My irish and american culture


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My irish and american culture

  1. 1. MY AMERICAN AND IRISH CULTURE Niamh Mr. Spedding, Grade 5B
  2. 2. Overview   “Who am I?”, Thesis Statement   Family Tree, My heritage   My Living Irish Culture   My Living American Culture   Ten Elements of American Culture   Geography and History, Yesterday and Today   Video   Conclusion
  3. 3. Thesis Statement   I am 50% Irish and 50% American.   My heritage is also German and/or Russian and Norwegian but they are not a big part of my living culture.
  4. 4. My Living Irish Culture Irish Culture One of my Religions My Name Sports Food Dress Big Irish Family
  5. 5. Irish Food
  6. 6. Irish Sports   There are two Gaelic sports, hurling and football.
  7. 7. Irish Dress   I wear Gaelic sports jerseys.
  8. 8. My Name   Niamh is the Gaelic word for brightness and radiance. Niamh is an historic name that goes back to the oldest Irish folk tales.   Éadaoin is also an old Irish name. According to Irish tales, there was an Éadaoin who gave gifts of gold and silver to St. Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland).   Burke is an ancient Irish family name.
  9. 9. My Irish Religion   I am half Catholic. Most people in Ireland are Catholic.
  10. 10. My Irish Family   In Ireland, I have a big family
  11. 11. My Living American Culture American Culture Food Clothing ReligionHolidays Sports
  12. 12. American Food
  13. 13. American Dress   I wear a lot of shorts, jeans and t-shirts.
  14. 14. My “American” Religion   I am half Bahá’í. The Bahá’í Faith is not an American religion, but America has a lot of religious diversity. It is a big part of my American culture.
  15. 15. American Sports   My favorite American sports are baseball, football and basketball.
  16. 16. American Holidays   We celebrate American holidays, especially the 4th of July and Thanksgiving.
  17. 17. 10 Elements of American Culture My American Culture My Irish Culture Yes No Yes No 1. Views of Optimism X X 2. Saving Face X X 3. Views toward being informal X X 4. Attitude towards change so-so X 5. Views of Suffering X X 6. Attitude toward taking risks so-so X 7. Views on Equality X X 8. Views on Worth X so-so 9. Attitude towards age so-so X 10. Views on Fate X X
  18. 18. Geography and History, Yesterday   Emigration of maternal grandparents, late 1800s   The US had arms open to immigrants – US needed workers and immigrants who were hoping for a better future. Immigrants helped build and shape our country.   Distance severed immigrants from their home country (no airplanes).   Immigrants wanted to be successful, so assimilated in American culture.
  19. 19. Geography and History, Today   The world is smaller today partly because of better transportation.   Americans can connect with the culture of our parents much better than in past times. This can bring culture more alive and make America more diverse.
  20. 20. Video
  21. 21. Conclusion   I think I am 50% American and 50% Irish because of the food I eat, the things I do at home, what I wear, my religions and how people act around me. My project has helped me learn about my culture. It has also helped me notice how I express my culture. But I feel like I still have a lot to learn about my culture…