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PDF document that outlines how to unleash the true power of your sales force.

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WSM brochure

  1. 1. SaleS Force eFFectiveneSS Hit Your Numbers Increase Sales Convert Competitive Business Hire the Right Talent Diagnose Your Talent Develop Your Talent Build Customer Loyalty Compress Sales Cycles Motivate Your Team Increase Profit Margins Compress Rep Ramp Up Retain Top Performers What iS the WSM GyM? 1. Based upon the best practices of over 11,003 sales professionals and their leaders 2. “State of the art” cost-effective system that automatically creates a tailored training plan for individuals and teams. 3. Professional selling competency assessment report that customizes the learners experience by integrating and populating content from a selection of over 88 short performance insights and action plans (and lever- ages access to podcasts, action guides, teleseminars, and webinars). 4. Provides managers with performance insights about the team’s as well as each sales person’s develop- ment gaps and then provides the manager with the tools for igniting and sustaining performance devel- opment (TEAM assessment; tailored skill content; train the trainer (for remote or live regional meetings), TEAM development plan; and sales person specific development plan) 5. Provides managers with customized team meeting content 6. Conveniently collects and stores your best practices 7. Facilitates constructive performance coaching dialogue and results 8. Provides managers with the ability to “stop reinventing the wheel” with every sales person development or selling scenario. 9. Managers can leverage WSM as the universal performance language library for providing a sales person with continuous development opportunities.
  2. 2. teStiMonialS “A powerful combination that is fun and results oriented. This is truly “ongoing training” that can be implemented in the real world versus reading a book or going thru a traditional training class. My team says this was needed over a year ago - but we have it now.” Richard Whiddon, VP of Sales “WSM has captured the best ideas and techniques used in the sales profession and managed to translate them into easy to apply fundamentals. I have since added many of the logical principles to my sales toolbox.” Erik O’Borsky, CEO, CCS “WSM is just what I’ve been looking for... a tool where I can find the answer to questions and scenarios that I experi- ence on a daily basis.” Thomas Hornstrup, Regional Manager, Europe “The exciting aspect of Warrior Sales Monk is that the participant will walk away armed and ready to make that next challenging sales call. Whether it be a difficult customer or an economically challenged environment, WSM gives you the tools and even more importantly, the attitude, to go attack the situation head on. I highly recommend that Warrior Sales Monk principles... to get the deal closed and the sale won.” Eric Timko, CEO, Neurovasx “We formally had a tendency to react and reduce pricing when a customer started asking for that 10% discount. After this course I approached my largest target again. The call went smoothly and I felt in control, confident and gained their immediate attention. No longer was I just a vendor to them, I was a true business partner.” Jon R. Brower, Corporate Key Account Manager “Very powerful and more important, very useful.” Phil Lucey, AVP “WSM has given us an inside look at the behaviors, philosophies and tactics that make the difference in average and great sales performance... the best are always getting better. If you’re not learning every day, then find a way, and WSM provides the path.” Mark Sims, Sales Manager “...content will motivate and educate an audience in way that will leave a lasting impression.” Larry Foster, Senior Director, Professional Education “It is truly a breath of fresh air ..........stimulate your sales-force and sales management to a point where you know implementation will happen, there are not many companies (including larger ones) that can boast that. This is training from the heart and reality, NOT from a book that has been read by someone who thinks they can train sales people.” Nigel Hircock, Global Director of Training “WSM is the real deal. It connects with audience via communication style, life experiences and practical steps that participants begin to practice and apply immediately. It has made a dramatic impact to our sales organization by taking us from knowing to doing.” Jamie Peterson, Director of Sales “WSM has the depth of experience that captures every participant immediately and keeps them engaged throughout. Sales professionals can be difficult to impact through seminars and coaching as their cynical side tends to swell. WSM has the knowledge, experience and confidence to fully engage from the opening bell. (WSM) has the unique insights (and) the real world utility.” John Davis, VP of sales
