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Giuli dianfossey


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Published in: Technology, Travel
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Giuli dianfossey

  1. 1. Dian Fossey by Giuli
  2. 2. Dian Fossey
  3. 3. Childhood● Dian Fossey● Fairfax, California● Jan 16, 1932● loved pets● suffered from asthma● Mom: strict, nice - Dad: alcoholic● parents divorced when she was 6● grew up mom and stepfather, Richard Price
  4. 4. Highschool/College● Lowell High School● started business course at College of Marin● then went to University of California, Davis for pre-veterinary studies and failed● attended San Jose State College for occupational therapy● received her bachelors degree in 1954● began her career as an occupational therapist● moved to Louisville, Kentucky and worked with crippled children
  5. 5. Interest in Africa● wondered about Africa● wanted to go there● took a loan of $8,000 to go to Africa in 1963● loved Africa● met Dr. Leakey● saw the mountain gorillas, wanted to study them● wrote a letter to Dr. Leakey to offer to work for him
  6. 6. On the lookout for mountain gorillas
  7. 7. Letters● got a letter back● was offered the job● was jokingly told to take her appendix out and did it● then Dr. Leakey knew that he had found his "gorilla girl"
  8. 8. Back in Africa● returned to Africa, Congo in 1966● met Dr. Leakey briefly● was given a map● got 4 workers● received a 1 year work permit● went to the weekly market for supplies● headed for camp● workers set up tents, while Dian settled into her cabin
  9. 9. Finding Gorillas● looked for 6 weeks, no sign of gorillas● stepped in fresh gorilla poop● knew they were close● found the gorillas .............● immediately wrote to Dr. Leakey● was happy to hear about her success
  10. 10. Gorillas
  11. 11. Studying Gorillas● met the gorillas● learned a lot about them● very nice animals with beautiful faces
  12. 12. National Geographic
  13. 13. Civil War● civil war in Congo● camp taken over by rebels● driven out to Rwanda in 1967● wrote resignation letter to Dr. Leakey● thought about living on the Rwandan side of the mountain where there was no civil war● held back the resignation letter
  14. 14. Lover● National Geographic photographer, Bob Campbell● falls in love● gives her a dog● films the gorillas● leaves [times 3]● comes back [times 2]● is sent to a different assignment
  15. 15. Publicity● is filmed by National Geographic several times starting in 1968● camera crews from around the world film the gorillas● in 1978 her work and the gorillas are shown on the Life on Earth show on the BBC
  16. 16. Doctorate● needs a doctorate degree to obtain money for her research● starts studying for a Ph.D. at Cambridge University in England in 1970● goes back and forth between Rwanda and England to finish her doctorate in zoology based on her gorilla research● hates to be away from her gorillas● receives her Ph.D. in 1976
  17. 17. Digit● gorilla friend● have some sort of connection● hold hands● digit is killed by poachers
  18. 18. Poachers● people that kill gorillas for their head and hands● sell them for lots of money
  19. 19. Fight against Poaching● traced poaching to very high places● was told to leave Rwanda in 1980● taught and lectured in the US● returned to Rwanda in 1983
  20. 20. DeathOn December 27, 1985 Dian was killed doingwhat she loved. Her death remains a mystery.
  21. 21. She was buried next to Digit, her favorite gorilla.
  22. 22. The End
  23. 23. The EndAny questions?