus Paris, Nice, Orlando, Istanbul…) - UK referendum on membership of the EU - Weakening of the £ against other currencies (£/$ at lowest rate for 30 years)
  8. 8. VISITFLANDERS UK and Ireland: focus 2017 Great War Centenary Flemish Masters MICE Gastronomy
  9. 9. Activities 2017: Great War Centenary Objectives in 2017: 1. To inspire visitors to Flanders Fields, and across Flanders and Brussels, to commemorate the events of 1914-18 in the locations where history was made, using authentic stories (Passchendaele, Messines) 2. To inspire visitors to stay (and stay longer) in Flanders 3. To inspire return visits to Flanders, focused on visitors interested in history, heritage and culture, resulting from outstanding experiences in Flanders Fields
  10. 10. Activities 2017: Great War Centenary - Press reception (UK) and group press trips (separate UK and Irish focus) - Joint press activity with CWGC to mark their centenary, and 90th anniversary of inauguration of Menin Gate - Holiday World Show, Dublin, January 2017 - Launch of e-learning platform for Irish market, January 2017 - Workshop Flemish Masters, March 2017 (joint-themed with Flemish Masters for UK and Ireland only) - Targeted newsletters to travel trade and consumers - Joint promotion with tour operator, including new Passchendaele-themed tours and exclusive experiences - Joint promotion with P&O Ferries, targeting the independent traveller market
  11. 11. Activities 2017: Flemish Masters Objectives in 2017: 1. To build strong relationships with cultural institutions in the UK (and Ireland) that have a connection to the Flemish Masters, and where it can be mutually beneficial to work together 2. To inspire travel trade and press regarding the Flemish Masters programme 2018-2020
  12. 12. Activities 2017: Flemish Masters - Joint activities with Royal Academy of Arts, London, coinciding with James Ensor ‘Intrigue’ exhibition - Workshop, March 2017 - Joint working with industry bodies, including ABTA and ETOA, in building relationships with targeted operators and agents - Launch of ‘Flemish Masters’ module on e-learning platform - ‘Flemish Masters’ newsletter to cultural institutions and targeted travel trade
  13. 13. Activities in 2017: MICE Objectives in 2017: 1. To position Flanders as a place to meet, outlining five key attributes: - Stunning locations - World-class gastronomy - Unparalleled ease of access - Unforgettable experiences - The warmest of welcomes 2. To put a particular focus on building strong relationships with contacts in the associations sector
  14. 14. Activities in 2017: MICE - Evening networking event in London showcasing Antwerp and new Flanders Meeting & Convention Center, Antwerp, early 2017 - Evening networking event in London, showcasing multiple Flanders cities and Flemish gastronomy, May 2017 - Evening networking event in London, alongside other global destinations, summer 2017 - Participation in a range of industry shows and events, inc. C&IT Association Forum, M&IT Forum and Global Connect
  15. 15. Activities in 2017: Gastronomy Objectives in 2017: 1. To build Flanders’ reputation as a destination boasting world- class gastronomy 2. To use gastronomy as a hook to stimulate a greater number of young(er) people to visit Flanders
  16. 16. Activities in 2017: Gastronomy - Press event in London, showcasing the creative talents of young people involved in food and drink in Flanders – inc. Flanders Kitchen Rebels chefs, as well as a brewer, chocolatier…, May 2017 - Joint promotion, targeting people under the age of 35, to showcase the gastronomy offer of the Art Cities, with a special offer to eat in the restaurant of selected Flanders Kitchen Rebel chefs at a very special price, late summer 2017