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Flanders Connection 2016: marktpresentatie regio Azië


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Toeristische partners kregen tijdens Flanders Connection 2016 meer informatie over de kenmerken, trends, acties over en/of instapmogelijkheden op verschillende internationale markten.

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Flanders Connection 2016: marktpresentatie regio Azië

  2. 2. Evolution of overnight stays in Flanders by Asian market 2011-2015 (hotels + bed & breakfasts*) ‒ Number of overnight stays January-August 2016 ‒ China: 117,012 ; -32,072 or -21.5% compared with 2015 ‒ Japan: 70,117 ; -50,412 or -41.8% compared with 2015 ‒ India: 72,772 ; -20,567 or -22% compared with 2015 ‒ South Korea: 28,824 ; -9,088 or -24% compared with 2015 ‒ Taiwan: 12,340 ; -8,585 or -41% compared with 2015 *Due to a change in methodology, no trend data are available for the total number of arrivals and overnights. Only trend data on hotels and bed & breakfasts are sufficiently reliable. Trend 14-15 = +10.2% -11.6% +8.7% +98.5% +17.9% 0 50.000 100.000 150.000 200.000 250.000 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 OVERNIGHTS Japan China India South Korea Taiwan
  3. 3. Evolution total number of outbound trips – Asian market 0 5.000.000 10.000.000 15.000.000 20.000.000 25.000.000 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 India Japan Taiwan South Korea 0 20.000.000 40.000.000 60.000.000 80.000.000 100.000.000 120.000.000 140.000.000 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 China Source: Canadean
  4. 4. STRATEGY › more thematic rather than geografic: › Flemish Masters › Flanders for Foodies › complementarity with other DNA-specific elements › exploiting synergies across Asian markets › with the profound understanding that long-haul travellers see a destination in a broader, often continental, context and are driven as much by personal motivations as by practical and logistic considerations
  5. 5. TARGET GROUP › focus on the ‘new’ target group (cultural traveller, visitor of tomorrow, youth) › consistent with strategic ambitions to increase added value, spend  higher segment of the market
  6. 6. APPROACH › not B2C but B2B(2C): › partner selection is key (we aim for their target groups!) › positive selection, but also determines what NOT: › bulk products, low-cost group tours › low cost airlines (e.g. Air Belgium) › implies a degree of “natural selection”: › the potential “cultural traveller” is targeted by the thematic focus › but remain open for / encourage other strategic target groups › should not be a dissuasive approach: › travellers not aligned with target group will also come › we wish to provide the best service to them › but do not aim for them in our promotion!
  7. 7. SHIFT › trade selection › from volume to added value, spend  shift to niche, boutique and specialized tour operators › media selection › content-focus › target group correspondence  we wish to position Flanders as a treasure trove of unique experiences rooted in the DNA of the destination, in a creative interplay – not in isolation
  9. 9. INDIA | Sales Mission to Mumbai and Delhi 8/03 – 12/03/2017 A two-leg Sales Mission to Mumbai and Delhi, with sales- driven and networking activities for participating Flemish partners, in close alliance with SN Brussels Airlines to celebrate the launch of the direct flight between Mumbai and Brussels, supported by Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines.
  10. 10. INDIA | Inaugural events and fam trip Inaugural events and trade fam trip to Flanders & Brussels to promote the destination and stimulate traffic on the new direct flight between Brussels and Mumbai, supported by Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines.
  11. 11. JAPAN AND SOUTH KOREA | Sales Mission 06 – 14/06/2017 A two-leg sales mission to Tokyo and Seoul in the frame of the economic mission presided over by HRH Princess Astrid, with sales-driven and networking activities for participating Flemish partners, to gain market insight and build market intelligence, to facilitate entry into the Japanese and South Korean outbound travel markets, and to extend or consolidate the local network of outbound tour operators, wholesalers, DMCs,…
  12. 12. ASIAN REGION | Flemish Masters project A Flemish Masters sales blast across Asia, with training-oriented trade actions (such as workshops, training seminars and sales calls for travel trade partners, to familiarize local travel trade with the Flemish Masters offer and drive new product development), trade fams, co-promotions and the publication of a dedicated brochure and mini-site, with supporting promotional tools, concentrating on the Chinese, Indian, Japanese and South Korean markets.
  13. 13. CHINA | Hainan Airline co-promo Launch and promotion activities in close alliance with Hainan Airlines to celebrate the launch of the direct flight between Shanghai and Brussels, supported by Brussels Airport.
  15. 15. ASIAN REGION | Flanders ‘pur sang’ An Asian-wide campaign, concentrated in China, India, Japan and Taiwan, with a focus on the gastronomic delights of Flanders and the wealth of local beers, set in a natural background of the Flemish countryside, parks and gardens, with a touch of recreational cycling,d a gastro-event at a special (MICE) venue and a press trip.
  16. 16. ASIAN REGION | Dance in / dancing Flanders An Asia-wide promotion campaign to put the festivals in Flanders in the spotlight, leveraging the growing attention for top of the bill Flemish festivals abroad and the increasing number of travel packages responding to the popularity of these festivals. In cooperation with media and trade.
  17. 17. CHINA | National Geographic meet Flemish Masters National Geographic meet Flemish Masters: a campaign rolled out across National Geographic media in China, with an explicit focus on Flemish Masters, starting with an in- depth press visit, and subsequent promotional activities across multiple platforms.
  18. 18. ASIAN REGION | Chinese Masters - Flemish Masters A cooperation with some of China's largest TV-channels for a season-long broadcast of a Beijing opera "Idol"-inspired show, featuring Flanders as a destination and ideal backdrop for art- loving Chinese opera masters, who enter into a creative dialogue with the Flemish Masters; in depth press visit.
  19. 19. JAPAN | Fantastic painters A campaign that pivots around the exhibition of Belgian artists exhibited at the Bunkamura museum in Tokyo, with trade and press initiatives to highlight the theme of Flemish Masters.
  21. 21. JAPAN | Alliance NBTC Joint promotional activities in the Japanese market, amongst others: joint press trip, fam trip, trade trainings and seminars, on-line and off-line campaigns and publications.
  22. 22. ASIAN REGION | Partnership Initiatives Co-promotional campaigns and small- scale events in partnership with local trade/press, if possible in alliance with federal/Flemish representation, supported by public/private partners.