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  1. 1. Guess my project?
  2. 2. Mohammed
  3. 3.  Introduction What is botulism? Where does botulism occur? What are the causes of botulism? What are the symptoms? What is the treatments? History of botulism Botulism chart How can we prevent botulism Botulism facts Bibliography Video
  4. 4. My project is botulism. Today I will be talking about these key guiding questions: What is botulism? Where does it occur? What are the causes of it? What are the symptoms and treatments? Turn on your neurons because your about to go on an epic journey!
  5. 5. Botulism is a deadly disease that is both a waterborne disease and a food borne disease. Eventhough the cases of botulism is medium, it canstill happen and we still have cases of botulismto date, so be careful.
  6. 6. Botulism occurs when a decaying body is inthe water and you go in the water with an openwound. Botulism bacterium then enters yourbody. Another way botulism occurs isimproperly canned foods or home cannedfoods. The botulism then enters you from whenyou eat the food and after a while you startgetting the symptoms.
  7. 7. Botulism is caused by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. The bacterium can enter you in three ways: Eating improperly canned foods If you’re a baby and you drank honey When you enter contaminated water with an open wound.
  8. 8. Botulism has many symptoms that are life threatening and in some cases death. It starts when the bacterium enters your body and starts to travel through your nerves and what happens is the bacterium paralyses the muscles around it and eventually does this to the whole body. Here are some more symptoms: Double vision, Vomiting, Dry mouth or throat, respiratory failure, Drooping eyelids, and many more.
  9. 9. There is no known cure for botulism but thereare ways doctors treat it. They treat it witheither an antitoxin, when you just got it orsurgery, when you had it for a while. Theantitoxin blocks the botulism toxin from goinginto the nerves and the blood stream. The onefor surgery is used to take out the source that’sgiving off the bacterium.
  10. 10. Botulism was discovered in 1735 in Europe by a German scientist named Justines Kerner who originally found it as a sausage poison and was later named after the Latin word of sausage “botulus”. During World War two American scientists Where planning to use it’s toxin for bioweapenary. They did this because the botulism toxin is so deadly that a pint of the toxin can destroy the earths population.
  11. 11. You can prevent botulism in these ways: Don’t feed honey to babies even a little bit that are 1 year and younger. If you have an open wound, don’t enter contaminated water. Store oil and garlic or herbs in the refrigerator. Don’t eat canned foods that are spoiled or has a funny smell but sometimes you won’t taste anything or smell anything.
  12. 12.  Botulism toxin is so deadly that a gram can kill a man and a pint can kill the whole earth’s population. Botulism isn’t contagions. About every year some groups of babies get botulism. Botulism got its name from sausage.
  13. 13. Websites: from-1820s-to-the-present/ 57Videos:
  14. 14. The EndBotulism Video