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Abdalla jacquescousteau

  1. 1. Jacques Cousteau’s chiho Jacques Cousteau ● Jacques Cousteau was born in Saint-Andre-de-Cubzac,France on June 11, 1910● Jacques was a sickly child who the doctors told not to participate in any rough sports like soccer and boxing.● But he learned to swim and developed a love for the ocean.● He was often bored and misbehaved ,once he was even expelled for breaking the school window.● Also he was very curious about machines and when he was 11 he made a marine crane plus bought himself a movie camera.● Jacques went to New York with his dad where he went to school and learned English plus he went to summer camp and learned to dive.
  2. 2. Adulthood● After Jacques graduated from the French Naval Academy in 1929 he could imagine himself in his three jobs, naval officer,radiologist,or film director.● But with World War 2 going on,that will choose his career.● During World War II Jacques invented the Aqualung● Then he went to aviation school.● He nearly died in a car accident and broke five parts of his arm which took months to heal.
  3. 3. T he French Resistance● In World War 2 Jacques joined the resistance and was spying on the enemy.● But his older brother was accused of collaborating with the enemy which were the germans ,when the french figured him out he was sent to jail and they even wanted to kill him but Jacques was standing beside his brother. 
  4. 4. After W orld War 2● After World War 2 Jacques was cleaning the mines that the germans left off with a mine sweeper boat that he now has and called it the Calypso800 × 523800 × 523 
  5. 5. portant ac hievements The mos t im● Jacques developed a camera for filming underwater in 1963.● He built a submarine carrying two people and operate under a depth of up to 350 meters.● In 1960 he developed a submarine to get to the depth of 500 meters.● In 1980 he built a submarine deep jet with one passenger.
  6. 6. ing the Water Planet Explor● The Calypsos first research voyage was to the Red Sea.● The Calypsos crew has diving expertise and scientific expertise which were brought together to explore the underwater world.● Cousteau left the navy in 1957 when the French Ministry of Education finally gave him grants to cover two-thirds of Calypsos expenses.● Jacques became the director of the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco. 
  7. 7. Awards● Cousteau was an important part of a movement to stop the dumping of French Atomic Waste on the Mediterranean sea which ended in success.● In 1961 he got the National Geographics gold medal hosted by President John F. Kennedy.● In 1985 he received the U.S. presidential medal of freedom.● In 1987 he inducted the television hall of fame.● The Founders award.● The Centennial award● And the prestigious academy award.
  8. 8. TV shows f Jacques Cousteau," "The Undersea o "The World of Jacques-Yves● His shows were t World." Cousteau ,"and "The Silen 0jM be.com/watch ?v=PQiW62WW● http://www.youtu●  
  9. 9. Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdSipdXBStA&feature=fvwrel
  10. 10. ques and th e Calypso The end of Jac● And Jacques died at June 25,1997 in Paris,France.● The Calypso sank after a collision with Barjh in 1996.