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  1. 1.  What is E.coli ? E.coli’s symptoms and treatment What are the causes ?
  2. 2.  E.coli is a type of bacteria commonly found in the intestine ofanimals and humans. But some types of E.coli are harmless and live in the intestineof healthy humans and animals. E.coli in water is strong indication of recent sewage or animalwaste contamination. E.coli gets into water by human and animal waste. During anyprecipitation like, rainfalls and snow melts. The E.coli may bewashed into creeks , rivers ,streams ,lakes or groundwater.Then when these waters are used as sources of drinkingwater and the water isnt treated well, E.coli may end up inyour drinking water.
  3. 3. Symptoms:• Diarrhea• Fevers• Gas• Loss of appetite• Stomach cramping• VomitingSymptoms occur when the bacteria is activated orenters the intestine. Here are the symptoms,Rare symptoms:•Bruises that happeneasily•Pale skin•Bloody urine•Reduced amount of urineYou will recover within a couple of days with some type ofE.coli. The main treatment is to avoid dehydration and un-treated water. Then why doesn’t everyone get vaccinated ?because, it has been told that, vaccines may make E.coliinfection even worse.
  4. 4. Symptom, diarrheaMain Treatment, always stay hydratedand always stay away from untreatedwater
  5. 5. E.coli causes One can get E.coli infection from the feces of the waste of humans andanimals. This can be caused by drinking water or eating food that has beeninfected by fecesCause 1: E.coli in food E.coli can be found in meat during processing, If there is E.coli in the meatand the meat is not properly cooked to at least 160 Fahrenheit ( 71 Celsius) thebacteria can survive. Some other foods that can be contaminated with E.coli are raw milk or otherdairy products (The bacteria can be transferred from the udders of the cow then tothe milk. For the bacteria to be gone the milk must be pasteurized and processeduntil the bacteria is dead. Raw fruits and vegetables like lettuce, alfalfa sprouts or unpasteurized juicesthat have been infected with animal feces are also something you have to watchout for!
  6. 6. Cause 2: E.coli in water Human and animal waste that is contaminated with E.colican get into lakes, pools and ect. You can become infected orill when your pool water isn’t treated correctly or properlywith chlorine. One can get E.coli if they were to swallow any type of waterwhile swimming. For example, Have you ever heardsomeone say “don’t swallow the pool water”? The reasonthey say that is because those bacteria are left in there byhumans .
  7. 7. Cause 1: raw products Cause 2: E.coli in water
  8. 8. 1. E.coli es una bacteria y es muy poderoso.2. E.coli una sintoma de es diarrhea, pedo, vomitay etc.3. E.coli esta en crudos productos.
  9. 9.  What is E.coli?Escherichia coli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia E.coli’s symptoms and treatment What are the causes
  10. 10. But wait there is more,