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Pyp gutz inquiryteams 1.13


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Pyp gutz inquiryteams 1.13

  1. 1. Systems have structures & processes that interact to sustain life 1.13 benny maren aidan dd edwing audre adrienne lyric isabella niamh seth angelina hannahk marcor the stomach digestion system in cows/goats common heart problems in children how does the stomach work? how does the heart work? how do roots suck up water? how are bloodstreams powered? how does a plant’s energy sources flow through the stem? the leaf how plants make sugar? how daffodils work eyes heart nerves the digestive system (general) vocal chords ears (in general) heart valve mouth (general) photosynthesis rots pollen, nectar heart lungs how trees that don’t have flowers have pollen/nectar digestive system in horses heart of a dog how lungs work leaves/photosynthesis kidneys stomach lungs nose, eyes, lips, ears, hands how the liver and kidney help the body clean from illness and what the difference is between them how the blood uses oxygen and how lungs give oxygen to the blood how the acid comes to the stomach heart problems how blood flows through the heart how we keep our heart healthy the digestive system heart disease blood how the acid in our stomach works how does the nervous system work? how is it organized? the digestive system of a cow compare an adult’s heart and a kid’s heart compare an animal’s an a human digestive system how your heart grows what is photosynthesis? how does water get into a plant? how does the stomach work? why we emit heat and how? TEACHER SUGGESTIONS The human stomach Common heart defects/diseases Plant team Plant team The circulatory system DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Plant team The digestive system Plant team The excretory system Keeping our heart healthy The digestive system The nervous system The circulatory system Plant team Thermoregulation/Temperature
  2. 2. aavia julia keita marco s srivats hannah ruksheen alex how the lungs work? blood: what dies the blood do to hel;p us survive? what in blood? lungs: what is in the lungs that makes us exhale carbon dioxide? what disease can damage the lungs? heart: what are the causes of heart disease? how the heart works? how plants work? blood types cancer valves of the heart development of muscles body heat radiation digestive system stomach acid how the human heart distributes blood comparing animal and human hearts how the digestive system works comparing animal and human digestive system the inside of a flower of tree the digestive system the stomach heart liver stomach lungs kidney digestive system homeostasis blood The heart Blood/blood types The heart The circulatory system Plant team blood