  3. 3. hoW can you uSe the Warrior SaleS Monk GyM? • Sales representative self-development • The right information to the right person at the right time ……..just before they walk into a sales call (audio/video access of best practices via phone) • Annual or quarterly performance reviews • Collect your company’s best practices via audio and video podcasts • Powerful content for conference calls, meetings and one-on-one rep development • Use content concepts in regional newsletters • Product manager updates and communication • Recruitment (state of the art training) • Employee recognition (video best practices) • ___________________________________ • ___________________________________ • ___________________________________ • ___________________________________
  4. 4. Membership Comparison WSM Gym Features WSM Gym Lite WSM Gym Pro Ultimate Sales Sales Sales Sales Sales Sales Rep Manager Rep Manager Rep Manager Skill Gym Library (88 Podcasts and 93 documenets)       Sales Obstacle Diagnostic Assessment       Sales Obstacle TEAM Assessment    TEAM Development Plan    Individual Rep Development Plan       Train the Trainer: facilitating WSM workout sessions    Daily motivational quotes       Email notification of teleseminars, webinars, skill labs       TIGON Assessment     YOUR Best Practices Videos     Values and Motivators Assessment   Emotional Intelligence Assessment   Sales Form Letters   WSM Radio   Pricing and Discounts WSM Gym WSM Gym Lite WSM Gym Pro Ultimate A la carte discounts 10% 20% 35% $420 / sales rep $540 / sales rep $780 / sales rep Package Price $1850 / manager $1950 / manager $1950 / manager
  5. 5. A La Carte Solutions A. LIGER candidate interviewing instrument has 3 key deliverables: a. Calibrated benchmark “dashboard” that provides insights to the candidate’s probability of success in selling (measured against 15 critical selling competencies) b. Candidate specific automated behavioral interview questions that are related to uncovering strengths and weaknesses of that particular candidate (because most managers are either not asking good questions or they are not listening as they are trying to construct their next question) c. Insights on how to effectively manage and develop that specific candidate $500 per assessment B. Sales Force Performance Gap Analysis contact us C. eXsellerator Automated Expense Reporting $80 annually D. eXsellerator Pipeline Management $120 annually E. Prospective Manager Assessment contact us F. eXsellerator CRM Solution $315 annually G. Sales Manager Competency Assessment contact us H. Professional Sales Coaching contact us I. Executive Coaching contact us J. Customer Focus Groups / Survey contact us
  6. 6. What happenS aFter you SiGn up? The WSM solution provides the resources for the manager to develop the individual and the team. Here are the components of the WSM manager solution: 1. All team members receive a welcoming messaging that will describe how to access the Gym and that participants should begin by taking the Sales Obstacle Assessment report. 2. Manager receives a Sales Obstacle TEAM assessment that is a composite report that recommends the key areas for improvement that are common to all team members. The composite report will also provide manager with the development content (illuminations and/or performance packs) necessary to remove the skill gaps. 3. Manager receives a TEAM Development Plan packet that provides them with the ability to plan out the training needs of their team (calendar; content selection; pre-meeting tips; facilitation tips; reinforcement tips). 4. Manager can forward a communication (located in the Manager’s Gym Locker and titled TEAM Meeting Notice) that informs the team of a pending meeting or conference call. It also informs their team that during the next team meeting, the manager will be discuss- ing a specific skill and that each team member, prior to the meeting, should listen to the specific skill illuminations from the skill gym and that team members should be prepared to discuss customizing that skill concept to your selling environment. 5. The manager then participates in a short WSM webinar that provides a “train the trainer” skill development content (action guides) as well as the how to facilitate that skill devel- opment meeting. 6. During the mini-webinar, WSM will make recommendations on what to do before the meeting (incorporating veteran sales people), during the meeting, and post-meeting. 7. Reinforce the training during field visits and conference calls. 8. Watch your sales revenue grow!