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Jake culture project


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Jake culture project

  1. 1. My Culture Project by JakeAmerican flag British flag
  2. 2. My Thesis Statement I am a mix of American and British.My Dad was born and raised in England, my Mom was born and raised in America. I have gained my culture from my Mom and Dad.
  3. 3. My mom and dads cultureMy mom is all American and she was born just outside Chicago, Illinois in 1973. My dad is British. He was born in London , England in 1966.
  4. 4. Cultural FoodThe food we eat in our home is a blend of American and British styles.American British• We have pancakes and • We usually have fish and waffles for breakfast. chips.• We have pizza. • We have roast dinners on• We eat burgers. Sunday’s.• We have pumpkin pie for • We eat sausages and beans dessert. for breakfast. • We have trifle( a good custardy, fruity dessert)for dessert.
  5. 5. HolidaysAmerican’s and British people celebrate a lot of the same holidays, but also have some different holidays.American British We celebrate Independence We celebrate Boxing Day the Day on July 4th every year. day after Christmas. Independence day is when It is when rich people box America got independence up their food and clothes from England. and donate them to the Another American holiday poor. we celebrate is British always call their Thanksgiving. holidays’ bank holidays and they say that because their holidays are for everyone.
  6. 6. Sports We play different sports depending on our culture.American Sports British Sports• We play American football • We love to play soccer because our mom likes it because it is my passion and and it is really fun to play. my dad is from England, where soccer came from. What we call soccer, they call football.
  7. 7. Language• In England people have a really different accent than in America.• In my family we all like to try to practice the English accent, but it’s really hard to get it down.• We have a lot of fun trying to make different Cockney Rhyming Slang at home which is where you have to rhyme words that rhyme with the actual word and then you use that instead. ( china plate = mate)
  8. 8. Words that the English and Americans use.American word British wordTrunk BootHood BonnetWe’re going on vacation. We’re going on holiday.Chips Crisps
  9. 9. MusicI get my musical influences from my Mom and my Dad. At home and in the car I like to listen to theAmerican radio channels like 102.5 and 101.7.At home sometimes we like to listen to someBritish music. Some English bands that I likeare Chas ‘n’ Dave, Rolling stones, and Queen.
  10. 10. Money In England and America they have different currencies.• I usually use American money which is dollars to pay for stuff and I get dollars for allowance.• England has pounds and pence. I use those types of money when I go to England and when I buy souveniers from England.• = pounds =dollars
  11. 11. Conclusion I am a mix of British and American. I acquiredmy culture from my mom and my dad. My mom isfrom Chicago, Illinois and my dad is from London,England. I grew up in America, so I don’t have anaccent and I have gained different strengthsbecause of my cultures while I was growing up. Ilove having two different parents that come fromdifferent cultures because I can take the best ofboth cultures, and make choices using bothcultures.